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Tuesday, 2 January 2018



I heard a loud thud in the house. I checked the time on my phone.
5:29am .
I picked up my taser and broom stick I had in my room, walked slowly to where I still heard noises.
The living room was still dark. And with the curtains down, it wasn't making my visions any better.
I tiptoed to the couch where the noise grew louder and I turned the lights on to see my stupid ass friends making out on my couch almost naked.
"Are you guys serious?!" I yelled throwing my hands in the air.
Edwin quickly got up, wearing his trousers and Quinn cared less. She just laid down there in her undies.
"I'm so sorry Gabby, I told her we would've gone to my place but she insisted" he shyly said.
"As am I. Baby girl, can we borrow your room? I promise I'll change the sheets" she blurted out with a smile.
I couldn't believe the drama I just woke up to. I don't think I'll see my room the way I used to once they're done with their adventures.
I stood there motionless at first then walked back into my room. Picked up my most valuables - my phone and charger, favourite clothes,favourite sheets, my duvet and my hair oil.
You never know what they might decide to try in there.
"There, $10 per hour" I teased.
"Isn't that too long?" He grinned.
There was a weird silence like they were actually thinking of how long it will take them in there.
"Ohh hell! Ew! Just go in already" I said pushing them away.
I decided to go for a run to avoid certain uncomfortable sounds. I wore my black yoga pants, a white tank top and a black hoodie with white trainers, parked my hair in a messy bun then headed out.
I can't remember the last time I went for a run or even did an exercise. I was terrible in gym classes! Hated anything sporty with passion. I always pretended to be very sick whenever the time for gym class came.
I know I said I was going for a run but hey, let's be honest. All I did was walk. That's a type exercise too yeah.
I walked past my office then walked back again.
Maybe, I should say hi to them? Yeah absolutely.
Rosie looked like she's been extra working and didn't even seem to notice my presence.
"Uh.. Heyyyy!! Wake up sleeping beauty" I tapped her head.
She groaned and gave a loud yawn, stretching herself.
"Gabby! Where in the world have you been?" She exclaimed.
"Up and about. I was so down with a fever" I smiled.
"You back to work? Honestly we've missed you but I think our boss missed you more." She winked.
Okay, I'm guessing Luke has told everyone that we are dating by now. Because for Rosie to know, everyone knows too.
"Oh is that so? Where is he now? In a meeting?" I asked.
"No no, he should be in his office with a client" she sat up.
"Thanks" I blew her a kiss.
The place looked so cool and neat. I was expecting papers everywhere but now that I think of it, I wasn't the only one at work then after all.
I waited at his door till a young Chinese lady got out. She looked damn mean. I wouldn't dare to drag a parking space with her. Those kind of people, their looks could kill indeed.
I opened his door wide, getting in with a grin.
" Queen arrives!" He stood up to hug me.
"Really Luke? Queen?" I threw myself at him.
"Yes. My Queen. The Queen of my world. What brings the queen to my humble abode" he bows.
"You're crazy!" I laugh playfully hitting him and then he held me from behind. So close that our bodies met.
"Crazy in love with you" he said giving me kisses all over my face.
"I love that" I smirked.
"I know" he led me to sit.
After talking for a while, he dropped me off at my house then headed back to the office.
I knocked loudly at the door just to be sure I wouldn't meet up with any unfortunate scene.
Edwin opened the door with a grin.
"Welcome back, you didn't have to go so far. We barely took that long" he smiled.
"I know but, it was worth it" I say moving past him into the living room.
He went back to watching TV on the couch.
It had that sex scent all over. I really felt uncomfortable but I had few hours to get this place back to the way it was until Luke arrives.
Quinn was taking a shower, I didn't bother to tell her I was back.
I walked into my room. She did change the sheets as promised, arranging everything properly without putting them in the wrong places. At least the bedroom was in order. Now all I had to do was take care of the living room.
"Hey, when did you get back?" She asked drying her wet hair.
"Oh not too long ago. Luke's coming over tonight. " I turned to see her smiling.
"Nothing. Uhm I'll be leaving with Edwin after I'm dressed. We uh..have this thing we have to attend together" she rolled her eyes.
"Liar." I huffed.
"Me? A liar? Okay maybe. But you guys need your privacy. I can see you're feeling strong now so my service is over" she sat on the bed.
"Fine, maybe. Quinn...what's that stuff on my pillow?" I noticed a weird stain.
She looked at it and gave me an embarrassed look.
"Is that?...Owww Come... on!" I screamed out of the room and heard her laughing.
Quinn and Edwin helped me clean the living room and of course I told them it was a way of paying me back for letting them use my room.
After minutes of arguments of what friends are supposed to do for each other, they agreed to help me.
Soon, my doorbell rang and I told them to answer for me while I rushed off to take a shower.
I got off quickly, wearing my minion pj's and brushing my hair to fall on my shoulders. I put on a lip balm then rushed out to see just Luke there alone. Again.
"They left didn't they?" I stood emotionless.
"Those two need serious help, I tell you. Here, your chocolates and some other things you'd like" he handed a bag to me.
I grabbed them like a thief. I have an addiction to chocolates and anything sweet apart from vanilla. I hate that shit.
"Aww, thank you so much! Honestly I was joking about it earlier but I never thought you'd get it for me" I dug my face into the bag.
"When it comes to you, every thing's serious to me" he removed his suit, unbuttoned two buttons and dragged his sleeves up to his elbow.
I felt uncomfortable seeing him do that for two reasons:
- it was hot
-honestly it was getting hot in the room.
"Don't tell me you'll sleep in that?" I smirked.
"I could" he pointed out.
"But you won't right?" I said tossing a chocolate in my mouth.
"I won't. So what're we gonna do now?"


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