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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

Later in the evening, Shania and Divine left for Uyo, while Purity took a bike to her PPA which wasn’t far from where I was staying. I chilled out with IJ till late in the night when I retired to my room to get ready for the following day.
I resumed work on Monday in my PPA. When I got to my section I had met Constance who showed me my desk and seat. I had been assigned a laptop. The day was uneventful as I had nothing spectacular to do except some personal documentation.
At the close of work by 4pm, I had left with IJ and that was how the days went by till Thursday when we had our first CDS, well for me it was the first.
I couldn’t believe the number of corpers in my LGA when we got there. We were about 200 new corps member coupled with the previous corps members, the batch before us. We waited for our LGI (local government inspector). When she came, she assigned us, those that have not been assigned to any group before to various groups. I was assigned to the Road Safety group.
We the new members of the group were led to our section by the club president where we met old members. After the whole introduction thingy which I took less interest in, I leaned on the wall while they continued with whatever they were discussing before we came. The only thing I could make out from what they were saying is about the sensitization they were planning to embark on.
After the CDS ended by 11am we dismissed and dispersed. I called Purity when I was about to leave the council with IJ. She met us on the road and we all went home together. According to NYSC laws, we are not supposed to report to duty on our CDS days, so I had chilled back at home with Purity and IJ.
We ate and played ludo game till I got tired and decided to sleep while the girls played on. I must have slept for long because it was already dark when I woke. I saw Purity’s bag still on my storage cart when i woke up. I came out and met them seeing a movie with IJ’s laptop.
“Sleepy head thought you will sleep till next morning” Purity had said when they noticed my presence.
“Ain’t you going today? I asked ignoring her comment.
“Nah, will leave tomorrow morning.”
“Ok what are we having for dinner? I asked no one in particular.
“What will you like to eat? IJ had asked back.
“Dunno, anything you girls decide.”
“Ok I will toast bread, is it cool with you?”
“Yea, sure.”
I left them back to my room to call my Shania. I was on the call when Purity barged into the room talking loudly on the phone. When she noticed that I was on a call, she apologised and went back outside but it was too late, Shania had already heard her voice.
“Is that not Purity, what is she doing there by this time?” she asked.
“Nothing, she came around to take a look at IJ’s kitchen cabinet works. She wants the same in her room, and she is already leaving” I lied.
“Ok, but wait, which cabinet work is that? There was none there when I came.”
“Yea, she got it fixed two days ago.”
“Purity what is she doing there? I know it’s you she came to see and not the whole story you are telling me.”
“Why would I lie to you? Ok see what happened. We went for CDS today, it happened that she was in the same group with IJ. I don’t know what had brought about the cabinet thing, but when we were going she decided to drop by and see it.”
“And since then she is still seeing the cabinet? I don’t know what is happening there, but whatever it is should better not go beyond that cabinet thing. And I’m going to call you some minutes from now, just make sure that she is so gone for good” she said and rang off.
To Be Continued…

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