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Thursday, 4 January 2018



story crushed,

"Babe, are you sure?" He asked with a blank expression.
"Yeah I am" I smiled.
I trust that he wouldn't rape me or try to kill me in my sleep. He's not that kind of guy.
"Can I use your shower first then?" He smiled back at me.
"Oh, sure. There's a spare towel in that drawer over there" I pointed out.
I watched him as he pulled his sleeves off. His muscles so perfect and longing. A part of me wanted to get off that bed and throw myself on him but no, I would probably regret that the next morning.
He walked out the room with a towel hung around his neck and a bare chest.
Damn..this guy was hot. I pinched myself a little just to be sure I wasn't dreaming.
Who ever thought I would let a guy into my life again? Let alone into my bedroom to sleep with me, in the same bed!?
He got off the shower faster than I expected. Unlike guys, ladies have a lot of business to carry out in the bathroom.
He had already put on his PJ's in the bathroom so I guess I missed that body show.
He sat on the bed, his head into his hands.
Wth? Was he....praying? He never seize to amaze me. Wow...just wow.
He turned to see me looking at him. I gave him a grin just to bury all suspicions.
He got in the blanket and man, I loved the feeling of him in bed. Beside me.
He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to him then he gave a loud sigh.
I giggled" how can you sleep this way?"
"I wanna make sure you don't run away thinking I'd do something crazy" his deep voice sounding all over the quiet room.
"That's cute" I turned my back at him, letting him Still hold onto me.
"Good night my Queen" he kissed my hair.
"Good night my love" I smiled.
He was right. This wasn't a night I was going to forget. I'm relieved that he didn't have sex with me. I don't want that right now and I don't think he does either.
I opened my eyes to see large blue eyes staring at me. It took me three minutes to realise I was with Luke.
"Morning sunshine" he smiled, kissing my nose.
"Good morning. Hold up, how long have you been staring at me?" I poked his nose.
"Hmm let's see, quite a long time now. Long enough to notice everything you do when you sleep. Like how you were smiling uncontrollably at God know what, how you pushed me out of the bed while still asleep and touched the bed to make sure I was there" he grinned.
"Oh my..I'm sorry" I giggled.
"And did I mention you talk in your sleep?" He brushed my hair with his hands.
"Seriously? That's untrue" I wore a Poker Face.
"Okay, I'll just plant a camera here next time" he laughed getting off the bed.
"Where are you going?" I asked with a frown.
"To make us breakfast" he said walking out the room.
Are you kidding me? Where did I keep my reality button? This must be a dream.
I got off the bed, went to the loo, brushed my teeth then gave my face a wake up wash to look fresh.
I Picked up a new toothbrush from my closet for him to use. I walked into the kitchen at the aroma of something delicious! My tummy was grumbling terribly.
"I'm impressed... Honestly, I wasn't expecting this" I gestured.
"I will do anything for you. Don't you believe me?" he stared again. Expecting me to answer.
"I do" I sat down.
"Thank you. Do you mind taking care of this while I go brush?" He raised his brows.
"Yeah, of course." I took the spatula from him.
Was he like, expecting me to say no? I wouldn't do that. Why would any girl say no to a guy who makes them breakfast?
He was making scrambled eggs, toast and tea for breakfast. No kidding, I'll have to double the toasts and fry another egg. I'm bloody hungry.
I set the table, placing our plates opposite each other. I had to put like 4 toasts on each plate and equal size of eggs even though I know I'll need extra toasts.
"On each plate?" He hugged me from behind pecking my cheeks.
I smile "yeah, you don't want it that way?"
"No, it's fine. If you want it this way then it's perfectly fine by me" he shrugged.
"Okay, how about we just eat from the same plate? We devour the first one then move to the next" I gleefully said.
"Great idea" he gave me a thumbs up.
We ate together talking about the office needs and wants. He did most of the talking though. I loved the way his eyes lit up when he remembers something and the way he smiles talking about things that made him worry, that was just wonderful.
We were interrupted by a knock at my door, he insisted on answering the door so I just sat there eating up.


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