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Saturday, 27 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
I knocked twice on her door waiting for an answer, knowing she would be surprised seeing me by that time of the night at her door step. When I waited for another minute without an answer, I knocked a little harder. This time I heard her voice telling me to hold on.
I slept off after IJ left. It was more or less a restless sleep as I was between consciousness and unconsciousness. When I snapped out from the restless slumber, I showered and decided to go and sleep over at Purity’s house though she wasn’t expecting me.
“Who is there?” she asked closer to the door.
“It’s me, Purity.”
“Who?” she asked again.
“I said it’s Purity, open up already.”
I heard the lock turn as the door opened. She held the door open wrapped in a white towel with shower cap on looking at me surprised.
“Should I come in or start going back?” I asked.
“You have always known how to show yourself in anyway,” she said walking into the room as I followed suit closing the door behind me ensuring that I secured the locks.
“You need a net at your door. It will be better to have the net locked than opening and closing the door at every knock,” I said sitting on her bed.
“Yea I know, not like I even have many visitors checking on me every day. But I will get it fixed tomorrow or next,” she replied backing me to put on her nightie.
“Hope my shoe is safe outside?”
“My lodge mates don’t steal oga. After all how much is your shoe?” she fired at me.
“Even if it is one naira, na my money I use buy am,” I said going to bring in my shoes. I left it on the foot mat before proceeding back to the bed.
She was done dressing for the night and joined me on the bed.
“How are you?” I asked sitting up from the bed.
“I feel a whole lot better now. Just completed my medication this evening,” she replied looking at the wall clock.
“Ok that’s good to hear.”
“Are you going this night? It’s late already,” she asked looking at me.
“Like it wasn’t late already when I came. I am sleeping over so that someone wouldn’t say that I am not caring.”
She chuckled and smacked my shoulder before asking what I would like to take. I told her not to worry that I ate before coming, but she insisted that I must take something because I declined taking anything in the morning. I asked for water but she objected. Going to her fridge, she brought out a packet of biscuit and canned Sprite and handed it over to me.
“Just dey oppress me, you hear,” I said collecting it from her. We made small talks while I ate before she suddenly diverted our discussion.
“That reminds me, where you eavesdropping on us in the morning?”
“Not really, the guy was kinda annoyed seeing me so I had to stay by the door to know if he is the lucky guy and also to sure that you are safe.”
“Lucky fire. That guy is just a nut case.”
“For keeping a nut case as a friend, that makes you one of them.”
“Craze dey worry Purity.”
“But what are the things he said he did for you?”
“Nothing o. when I was fixing this place, he offered to help against me getting some paid helps. I had declined but he insisted. He helped me fix the curtains and also took me to the market to buy the rug after which he helped me arrange the room, that’s all. Since then he has been forming boyfriend, even in school, he doesn’t let me be.”
“You are lucky o. so you have such a caring guy and you are complaining?” I said laughing.
“Purity don’t let me curse you,” she replied with a drawn face.
I laughed spilling some contents from the can on my cloths. Getting up, I pulled off my shirt and threw it at her. She caught it and hung it in her wardrobe. I also pulled my trouser and handed it over to her before going back to the bed. After hanging the clothes, she turned off the light before coming back to the bed.
The silence that followed after that moment was so deafening that a drop of pin could be heard. I shifted closer and gently drew her close to rest on my chest. She flinched when she felt my hand on her body but relaxed back quietly. I caressed her shoulder and played with her hair for a moment before planting a kiss on it. That was how far I wanted to go. I didn’t want to initiate anything beyond that though the man below was seriously hatching its own plan. But if she out of her own volition takes the first bold step, she will sure get a feel of me.
All the while I was playing with her hair, she remained calm without a word. After some moments, I called her,
Without any hesitance, she answered, “Yes?”
“You know I care about you right?”
“I don’t know, people show it when they do.”
“If I cared less about you, I wouldn’t be here now or in the morning to check up on you.”
“If I didn’t tell you I was sick, would you be here?” she retorted.
“Purity this is not about you being sick. I care about you and wouldn’t want to cause you some emotional inconveniences, you deserve better than that.”
“Purity, when I asked for what I asked for that night before we left camp, I wasn’t carried away. I knew what I was asking for and would have accepted it and will still do if you oblige. I am not a kid.
“Purity I am dating your friend. Do you think she will be happy or even forgive you if she finds out that we got down together?” I asked trying to pouch her conscience.
“Well maybe you will be careless enough to tell her. Moreover it’s not like I’m dragging you with her. She doesn’t need to know what she doesn’t know. Truth remains, what one doesn’t know doesn’t hurt them.”
“Nice argument with good points or should I say nice offer but I will like to pass on it.”
“Purity, I am not asking for a relationship. I wouldn’t even date you because Shania is there already. This can just be between us, our little secret.”
“Purity I have done this before and it didn’t end well. I am not going down that lane again.”
“You did it before but not with me, that’s the difference.”
I was about to say something when she slipped her hand into my short and circled my semi-gorged Joystick. Just immediately my phone started ringing. She hissed pulling off her hand as I picked my phone from the foot of the bed.
“Talking of the devil” I said as I saw Shania’s name on the screen.
To Be Continued…

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