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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel…

I called Yusuf while Purity called Divine as we walked down to Mami market. We secured a table and some seat as we waited for the others to come. Few minutes later Shania came together with Divine while Yusuf followed suit with Saidat.
Shania settled in a seat beside me while others sat on the remaining seats. Yusuf had to drag another seat for his new babe. We all exchanged pleasantries as Yusuf introduced his girl.
“Guy you have been scarce these days, wetin dey happen?” Divine asked after we placed our orders.
“He was among those caught dodging morning parade some days back” Purity blurted out before I could say a word.
All of them laughed, Shania inclusive.
“So you are among those that have been doing the compound cleaning?” she asked again.
“Yes ma” I replied which aroused another round of laughter from them.
They were still making jest of me when the waiter served our order. We started eating, talking and laughing in between the meal.
“Why is it that they caught you alone when Yusuf is your bunk mate?” Divine asked spooning some rice into her mouth.
“No mind the mumu. It’s like he had a pre knowledge about the raid and sneaked out not bothering to wake me.” I fired at Yusuf.
“Haba na, na lie. That day, dey for catch me too. What saved me was that I went to ease myself when I saw the soldiers coming. I didn’t have the chance to come and warn him because they were already close so I had to run. But even at that, he didn’t tell me that he was caught all these while.”
“Why I go tell you, make you laugh me as una dey do now abi? Craze dey your head.”
They all laughed while I kept firing at Yusuf while he tried unsuccessfully to defend himself. After we were done eating I paid for the food and ordered for some drinks which Yusuf later paid. They left leaving Shania and I alone afterwards leaving for their different hostels or God knows where.
“I have just one question to ask you” I started. “What is going on between you and Kendy?”
“I also have one question for you, what is going on between you and your ex or rather your present?”
“There is nothing going on between Precious and I, you know that.”
“Do I? Is she not the person that told you about the ‘post runsing’ thing?”
“It’s not from Precious. There is this friend I met while we were cleaning the compound, she is the person that told me about the link.”
“By the way, why didn’t you tell me about you being in a punishment?”
“Did you care to ask? You were busy moving around the whole camp with your new found friend, holding hands and doing all those other shitty stuffs which I don’t know rather than to care about me.”
She looked at me disdainfully before she said “Don’t say such a thing to me next time.”
“No you listen to me. If you are tired of this thing we have, come out right and tell me and not to flaunt another guy before my face.”
“Purity I don’t f**king have anything to do with him. He is just a friend.”
“Yea, it all starts from being friends. Now you know my source of information, are you game or you are still going with your friend?” I said stressing on the friend.
“So you will want me to go with your own source which comes from a girl but you wouldn’t want to go with mine because it’s from a guy?”
“That’s is not what we are talking about here…..” I started before she cut me off.
“Then what are we talking about?”
“I’m talking about the guy you have been holding hands with all around the camp and who might be doing this for whatever reason best known to the two of you.”
“Purity there is nothing between Kendy and I. He is just someone that has been asking me out of which I told him that I have a boyfriend.”
“Wow! Nice speech. Just a friend and you walked in here yesterday with him and just one word, you couldn’t say to your boyfriend, your so called boyfriend.”
“What were you doing with Precious. If you are pointing fingers at me remember to also do same to yourself. What were you doing with Precious. I know you guys are not over each other yet, that’s why you run to her any time we have any little issue. Do you know how I felt when I saw the both of you together yesterday? You can’t imagine it.”
“And do you know how I felt when you left me here and not up to five minutes you were holding hands with Kendy walking romantically to your hostel and when he led you in here and couldn’t say one word to me?”
“Purity I’m sorry about that. There is nothing going on between us. I can call him now and let you talk to him.”
“There is no need for that. So are you game with me?”
“How sure are you that this your friend is not scam?”
“Fine don’t worry. You can go with your friend’s own while I do my thing. But please for the sake of what we have, stop flashing it on my face. People that know about us are talking already.”
“Purity I’m sorry. I wasn’t flashing it on your face or anything. There is nothing to flash on your face believe me. Please let’s just stop this fighting. It’s getting too much for me to handle. We now go days without talking to each other. We don’t even know what’s happening in the life of each other anymore all because of some silly issues and people.”
“You started it. You are the one who started hiding things.”
“And I said I’m sorry.”
“It’s ok” I said pulling her into an embrace. I know people around us were oblivious of what was happening but they did good to mind their business.
“I missed you” she said as her hand went around my waist. I felt a pang of guilt when I heard her say that. I knew I had done her wrong and I felt so bad about it that moment.
“I missed you more”
We held to each other for a while before we decided to leave the café. We left and went to our normal place, under the mango tree. We talked more and assured each other how nothing is going on behind each others back. She strongly registered her fear of Precious and I getting together to which I told her that nothing of such will happen, if only she knows. I made up my mind that moment to stay clear of anything that will bring Precious and I together in any situation that might lead to something going down.
We were still talking when my phone started ringing and just like talking of the devil, it was Precious calling.
“Hello Precious?”
“Baby how are you?” she said. Shania must have heard it because she frowned and removed her head from my shoulder.
“I’m fine and you?”
“Good. Where are you?” she asked.
“I’m with Shania.”
“Ok have you discussed that stuff with her?”
“No, not really. I will get back to you once I do.”
“Ok just make it fast, we don’t have much time.”
“Ok” I said before dropping the call.
“You told me she was not the person that told you about the ‘posting runsing’” Shania asked as I dropped the call.
“Yea she is not the one. Though she told me about hers yesterday and I told her that I will get back to her once I discuss it with you.”
“Tell her that we are not interested” She said nonchalantly.
“Ok but please listen to me. Yesterday after she told me, I went with her to meet her platoon commander who is the one helping her with it. Shania I think I trust her link.”
“Just like I trust kendy’s, sorry.”
To Be Continued…

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