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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

Camp was coming to an end. Many events was going on. It was so awful that my group so far won nothing. They were trashed 6 to nil by platoon 9 which saw them evicted before even the football match finals. Same thing happened in volley ball, pageantry, drama and cultural dance. My platoon basically came last in all of them.
Shania was the first runner up in the pageantry while Divine swept all the votes in the miss bold and beautiful.
It was three days to go and everybody was looking forward to the bonfire night. Preparations were agog as the state governor also promised to surprise us with another artist.
Also the authorities started paying the first allowance which is usually given at hand in camp. The Mami market was once again bubbling with life as those who has collected their own allowance were already making use of it.
After I told Shania about the person who confided in me about ‘runsing’ our posting, she had been reluctant and to make matters worse she suspects that I was using someone in the place of Precious. She had stood her ground and refused going through my way. It was like we were going to have another issue which I was trying very much to avoid.
After dill-dallying on the issue I told her to go with Kendy if she trusts his link more than mine, at least to avoid another round of quarrel. Later in the night after we parted, she had sent her details over to me and told me that we are too early to be having difficulties reaching compromise. I had forwarded her details and mine to Precious that night and told her that I want Shania and I in the same place of primary assignment. I asked her how much money was involved but she told me not to worry that she will handle it, but she also made it clear that I owe her one.
A part of my mind was telling me that Precious might play a fast one on me so I decided to have a back up plan. I had contacted Rose and given her our details too with the same instruction that we should be posted to the same place after I paid her.
Yusuf still had his resolve that it’s all a scam and he wasn’t going to get involved. Surprisingly he was getting along very well with Saidat.
The night to our passing out finally came. It was a night everybody was waiting for. The woods had been gathered during the day by some corps members and arranged while the seats were also arranged on the parade ground.
Actually the day had started off weird with me. I had gone to Mami to get my cloths from the laundry man when I saw Purity sitting alone in a canteen opposite the laundry house. After I picked my cloths, I walked up to her in the canteen.
“Hey! Are you ok?” I asked as I noticed that she wasn’t looking cool.
“Yea, I am cool, how are you?”
“Good, came around to collect my cloths.”
“I can see that.”
“What’s wrong with you, you don’t look ok.”
“Don’t worry about me, just having some mood issues.”
“Is there something I can do to get you off it?”
“A lot you can do, but sorry I can’t let you do them” she said with a smile that vanished as it came.
“You can’t let me do them, or you think I can do them, but you don’t have the balls to ask me to do them, which one exactly?”
“Purity let me be please” she replied with a smile.
“Well just know that I can do anything to get a friend out of a mood.”
She looked around the canteen before looking back to me. There were quite a number of people in the canteen that moment.
“Since you are willing to do anything to get a friend out of a mood, why don’t you give that friend a kiss right here and now.”
I wasn’t expecting her to come through that angle. I thought she was going to ask me to buy her something. To make matters worse, she said it loud enough for people around to hear and they were eagerly looking at us, including the beautiful girl at the counter.
“Hey come on, that is ………, ok why not ask for another thing” I said, feeling a little uneasy.
“Wow! Since you don’t have the balls to do this one, what makes you think that you can be able to do the next which I’m going to ask you?”
I was about to reply her when a guy said from behind.
“Guy why you dey dull na? See the kain opportunity wey you want make em slip pass you.”
That attracted a bolt of laughter from others around making me more uneasy. Just like the Lord knows my predicament that moment, my phone started ringing. I could have shouted for joy from the happiness that filled my heart. I saw the disappointment in her eyes when my phone rang.
I stood up and excused myself, placing the phone on my ear, as I left the canteen to return no more. Funny enough when I picked the call, the caller was speaking a language which I suspect to be hausa. I told whoever the caller is that he dialed a wrong number before I rang off.
No gain saying that I wasn’t embarrassed by the events at the canteen. I walked down to my hostel ruminating on why of everything she could ask for, she asked me to kiss her? Well I am the one that pushed her to ask anything, but would she have really allowed me to do it if I tried? One way to know was if I tried but I didn’t. I made up my mind that she was going to get that kiss she asked for.
To Be Continued…

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