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Monday, 1 January 2018



I finally agreed to take the week off as suggested by Luke. My cramps were so severe I couldn't even stand up to take a shower. Luke has been calling endlessly ever since I told him I won't be at work this week.
Quinn decided to stay with me till it was over. She made soup for me and kept talking about her good sex with Edwin.
"Stoooooop!!!" I yelled covering my ears with my hands.
She laughed.
"It's getting really irritating, honestly. Who has sex and tells?" I turned to her.
"Uh, tells her best friend? Me. I do that. Seriously, it's the greatest feeling especially with someone you love" she waved her hands in the air.
I mimicked her words "whatever".
" C'mon let's invite the guys over" she chuckled.
"So you could have another sexual adventure? No. Let's have a girls night out" I stood up walking to the wardrobe.
"I thought you were sick! Please do not eat a lot while we're out" grumbled.
I laughed "Lucky you, we'll be going to the bar." I winked.
As long as I'm with Quinn, I can never get wasted. She's like a mother to me. Don't drink and drive, don't kiss a stranger, don't eat junk food, don't talk to strangers blah blah blah
sometimes she gets on my nerves with all these freaking rules of hers. She hardly lives by example in most cases.
The bar was only two blocks away from my house. We both wore casual clothes since it was just a drink or two we'd be getting and be out in no time.
We walked down to the bar who was almost looking empty. Weird. Bars weren't like this. There were filled with people. Some already drunk,some who come to flirt the night out, some who...well spend their nights at bars, I guess not tonight.
The hot bartender served us with beer and gave Quinn a wink.
I'm not surprised, who wouldn't fall for her looks?
They kept exchanging glances. Only if he knew she was taken, he wouldn't bother giving her eyes contacts.
I shook my head smiling at their silliness.
Not too long before we got going and then "hey...dammit! I forgot my purse, gotta go get it" Quinn lied.
She obviously wanted to get that bartender's number.
I waited outside for a while and then I heard someone call my name. I turned slowly and guess who the hell it was?
"Elvis?" I stood shocked.
I thought maybe by now he was dead or gone somewhere so far away.
"Gabby? Hey, how're you? It's been a while" he said in his deep manly voice.
How am I? Really? Oh..let me see, he dumped me through a text to cry my fucking heart out, never cared how I felt about it... Well, I'm better now thankfully.
I just stood still, looking at him thinking of whether to blow up or defuse my bitch face.
"I am very well. What're you doing in town?" I finally spoke, calmly.
"I.." He stopped, stepping closer.
I furrowed my brows.
"Gabby, I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have broken up with you in such way but, I don't know...I just needed some time alone" he explained.
I chuckled.
Seriously? Was this happening right now?
"Okay, what do you want?" I huffed.
"I want you back" he tucked his hands in his pockets.
I raised my brows "Really? How fascinating... You see dearest Elvis, I should say a big 'Thank you' for actually dumping my sorry little ass. I strongly believe that people come into your life for a reason. For them to stay with you till death, it takes one thing. And that's choice" I pointed at him.
"You chose to leave. I didn't make you. Elvis, you did that. I was hurt but honey, I'm over that shit. You want me back? Sorry. I'm So sorry you can't have me" I turned to walk away and then he held me and immediately, I brought my taser out and tased him.
"Arrrrgh!! Damn you Gabby!" He screamed.
I smiled "I'm sorry, but... You deserved that".
Quinn fled out of the bar hearing the noise, she ran to where I stood.
"What the?" She turned at the young fellow.
"Elvis? What in hell's name are you doing here?" She gripped his arm.
He hit her to flee but I tased him hard again and he fell to the floor. Quinn kept kicking his legs while I tried to drag her off.
It looked like he just broke up with her and she came back with her best Friend for revenge.
"Yo, Quinn.. I think he's had enough, let's go" I said still pulling her away.
"That'll teach you not to hit and run next time bitch!" She yelled before we left poor Elvis.
We laughed on our way home, talking about how we could've tased him till he passed out or begged for mercy.
It was getting hella cold and I guess it's because it was almost winter. I need to call mom next weekend so I'd pick my brothers up for the holidays. I miss them so much.
My phone rang from inside my bag, I brought it out picking up.
"Hey babe" I smiled at Quinn mouthing an 'it's Luke' to her.
'Ohhh' she mouthed back shaking her head.
"Baby, where are you? I'm at your house right now." He said worried.
"I'm almost home, Quinn and I went to have a drink" I pushed my hair to one side.
"Okay, I'll be waiting." He dropped the call.
Getting close to my house, I see a black car parked outside. Definitely Luke's.
He got down, walked towards us. Gave me a kiss on my forehead while he waved Quinn hello.
She was so exhausted from all those kicking and yelling, she got inside to take a shower and go to bed.
"So, how're you feeling?" He held my cold hands up to his lips and kissed them softly.
I felt a little blush sweep past my cheeks.
"I feel so much better now. The cramps are gone now Doctor" I teased.
"I'm glad. I miss you, when will you be back at work? Rosie is trying too hard" he grinned.
"Trying too hard? Are you trying to get me jealous, because it's not working." I shook my head.
"Absolutely not" he laughed.
"I'm coming over tomorrow to spend the night with the only lady I'm totally in love with" he hugged me, his chin on my head.
Did he have to make it seem like I was so short?
"Wait, like a sleepover? What about Quinn?" I held his waist.
What about Quinn? What about her? Why did I even say that?
"We'll get rid of her" he whispered.
"That sounds dangerous" I giggled, whispering back.
"Wait till you see how" he whispered again., that sounds sexy. Sexy and dangerous. Not just the words, but the way he whispers them.
He brings his lips so close to my ear, sending those vibes that makes me shiver and I could help but only giggle like a fool.
"You should get going, I don't like you staying out late. Get me chocolates on your way here tomorrow or don't show up" I giggle again, giving him a little kiss on the side of his lips.
"Trust me, I will. It'll be a night you wouldn't want to forget" he said before getting in the car.
I waved him 'goodbye' until he drove off.
Wait, what?? A night you wouldn't want to forget? Hope it's not what I'm thinking of?
Oh no...

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