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Tuesday, 23 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…
I must have slept off waiting for IJ to come back only to wake up around 2am and realize that she didn’t. I stood up quietly, opened my net and tiptoed outside. I saw her light on but couldn’t hear any sound from her room. Maybe she has also slept off while waiting for me to come check on her. I went back to my room and secured my net, turning off the lights, I went back to sleep.
I woke up early enough and started my workout session. Normally I would have called her if I woke up before her or she will come and wake me if she happened to be the first to wake, but I heard music playing from her room when I woke up and it was our workout song so I suspected that she was already working out and ignored her.
After the workout, I showered and warmed the chicken she gave me. I left the chicken on the cooker after warming it and started transferring some new movies which I collected from Purity the previous day to my laptop. After transferring the movies, I was about to start seeing them when a knock sounded on my door. I pretended not to have heard it until it came the second time before I went to answer it.
On opening the door, I met IJ and without any pleasantry she handed a plate of egg and some slices of bread to me and left immediately. For her to be reacting this way, then what I said the previous day must have pained her.
As she left for her room, I followed her with the plate of food. I held her net as she was about to close it knowing that I was following her. She left it and went straight to the kitchen while I came in and settled on the floor. She came out from the kitchen with two cups of tea and handed one over to me settling to her food with one while I stared at her as she ate.
“If you think I poisoned it, why not take mine and stop staring at me that way” she said avoiding my gaze.
I laughed ignoring her comment. After some minutes of still staring at her which was already making her uncomfortable, I started eating. Half way into mine, she finished hers and left for the kitchen. When I was done with mine, I took the plates to the kitchen and washed them.
Coming back to the room, she was on the bed pressing away on her phone. I thanked her and told her that I had some new movies in case she is interested in seeing them. She waved it off telling me that she wasn’t interested. I made to leave the room but decided against it on a second thought. Walking back, I sat beside her on the bed as she shifted away from me not sparing me a glance.
I waited for her to turn her face before gathering it into my hands and pressed my lips down to hers. She made to struggle but I held her face firm having the pre knowledge that she will do that. She relaxed, realizing that I wasn’t going to let her go and reciprocated the kiss. After we kissed for like five minutes, I broke it off as my dic.k was already finding it’s way through my boxer. Sitting up from the bed, I told her that if I should wait for five minutes, I will start seeing the movie without her and left.
As I came out from her room with my dangling in my boxer, behold Niyola sitting outside pressing her phone. My dangling must have caught her attention first hand as she stared down on my boxers before realizing herself to say good morning. I smiled at her and entered my room without a word.
Five minutes later, I was about to play the movie when IJ came in. Locking the net behind her, she walked to the bed and carried the laptop placing it on the floor away from the bed. She walked back to the bed and before I could say jack, she pushed me back to the bed and came on me with all ferocity. She attacked my lips like it was some form of a competition. I was surprised but allowed her to do as she wished, knowing that I will have the last laugh.
Pulling off her tank, she bent down and covered my face with her bo.obs. She threw her head back as I feasted on her fresh succulent melons. When she is not wearing her cologne, there is this arousing scent that she emits that always drives me to the edge. She kept wriggling her body as I sucked away on her with her body scent over flooding my nose. I wanted to take my hand down south but she slapped it off giving me no chance.
When she felt that I have had enough of her, she pulled herself up and rolling down she reached for my boxer setting my d.ick free. Holding it on her hands, she smeared the leaked precum all over the head. She looked up at me and without batting an eyelid, bent down and engulfed it with her mouth. She sucked away hungrily like a child who has been denied Bosom milk for weeks.
To Be Continued…

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