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Saturday, 27 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
She gave me the file name walking back to her table. I clicked on the file and immediately went to work. I focused on the work without distraction, not wanting to make any mistake as it wouldn’t go down well with the director. I have learnt that she is very meticulous and doesn’t like people making unnecessary mistakes. Within three hours I, was done with the work and had to cross check over and over. Satisfied, I saved and sent it back to the flash before handing everything back to Constance.
I returned to typing my story till the close of work. I expected that the Director would come before the close of work but she didn’t. I left for my house straight without waiting for IJ. It was the first time I did something of such. I was almost at the gate when IJ called.
“Are you not ready to go yet?” she asked as I picked the call.
“I am at home already, I left early.”
“Are you ok? And you couldn’t tell me.”
“Sorry, I will see you at home.” I said before she dropped the call.
Entering the compound, behold my neighbors outside with two other girls and a guy. We exchanged pleasantries while I headed to my door. I got a message as I was unlocking my door. It was a whatsapp notification. I clicked on the it and saw series of messages from Purity, Yusuf, and Shania. There was another message from an unsaved number as well.
Purity had typed some long messages which I couldn’t read standing at the door. As I entered the room, I threw myself to the bed and started reading the messages. Purity started her message telling me how her love for me started the first time she realized that we shared similar names which was the first time we met; How she opened up herself letting go of her past because I talked to her about it; How she wanted us to be friends, not minding that I have a girlfriend; How the first kiss we shared never left her mind; How she looked forward to us having a better friendship after camp as I promised her and after we left camp, I had started acting like a stranger towards her, not caring about her and so many other touching things she wrote.
After reading all, I felt a pang of guilt. At the end of her messages, she wrote that I owe her no explanation whatsoever and shouldn’t bother replying.
After reading through her chats, I switched over and started chatting with Shania and Yusuf. Yusuf finally got himself another girlfriend. He was gushing about the girl and had sent her pictures to me and using her as his profile picture already. I was still chatting with then when IJ came back and banged on my net.
“Is this the new style, leaving me at work without a word?” she asked standing at the door.
“Sorry, I left the office with a mood, no vex abeg.” I apologized.
She was about saying something when her phone started ringing. Checking the caller, she kept a stern face and told me that we weren’t done talking before she left to her room. I overheard her telling whoever was on the phone that when she gets ready that she would call.
As IJ left, I changed my clothes and laid down to sleep but the worms started revolting. Leaving the bed, I left for IJ’s room. Her net was locked as I knocked. She came close to the net and wrapped herself with the curtain before unlocking the net. She was just on a G-string and bra as she walked back to her wardrobe. I had a stir in my groin but that wasn’t my main concern that moment.
“I am very hungry, didn’t have lunch,” I said walking past her to the kitchen.
“Do you want this?” she asked pushing up her cupped Bosom, “or this?” placing her hand on her bikini line.
“None of the above, sorry,” I replied picking a plate to dish out some rice from her pot.
“Ooopss!!! My bad. Have had enough of them already?” she asked with a flirtatious smile.
“You know, anybody looking at how quiet you are wouldn’t believe that you are this evil,” I replied not turning to look at her.
“Seriously? A case of pot calling kettle black,” she replied and continued. “Wait let me heat the food na.”
“I can’t wait,” I replied scooping some stew and meat from the pot.
“This is serious. Purity tell me the truth, did you go anywhere from work?” she asked with a naughty smile enjoying herself at my expense.
“Get out of my way,” I said trying to walk past her to the room. She stood her ground with her Bosom in all its glory at display before me, free from her bra.
“Are you telling me for real you don’t want this,” she asked juggling the two beautiful set before me still with the evil grin.
“IJ please let me pass. Just have it in mind that I will remember this day for you.”
“Ooops!! I can’t wait,” she said making way for me to pass. Just as I was about to walk past her. She gathered my face and planted a kiss on my lips smiling.
“Devil get behind me,” I said shaking her hands off my head. She laughed, letting go of my head before walking into her bathroom while I settled on the floor scooping spoon after spoon of rice into my mouth.
I was almost done eating when she came out wrapped in her towel. I forgot my attention on the food not sparing her a glance.
“I won’t be around this night, will be going out with someone,” she said dabbing the front of her hair.
“Huh!! Where and who are you going out with?” I asked raising my eyes.
“Oh! Daddy, it’s none of your business. Just know that I am going out.” She replied facing her wardrobe.
“Oh!! Sorry ma,” I replied walking into the kitchen with the plate. When I came out, I told her to have fun before leaving her room. Not like I cared where or who she was going out with. Na me carry her come Akwa – Ibom?”
I was about drifting off in my room when she called from outside to let me know that she was going out. I bade her goodbye telling her to have fun before sleeping off.
To Be continued.

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