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Friday, 12 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
I resumed at my PPA after spending two weeks at home. I had a swell time at home. It was more like a reunion. My tormentors didn’t give me a breathing space, always wanting to hear my camp escapades even when I told them that there was none.
I came back to Akwa-Ibom ready to serve my father land in all ramification. I came back on Sunday which is the normal day I like hitting the road if I’m travelling. I had planned to spend the night with Shania before leaving for my PPA on Monday.
I got to Akwa-Ibom at 3pm and picking a taxi I headed to Shania’s abode. When I got there I met Tonia and another girl who she introduced as Elvie seeing a movie in the sitting room. I asked after Shania and they told me that she went out and handed me her spare key.
Collecting the key, I went in and dropped my bag. While in the room, I called Shania to tell her that I was around. She told me that she will be with me in a jiffy. I had my shower, changed and came out to join the girls in the sitting room.
After a while of sitting with them and feeling bored with the movie, I told them to go dress up let’s go chill out. There was a nice pub close by so we headed there. We sat in a corner from where we had a clear view of their apartment and placed our orders.
We were catching up on things that happened in camp and how it has been with them at the house of assembly when I noticed a car with government registration number enter their compound. It parked for a while before Shania came out with some Shoprite nylon bags. I had a tightening in my stomach as I saw her step out of the car. I composed myself not changing my countenance. I suspected that the girls would be looking and turning around confirmed it.
Pulling out my phone, I called her as the car left and gave her our location . After I dropped the called, I noticed that Tonia still had her gaze focused on me. I couldn’t fathom the reason for her stare but I suspected that it has to do with Shania and the person that dropped her off. I smiled to her and continued sipping from my cup.
Shania came around and we all left after a while. I tried my best to put up a face of everything is cool till we got to her room. I saw the stuffed nylons and asked,
“You went shopping?”
“Yea, not really sha.”
“Yea and not really at the same time, what does that mean?”
“There is guy that has been disturbing me for some time now. Today he asked to take out and since I was feeling bored, I obliged him. We went to Shoprite and from there we came back.”
“Ok, who is the dude?”
“He is a member of the house Assembly, can’t remember his name.”
“Ok” I surrendered stopping myself from asking so many other questions in my mind.
“Ok? like you are cool?” she asked.
“Am I not supposed to be or should I be worried about something?”
“No not what I mean. See I went out with him because I was bored at home. There is nothing that can or will happen between us” she tried to explain.
“Let it go, it’s ok.”
My calmness towards the issue must have made her very uncomfortable as she kept pestering me trying to explain that she had nothing with the man. Later she left with two nylon bags probably for Tonia and Elvie. When she came back, I had showered and was playing games on my phone.
“Did you just bath?” she asked sitting beside me on the bed.
“Yea, was feeling hot.”
“Are you so pissed that you couldn’t wait for us to shower together?”
“What’s your problem? I have told you that I am not pissed with you but you’ve been pushing it. Do you want me to be pissed with you?”
“It’s better than giving me this cold attitude.”
“You know what, I think it’s your mind that is not at rest here. And whatever it is, don’t rope me into it because I don’t care.”
“Yea I expected that. That is exactly who you are. You don’t care that’s what I get from trying to explain things to you. If things ever get to my side you stop caring but when it is yours you expect me to be cool and give you no attitude.”
“Shania stop. You said that it’s nothing, just make sure that it’s nothing.” I said and kissed her lips and that laid the issue to rest.
To Be Continued…

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