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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

The next morning, everybody was seriously counting down. It was four days to the end of camp. I woke up feeling elated, the reason for that I don’t know. Yusuf was already awake before me and was busy with his phone.
“O boy good morning” I greeted with a yawn.
“Purity good morning, how far you na?”
“I dey o. that reminds me, how far with you and your babe?”
“Which one?” he asked looking down from his bed.
“Wait so you don get them plenty self. I mean that your platoon girl. The one you told me to talk to on your behalf.”
“Ah! That one? She dey o. We are now on talking terms. I don pack from her matter. There is this new chick from your platoon wey dey on point now.”
“Guy wetin be your problem na? Why you come tell me make I go follow am talk when you know say you and am no go get parole again. Which kin thing be that one na?
“Abeg forget that babe, she wan form most wanted for me. She think say I get all the time in this world.”
“See make I tell you, no try involve me in your matter again.”
“No vex abeg.” He apologised.
“I get something wey I go reason you later sha.”
“Wetin be that? He asked inquisitively.
“I said later mumu.” I cursed.
We still had some time before the sound of the clarion so we showered. After a while, the clarion sounded and we left for the parade ground. I dragged Yusuf to my platoon so that he could show me the girl that was so on point in my platoon. She pointed to Saidat a Yoruba girl.
Saidat is a very quiet girl that sometimes I wonder if she talks. She is beautiful but a little too slim for my liking. She always has a smile on her face.
“Guy you sure say you no dey joke with me?” I asked Yusuf after he pointed to Saidat as his new girl.
“I no fit now. You suppose trust your guy.”
“Taar! Make I die. In fact seeing is believing in this case. Until I see a prove just know that I don’t believe a word of what you have told me.”
“Ok fine, just wait.”
He went up to the girl and led her behind our platoon. They started talking about what I couldn’t hear. After a while, he led her towards me and introduced her as his girlfriend. The girl smiled coyly as we exchanged pleasantries. She left us and went back to her position while Yusuf smiled wryly to me.
“Guy no dey doubt me if I dey tell you something. This one no be say them say, I go sample her before the end of camp then we go continue after camp.” He said proudly.
“Make I just advice you as my guy wey you be. No try that your nonsense sampling thing with this girl. If you wan get hope for her matter just respect yourself jejely until after camp, if not be ready to tell me another story that touches the heart.”
“Forget that thing, just dey watch.”
“Ehe make I reason you something” I said leading him to the back. “there is this link to runsing posting that a friend of mine told me about. I don’t know if you are interested.”
“Guy forget that runsing thing” he started. “I don hear plenty of that story and I know say all of them na scam. You no hear State Coordinator say all those runs things na scam? Guy dey go just chaw your money and bail on you.”
“So that means you are not interested?”
“Abeg, I no dey interested.”
We were still talking when he saw Purity walking towards us.
“Your second babe don show” he said and left.
“Fear fear. Oya na later.”
“Surprised to see you on parade this morning, what happened? She asked as she got to where I was.
“I have been serving punishment for three days now. I was among those caught three days ago in the hostel.”
“You gats be kidding me.” She said laughing. “No wonder everybody has been asking of your whereabouts. By the way, hope you are now ok? Gave you a couple of missed calls yesterday but you never called back.”
“I’m sorry about that and about yesterday. Sorry for the way I reacted towards you. it was with no intent to make you feel bad.” I apologized.
“No probs, I understand. You have to go and talk to her. from what I can discern, nothing is happening between the two of them. The guy has been on her matter for a while now and I am sure she must have told him about you.”
“I don’t give a flying f**k about the two of them. And I don’t want to talk about them now or later.”
“Good talk from someone that advised me to reconsider my vow and I actually listened to him but now my own words sounds like nothing to his ears.”
“Hey! This has nothing to do with you so don’t even bring it up.”
“Yea damn right, it has nothing to do with me” She said and walked away from me.
After she left, our commander came and we started the morning parade after which we jogged around the parade ground. As our commander left, I walked up to Purity as she was leaving for her hostel.
“I am sorry for the way I sounded towards you earlier. I will surely go and talk to her ok.”
“Ok that’s cool. I have an idea, why don’t we all go and have breakfast together? It has been a while.”
“Sounds good to me, but I doubt if she will come.”
“Just call her first and find out.”
I called Shania and she picked on the first ring.
“Good morning” I greeted.
“Good morning. How was your night?”
“Fine and yours?”
“Mine was cool.”
“Don’t know if you have sometime let’s have breakfast together?”
“The normal place?” she asked.
“Ok I will meet you there” she said and rang off.
“She is coming.” I said to Purity as she smiled.
To Be Continued…

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