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Monday, 8 January 2018


I woke up 8pm.. I must have had a terrific sleep because I remembered I had gone to bed around 4pm. Pulling my phone from under the sheets, I saw a couple of missed calls from Purity and some other notifications. I laid awake thinking of what must be going on between Shania and Kendy. After a while of serious thinking, I made up my mind to let things be, if that’s what she wants, then she should as good as have it already. That is how drastic I am in making decisions sometimes.
Getting off the bed, I took a bucket of water from under my bed and went to shower. After that I changed to a new white outfit and gathered the dirty ones into a nylon to be taken to the dry cleaners at Mami market.
As I left my hostel I called Precious to know where she was. She told me she was with some friends at Mami market. I told her that I was headed there too that we would see in a bit. After delivering my cloths to the dry cleaners, I walked down to my favorite eatery and got a table. I wasn’t feeling like taking anything strong so I just ordered for a plate of food and a bottle of water. As I was digging into the food, Precious called. She asked for my location which I gave her before she rang off.
Few minutes later, I saw Precious walking towards my table.
“I am very surprised that you called me today, am I safe?” she asked as I pulled out a seat beside me for her.
“Are you saying that I don’t call you?”
“The last time I saw your call was like ages and I know how you can be, if you stay a while without calling me and all of a sudden decides to call without waiting for me to call, then there is something hanging over your head.”
“Nothing is hanging over my head, just missed you that’s why I called. And before you continue ranting trash, what would you want to take?”
“Nothing, I’m filled already.”
“Come on I can’t just allow you stare at me while I eat.”
“Nigga I’m fine. Just left my friends up there where I had something to eat already.”
I surrendered and paid my attention to my food. After eating, I took a gulp from the bottle water pushing the tray aside. I relaxed back picking my teeth while she typed away on her tab.
“You are worried about her right?” she asked jolting me back from my mind journey.
“Worried about who?” I retorted not sure whether she was talking to me or her tab.
“You are worried about Shania and that guy right?”
“And how did you know about them?”
“Have seen them a couple of times and I know it’s either you have seen them or someone told you. Either ways, I know it wouldn’t be far from what is disturbing your mind.”
“If at all something is disturbing my mind, believe me, you just pointed in the very wrong direction because that doesn’t even make me beat an eye lid.”
“You know what, acting all manly, strong and unperturbed doesn’t make you more human than you are already. Sometimes it’s good to share your worries. It wouldn’t kill you. Bundling it all up in your mind like you always do and making rash decisions doesn’t solve it for you, you know that.”
“But at least it keeps me safe within my own walls.” I said before I could realize that I just slipped.
“When are you ever going to let that wall fall?”
“It’s is not ever going to fall. Sometimes that is where my sanity comes from.”
“From shutting people out of your life and problems. I think the right thing you should have said is that from there comes your insanity.”
“Fine, fine, I’m worried about them. I don’t know for how long but I think something is going on between the both of them. We had a little misunderstanding about him this afternoon and it wasn’t up to five minutes she walked out on me, that I saw the both of them walking down her hostel holding hands. But the truth is at this moment, I don’t care whatever is going on between them, it’s none of my business.”
“Wow! Typical Purity. That last line is what I have been listening to hear. And that goes a long way to prove that you are still who you are.”
“Thanks, I will take that as a compliment.”
“Have you called her to talk about it?”
“I’m not calling her to talk about anything. And by the way there is this guy that has been on your matter for a while. Do I have a course to worry that someone is taking you away from me?” I asked trying to divert the discussion.
“You can play smart all you want but I need you to call her and mend the walls.”
“Ok, so answer my question.”
“Don’t mind him. He wan take style show me say them get money small. Imagine that small boy already talking love and marriage to me when we aren’t even through with camp. I have warned him to stay off my face.”
“Although I’m jealous but come on, don’t you think you should give him a chance. He might be serious. As you know all serious stuff starts like a joke.”
“Give him a chance and leave you for who?” she said making a face of mock seriousness. But before she made that face, it came and disappeared so fast but I saw it, a glint of sincerity in her eyes.
“Oh! And you want me to go and make peace and leave you for who? ”
“No mother supports the son leaving the wife because they are having issues so that he could come back to her, she will always want him to make peace and hold his family together. So that’s what I want from you. ”
“Oh! Yes mummy” I said and threw her a salute.
“But you know if you ever need to go get some succor from somewhere, you can always call on me” she said and dimmed her eyes.
“I’ve got that in mind. ”
“Ok and by the way, there is someone who wants to help me with my posting, dunno if you are interested, I can add your details. You don’t have to worry about the money just let me know if you are interested. ”
“Was just about telling you same. Someone told me she has a link so I wanted to know if you are interested. ”
“Who is that person? You have to be careful. Many people claiming to have sure link are just scam. They will collect your money and do nothing because they know that after the posting, you are never going to see them again. ”
“Ok and how sure are you that your link is legit?
To Be Continued…

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