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Monday, 15 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

The following morning we had woken up and after our workout we had a breakfast of noodles and egg before going out to shop for the remaining things we didn’t buy a day before. We had avoided the previous night like it didn’t happen. It was just funny how we moved over it like it never occurred.
Before the weekend I had everything in place and had moved in to my room all thanks to IJ who almost gave in her 100 percent in seeing that I got everything I needed to be comfortable. I had invited Shania over for the weekend which IJ was aware of. We had talked about it to which she told me that as far as she could still remember that nothing happened between us.
I wanted to organize a little house warming party for Shania, IJ, Divine, Purity and Yusuf. I had invited them all for it as I planned it to be on Saturday.
Shania came on Friday to help me in preparing for the following day. I have never felt guilty or perturbed how another person feels while I am engaging in a Sekxual activity with anybody but that night I felt it. Shania had screamed more than I ever heard that night. For the two times we had it hot, she wanted to bring down the roof. At some point, I felt she was indirectly trying to send a message to IJ. I had felt bad for IJ that night.
The following morning Shania desecrated my kitchen by making hot yam and egg sauce for breakfast. She had worn just her undies while we had breakfast with IJ. After the breakfast, we all left for the market. While they went to buy chicken and meat, I went in search of drinks, mostly spirit and some canned soft drinks.
The party was a gig. It blew beyond what we had planned. After the twins arrived the party had started. Yusuf called in earlier to notify me that he wouldn’t make it. While we were still on the party, the landlord came with three corps members; two girls and a guy looking for accommodation. After he showed them around, I had asked them to join the party which they obliged.
We all partied till the visitors left. I had continued with the girls till late into the night when we decided to retire. I pleaded with IJ to let the Divine and Purity sleep in her room which she did not object to one bit.
I was so tired to do anything that night. I had showered and dived to the bed and slept till the following morning. I know Shania would be pissed but I play not to die but to leave and play another day.
We all had breakfast in the morning before I went back to bed while the girls went to IJ’s room to play card game.
I woke up later on with a gorged Joystick, I looked around for Shania but couldn’t find her. I checked for her bag and it was still in my wardrobe. After using the bathroom, I went over to IJ’s room but couldn’t find them. Coming back to my room, I picked my phone and called her. She told me that they just went out for a stroll and were already on their way back.
It wasn’t up to ten minutes after I called her that I heard the sound of the gate opening. I stayed on my bed as they marched into my room. Shania on getting into the room threw herself on top of me and wrapped her lips around mine. The other girls looked at us for a moment cursing under their breath before exiting the room.
As they left, I turned Shania around and came on her with all ferocity. The intercity of our kiss heated up as we practically ate each other’s lips and tongue. I tore her top off her and within a blink had her bra off her. I feasted on her Bosom with immediate alacrity sucking and teasing the other one with my fingers. The scene portrayed two people heated up and eager to get down.
To Be Continued…

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