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Friday, 5 January 2018



I could hear voices coming from outside. Luke's and some other familiar voice. I quickly ate up and got off the chair.
I couldn't see whoever it was that was at the door because of Luke's incredibly huge feature.
"Babe, who's at the door?" Poked my head out under his arm to see Elvis. Yeah that punk.
"Honey, I don't know but this fella is claiming that his girlfriend lives here and the only one who lives here is you." He held me possessively.
I laughed real hard.
"Gabby, who is this guy" he glowered.
I looked up to see Luke's confused expression. I couldn't help but laugh again.
He had the balls to come all the way to my house..why in the world?!
"Well, since you really cared to ask. This right here" I caressed Luke's chest.
"Is my boyfriend. Baby, this is my ex, Elvis"
It seemed like an episode in a series where you don't actually know the next thing that would happen.
They just stared at each other for a while until,
"Well, nice to meet you Elvis. Wanna join us for breakfast inside?" Luke said with a warm smile.
Though I think that was a poisonous invitation.
Elvis jaw clenched so hard, his eyes red with anger. He just stood there before finally speaking up.
"No thanks. I'm good. I just wanted to see if she was okay and apologise for the other night" he looked sorry indeed.
"What other night?" Luke asked looking right at me.
Boing boing...Don't tell me this will end up in a fight.
"Give us a min Elvis. Uhm... I'll be right with you" I smiled, closing the door.
"Okay, firstly babe.. I'm sorry that...that had to happen. And secondly for not telling you about the other night or about my exes" I pushed my hair behind my ear.
"Did he hurt you in any way? Try to touch you?" He held my hands with a serious expression on his face.
"No. No he didn't. He left me few months back before I met you and 'the other night' he wanted me back but he ended up tased and beaten" I dug myself into his arms.
"That's okay. As long as he didn't hurt you. But promise not to hide anything from me, no matter how small or irrelevant okay?" He held my chin up and planted a kiss on my lips.
How could anyone be so understanding and sweet? I was expecting a scold probably or a sulk but nothing of such came from this guy.
"I love you"
"I wanna tell him I forgive him and that I've moved on. The last thing I want in my life is a crazy ex" I chuckled
"Alright. Gotta to go shower" he said walking towards the room.
"Wait for me" I winked.
I've never really showered with a guy before. Hell the only thing I've ever done was kiss a guy. I guess there's a first time for everything.
I opened the door to see Elvis looking like a lost puppy under the rain.
His brown eyes all dark and his perfectly cut hair a little oily from the heat of waiting. I felt really sorry for him. As much as I want to make him pay for the tears and hurt he made me go through, I still had a heart.
I still am a human. People make mistakes, they mess up but for some, their mistakes cannot be revived only forgiven.
"Hey" I said digging my hands in my pocket.
"Hi" he said in the most in audible way.
We stood there for a min staring at each other before I interrupted the state with a laugh.
"'ve moved on?" He chuckled.
I looked back at the house then back at him.
"Yeah. I have" I nodded.
"And you should too. I forgive you for...everything you did. But I'm sorry, I can't be with you. I'm sorry for acting like a jerk tasing you that night. I should've listened to what you had to say" I finished off with a sigh.
He smiled warmly "No. I'm the one who's supposed to be sorry. I was selfish and I wasn't sure I loved you then. I didn't know what the hell I was thinking letting you go Gabby! I'm sorry" he bowed to kneel.
"Elvis, get up. Don't do this. Please." I helped him up.
"I'm sorry. Take good care of yourself alright? I love you and...good bye Gabby"
I watched him as he walked away slowly, dragging his feet.
Whatever he was going through right now, it's his karma. I just hope he doesn't die in the process. I know love will send him some other girl and he wouldn't let her go for anything in the world.
I got into the house then into my room to see Luke laying on the bed.
"Ready for that shower?" I laid myself on his legs, resting my head on his chest.
"How 'bout we stay like this for a few minutes" he brushed my hair with his firm hands.
"That sounds fine." I sighed.
"He was pretty hurt right?" He said.
"Yeah. But it's not my fault right?" I turn to look into his blue eyes.
"No, honey. It's not. He made a mistake. I think he's gonna have to live with it from now on." He assured.
"Yeah.. Well let's go take a shower. I'll pick my brothers up today" I got up to pull my clothes off.
"You called your mom yet?" He said still on the bed. His gaze fixed on me.
"Uhm no but it's no big deal she'd love the idea any way"
"And can you look away? You're making me shy" I blushed.
"Oh, I'm sorry but you do know we'd shower together right?" he laughed looking out the window.
"You're crazy!" I quickly changed into a towel.
"Alright your turn. Meet me in the shower" I walked away feeling like a pro.
I turned the heater on. In no minute, the whole place was covered in steam. I was still trying to find my way into the shower when I felt large arms wrap itself around me.
"Lost?" His plumply pink lips kissed the side of my neck, sending chills into my whole body.
I slowly turned to face him, held his chin to look at me while I removed my towel and led him into the shower.
I'm glad the steam was much. Yeah we were both naked but I doubt if you'll be able to see the shower knob rather than each others body.
"This is really hot" he whispered into my ear.
I laughed "Don't be all naughty"
The had the habit of whistling while he showered, I don't know why I didn't hear that before. And damn this guy loved to play with water. He actually washed my hair for me.
He got off the shower before me. Again I say, Ladies have business appointments to attend to in the bathroom.
I wrapped myself up in my towel smiling broadly at my reflexion.
"You're a lucky girl" I said drying my wet hair.
I changed into my black leggings and a pink tank top.
I quickly ran mom up to let her know we were coming.
"Ahhh, no problem. I'll get them ready. Just hurry up okay? You and that fine gentleman" she chuckled.
I know she would be overwhelmed with joy to hear that we're dating.
"You ready?" Luke came into the room looking so casual yet deviously handsome in his poker dot polo and a black Jean. His hair falling slightly on his face making him look like a Greek god.
"Yeah, let's go" I grabbed my purse and we headed for the car


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