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Wednesday, 17 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

I had already started my workout session when Purity woke up the following morning. After we said the good mornings. She had she gone to the bathroom to shower and get ready to leave. I noticed Purity was behaving awkwardly more like trying to keep to herself, but I cared less as the mood of the previous day was still hanging over my head. I prepared after which and we all left. When we got outside, Purity took a bike and left for her place while I walked down to school with IJ.
“What happened to you last night?” IJ asked as we walked down.
“Nothing, just had a little issue with bea.”
“Are you guys cool now?”
“Yea, I think so.”
“You think so? A piece of advice, don’t let beefs stay too long. Sometimes it complicates things that at the end you even forget what caused the beef at the first stage. And then it becomes more difficult to settle. Nip it in the bud now.”
“Ok, thanks.”
We talked on till we got to school and parted to our different sections. I met the reception empty when I got my office. I had settled on my seat and while I was saying my prayers Constance came in. After I rounded my prayers and exchanged pleasantries, she came around to my table with some papers which the director said that I should type since she had a lot on her hand. I was so relieved to have finally had something to keep me busy.
I had fired up the laptop and gone to work immediately. While I typed we got talking.
“So how was your CDS yesterday?” she had asked.
“Fine, nothing out of the ordinary. They just got us assigned to different groups.”
“Which group are you in?”
“Road Safety.”
“That’s good, at least you people will be going out for sensitization, sometimes you will go for traffic controls and after the FRSC will give you people certificate.
“Abeg I no need that kind stress for my life now. Make we just dey go the CDS for council alone o no be traffic I come Akwa-Ibom come control.”
“It will be fun o. I was in press club during my own time. We had to go and cover many functions and if luckily one of the politicians was in the occasion, we usually go home with some amount of money.”
“Ehen na that kain one I wan join. No be to dey go stand for sun they direct traffic. E be like say I go try change to press club next CDS.”
“See your life.” She said laughing. “That reminds me, you don’t want to invite me to come and do house warming abi?”
“Ah! I don already do the house warming o.” I replied and chuckled.
“And you didn’t invite me?” she asked looking up.
“It wasn’t something big, just between few friends.”
“So I am not your friend? It’s alright.” She said making a face.
“C’mon it’s not like that na. Ok just tell me when you will be free and I will invite you over.” I said pleadingly.
She feigned annoyance for a while as I kept pleading with her, after a while, she smiled like she had gotten me where she wanted.
“I am always free on weekends when I didn’t travel. So anytime you are ready to host me, let me know.” She had said smiling.
“Hope say Oga won’t break my head o?” I had asked laughing.
For an answer she had raised her finger before asking
“Do you see any ring there?”
“Most people don’t wear rings after marriage anymore, so that’s doesn’t prove anything.”
“Well this proves to you that there is no Oga to break your head. At least for now” she said laughing.
“Come on, are you telling me that there is no ……..?” I didn’t complete it but she caught it.
“Hey Mr. that is no subject for discussion. And before you continue drilling where there is no oil get on with that work, Director will soon be around.”
“I’m done like since yesterday.”
If there is something I was so good at, it’s with key board. I started learning to type at a very young age. I could be type for five minutes without looking at the key board and not missing a word.
“Pardon?” she had turned to me looking surprised.
“I said that I am done like since yesterday” I had repeated laughing.
She came around to my table to see it for herself. She was perplexed when she saw that I had finished it. She gave me a flash with which I copied the work and handed it back to her.
e were still talking when the Director came in. We stood up and greeted her while she replied with a smile walking into her office. It wasn’t long she entered her office that the intercom at the secretary’s table rang. After she talked briefly to the person at the other end, Constance dropped and told me that the director asked to see me.
To Be Continued…

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