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Saturday, 20 January 2018



A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… The week had started like every other week. We had prepared and left for school. There is one unique thing about IJ and I, which is, we hardly talk about anything that happened after it happened. That morning we had walked to school gisting and laughing like nothing happened the night before.
I met Constance already typing something when I got into the office. We had exchanged pleasantries after which I walked to my desk, said my prayers and fired on my laptop to continue with my story.
We both buried ourselves in the things we were doing, she with the work she was typing and I with my story. After typing for a while without hearing a word from her, I cleared my throat to draw her attention.
“Constance are you ok?”
“Yes I’m fine.”
“Unlike you not to have said anything since.”
“So I am now a talkative right? By the way what happened during the weekend? Thought you said you were going to call me?”
“Did I say that? Well I had a visitor so that’s why I didn’t call sha.”
“Hmmm!” she sighed. “It’s alright.”
“What are you working on?”
“Something madam said I should type. She said that it should be ready by tomorrow and I have not even typed half of it” she said and sighed.
“Why not give me half of it let me help you.”
She smiled while I went around to her table and collected it. She thanked me beaming like a two year old. I challenged her on the first to finish. In other to beat each other, we both concentrated and within two hours we had it done. I copied my part and gave to her while she did the editing.
Around twelve pm, I got a call from Shania. She said she will come over and spend some days with me. I couldn’t understand the rationale behind coming to spend some days with me on a Monday. I asked her if she wouldn’t go to her PPA but she said that someone will cover for her.
In other not to argue further, I obliged while she rang off, I went off to grab something to eat. I went over to IJ’s department and we left for lunch together. While we ate, I told her that Shania was coming to spend some days with me. She had raised her eyes at first before relaxing her nerves.
“So I guess it’s going to be some days of hell for me right?” she had asked after.
“Come on, I will tell her not to scream to disturb you.”
“Do you think it’s a conscious action? Do you think she knows when she does it? Guy, it’s not something you have control over. Even if you try to hold it back it might actually escape.”
“Seriously? Then how come you never screamed that night? Do I take it to mean that I wasn’t good enough?”
“Guy park well, that thing wey you dey find no go from my mouth comot.”
“Hmmm! Ok. But anyways, if she screams too much, you can just cover your ears with your pillow or better still come and join the party.”
“Purity you are an idiot shebi you know?”
“You are just telling me.”
To Be Continued…


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