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Thursday, 18 January 2018


A story written by Chekwube Emmanuel… 

“I am in front your school” Precious said into the phone as I picked her call.
“Ok just be walking down I will meet you along the road.”
“Walk down like? Is your house still far?”
“No, just a stone throw.”
“Ok just make it out fast because I am with someone.”
“Who is that? You didn’t tell me you will be coming around with anybody.”
“Just come out.”
I was already out from my house walking towards my school when she rang off. I noticed a chocolate brown Toyota Venza slowing down before me as I was walking up to meet Precious. The car stopped directly opposite me and the glass went down, behold Precious sitting behind the wheel with a guy sitting beside her.
“Hello! Please we are lost. We are looking for one guy called Purity, do you by any chance know where we can locate him?” she had asked smiling.
“Yes,” I replied crossing the road to meet them. “Drive forward, when you get to that junction, turn around and drive back to this exact spot and you will see him waiting for you.”
I stretched out my hand and greeted the dude beside. We exchanged pleasantries while Precious looked on smiling.
“This is Purity my little son and Purity this is Steve my Darling” she had introduced us.
The guy had grinned like a kid when she called him a darling. I had told Steve that I heard how he is taking care of her in Eket and also thanked him. I observed that he was more on the reserved side, he talked less. He waved off my thanks with a hand telling me that he is just doing what he has got to do and will do more if Precious permitted him.
We all drove back to my house so that I could change as he had insisted on taking us out before leaving. I left with Precious when she parked so that she could drop her bag and ease herself while I dress up.
After work on Friday Precious had called to tell me that she was coming over for the weekend and that I shouldn’t try to stop her. Before the close of work, IJ had told me that she was going to see one of her friends in Uyo and wouldn’t be back till Sunday. When she came to tell me, she had behaved like she was seeking for my permission before going. I had consented but after I told her not to come back empty handed.
“You didn’t tell me you would be coming with someone?” I asked Precious as we got into my room.
“Are you jealous?” she replied nonchalantly looking around my room. “By the way your room is cool.”
“Thanks but why should I jealous?”
“Well he insisted on dropping me off to make sure that I’m in safe hands. He is just being so caring unlike some dudes that I know.”
“That is the bathroom,” I said directing her to the bathroom ignoring the comment she made.
She scoffed and headed to the bathroom. By the time she came out, I was already dressed and ready to leave.
“Are you ready?” she asked zipping up her jean.
“By the way, I have not accepted his proposal yet but he is just very good and caring.”
“Yea I can see that, why not accept and date him already, he is cool.” I said walking out from the room. I held the door for her to come out but she stood back in the room staring at me.
“What? Ain’t you going to come out already?” I asked as she made no move to step out.
“Are you pissed?”
“Am I supposed to be? Just come out already let me lock the door.”
“Purity look at how you are talking to me. If you are not cool with him, I can tell him off.”
I was about to say something when my phone started ringing. Slipping the phone out from my pocket, it was Shania that was calling me. I signalled Precious to lock the door while I answered the call walking out of the gate. I waited outside the gate for her to come out still talking with Shania. When she came out, I collected the key from her while she walked ahead to the car. After the call, I locked the gate and went to meet them.
To Be Continued…

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