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Sunday, 7 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

I was getting tired of the whole compound cleaning. For two days I didn’t talk with Shania. We had barely seen face to face since the Mami issue. I had given Divine some money to give to her in case she runs out of the cash she had. I kept wondering the reasons for her actions knowing that I had nothing to do with Purity. Though I blame myself for not explaining things to her owing to my anger, but her attitude towards it was over the board.
We just finished taking attendance after our clean up when Rose walked up to me. Rose is in my group. At first she was being reluctant with the compound cleaning just like every other person but after the second day, we all relaxed and saw the good side of it. While others engaged in the morning parade, we will lazy about the whole compound in the name of compound cleaning.
“What’s up na?” she asked adjusting her tag on her neck.
“Babe I dey, how far you na?”
“Am good. You have been going solo since today what’s the problem?” she asked.
“Nothing much, just having a little problem with bae.”
“Aww! Lovers fight. Don’t kill yourself over it, she will come around.”
“No probs, where are you headed?” I asked as we approached the Pavilion.
“Hostel jare, lemme go and wash off. She replied and continued. “that reminds me, there is this link I have, actually someone gave it to me. He helps people ‘runs’ their posting to any place of their choice. I don’t know if you are interested.”
“I am but how legit is this person?” I asked.
“My uncle that influenced my posting to this place gave me the contact. So I know that it is a sure link. Though I haven’t called the man but my uncle talked to him about me so I guess he is waiting for my call.”
“I’m interested but first you have to talk to him let’s know the requirement. After that we can now proceed from there.”
“Ok but keep this to yourself. You know how things are here.”
“Sure, it’s safe with me.”
We parted and she left for her hostel while I walked towards mine. I was just about to take a bend which led to my hostel when I saw Yusuf’s girl with one of her friends. I remembered Yusuf pleaded with me to talk to her on his behalf which I refused but guys will always be guys. We never leave each other in trouble. I called out to her because she didn’t see me. She saw me and walked back to greet me.
“Ah! Ah! So it’s only Yusuf that you like going out with these days abi? You don’t ask after me anymore, it’s not fair you know.”
“Come on it’s not like that. I do ask after you maybe he is the one who doesn’t tell you.”
“It’s a lie, the last time he told me that you asked after me was like three or four days ago.” I retorted.
“Hmmm!! I think that’s about the last time we saw each other. As a matter of fact, we ain’t even going out again.”
“You are kidding right?”
“No, I’m not. He did something silly so I had to walk.”
“Are you busy? Let’s talk.”
She excused her friend while we walked down and sat on concrete slab.
“What did he do to you?” I asked.
“I don’t know if he saw me to be too cheap. The last night we were together he was trying out something funny with me before people around us, even after I told him to stop, he didn’t listen.”
“Something silly like, he tried to kiss you?”
“That’s not it. We have kiss so that is not an issue. He was trying to dip his hand into my shorts and finger me. I told him to stop it but he refused. At first I thought he was tipsy because we had a couple of drink that night, but he persisted and it was turning to a struggle between us, I left. I wasn’t pissed because he was trying to do that, but why when everybody was seeing us?”
I heaved a big sigh before replying to her “I know that was very foolish of him, but believe me, for him to do that he must have been very tipsy. Yusuf is not someone that can do such consciously and I know he will be very sorry by now.”
“Yea he has apologised, but I don’t think I can continue with him. He might spring up another surprise one day that may leave me so embarrass
To Be Continued…

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