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Wednesday, 3 January 2018



"Anything you want" I said eating up the chocolates.
Why did I say anything? What the hell is wrong with me right now.
He relaxed himself on the couch, turned the TV on and placed my legs on his laps.
" I haven't given you a foot massage right?" He plastered a smile on his face.
I blinked "hmm?" Pretending not to have heard him the first time.
"Yup, a foot massage" he began to massage my feet in the most delicate way.
"Ohhh...God..that feels so relaxing!" I gave a long, loud moan.
"I'm gonna have to stop the massage now, you're getting lost in it" he chuckled smacking my feet.
"You better not!" I laughed.
"What're your plans for Christmas?" He continued the massage.
"Well I'll be having my brothers over for the holidays. Though I haven't told mom about it, but I'm sure she'll permit it" I sighed.
"That's great news. I've missed them. Especially Alberto. That little buddy is filled with so much energy" he dragged the chocolates off my hands.
"Oy! I can share you know?" I nodded dragging it back and putting a handful of chocolates into his mouth.
"Mmmmh! No no.. That's a lot!" He muttered trying to get my hands off but instead I jumped on him for proper defence.
Which I regretted 'cause that brought about something else.
"What're you doing?" He looked up at me, his eyes burning with passion.
"N..nothing, uhm.. I'll just.."
He gripped my waist with his hands stopping me from getting off his body.
Now this is getting real awkward.
His hands roamed slowly about my body until he found his way up my chin.
He drew me closer to him, his left hand still on my waist while his right hand caresses my cheeks.
I felt really hot right now. My heart was about to rip itself out of me. I could feel my entire body surrendering to him at his every touch.
Our lips soon met with each other. Caressing and cooperating with each other. His hands still all over me and I, sitting on him with legs wide open. My hands were around his neck.
He brought life to my fantasies. His every touch, every kiss. Everything he did brought life to me.
He paused and I felt his arousal beneath me.
My eyes went agape and he gave me a lustful smile.
"Don't worry, we're not doing that today. I just want to spend tonight with you. Unless if you you want us to..." He grinned.
"No!" Whisper yelled, digging my face shyly into his chest.
His laughter so deep and loud.
He wrapped his large arms around me, planting a kiss on my head he said" You're mine"
I felt the butterflies in my tummy trying to force themselves out just hearing him say that.
We continued watching the TV but I didn't get off him. Weird how I loved been on him. Yeah, I can be a little clingy sometimes. But, he was okay with it. He barely felt uncomfortable. Instead, his hands were still holding me.
After hours of hugging, I got sleepy and wanted to get off but he insisted on carrying me all the way to my bed, saying Queens deserved better treatments.
"Where are you gonna sleep?" I asked feeling my eyes slowly getting shut.
"On the couch" he covered me with my duvét, giving me a short kiss on my lips.
Just as he was about to pull away, I held him back "no. Sleep here. On my bed"
I opened my eyes to see his reaction. Damn right he was confused.
"C'mon, get changed into your PJ's and get in here" I slurred.


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