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Saturday, 13 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

I left the following morning for my PPA. IJ had already resumed before me. She told me over the phone that she packed in as the landlord had fixed everything before she came back. The only thing she did was to paint the room and fix other cabinet stuffs. I called her when I got to the house and she came from the school which wasn’t far to open the gate for me.
I kept my bags in her room and collected the number of her painter and called him. When he came, he charged 10k for the paint and workmanship to which I gave him the money. When I settled with the painter, I left with IJ to our PPA. IJ was posted to the Bursary department, while I got posted to another department (intentional omission of name). I picked my posting letter from the Admin section and headed to the department.
Getting to the department, I headed towards the director’s office.
“Good morning” I greeted the beautiful lady seated behind a desktop computer typing away. It wasn’t hard for her identifying me because I still had my corper’s attire on.
“Good morning corper, how may I help you?” she asked beaming a smile.
“I am a new corper and has been deployed to this department by the school” I replied handing her the deployment letter.
Collecting the letter from me, she scanned through it. “Ok Purity make yourself comfortable there” pointing to a seat. “The director is not on seat yet but she definitely will be here any moment.”
I settled on the three sitter leather padded couch positioned on the wall while she stood up and moved towards a copier at the end of the room. I followed her with my gaze as she walked to the machine. She had an endowment that complimented her size. She is above average in height, fair and has a bottle shaped figure. If my guess isn’t wrong she wouldn’t be less than 29 years.
She made a copy of the letter, filed the photocopy and entered an office which had a bold inscription of ‘DIRECTOR OF ***********’ with the original copy. Our eyes met as she came out from the office and she smiled again.
“Which State are you from?” she asked settling back on her seat.
“Enugu. What about you?”
“Which part of Rivers?”
“How many parts of Rivers State do you know?” she retorted.
“Well I know a couple of places like Rumola, Rumokwuta, Rumomasi and all those other Rumos” I said laughing. While I was mentioning those places she was laughing.
“Those places you mentioned are like places in Port-harcourt more like towns.”
“Ha!! Ok, but I know like Ikwere, Opobo and ……., help me complete it now.”
She bursted out laughing again.
“Ok you tried. There are Ikwerre, Opobo and …..” She listed all the Local government “I am from Ikwerre.”
“Oh! That’s cool, I had a friend back then in school from Ikwerre, his name is Diepreye. But why is it that you people distance yourself from Igbos but can fluently speak the language?”
“That we can speak the language doesn’t make us Igbos.”
“Well I guess there are lots of stories about your people’s origin.”
“I guess so too.”
We were still discussing when a woman who should be in her early fifties entered unannounced. The girl stood up immediately and greeted the woman. I did the same while she came around and collected the woman’s bag. The woman replied our greetings with a smile and headed into her office paying no special attention to us as the young lady followed her with her bag.
She came out shortly and after a while, a bell rang inside the office and she went back in.
“You can go in” she said as she came out from the office.
I got up and walked towards the office feeling a bit nervous. I knocked on the door once and turned the handle.
“Good morning ma” I bowed slightly walking into the office.
“Good morning, have a seat.”
“I thanked her lowering myself on the seat. She was typing on her laptop. After a while she looked up at me.
To Be Continued…

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