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Saturday, 6 January 2018



We got off the car to see Alberto and George running towards us. Their smile seemed to comfort me. The feeling of them living in a broken home, with a father who cared less about them was so heartbreaking.
Even if momma and I showered them loads of love, it wasn't compared to the love of a father.
Luke got off the car smiling widely, his dimples deep in his cheeks. I bet he must really love it here. Who wouldn't?.
I opened the door to hug my two little sweethearts.
"Gabby!!" They chorused throwing themselves on me.
"Hey hey..take it easy would ya?" I giggled.
"Hey little dudes" Luke called and immediately they ran to greet him.
"Uncle Luke!! I've missed you" Alberto wrapped his little hands around his legs.
"Me too buddy, me too" He smiled warmly.
"Uncle Luke, you gonna buy me pizza too" George said with a grin.
"Definitely" He laughed so hard.
I stood by the car, looking at them chat and joke around. Everything was so perfect. It felt like I was married to this guy and we just got home after a long vacation.
The fact that he was good with kids made him a lot more kind. I really am lucky to have met a guy like him.
"Mis hijos bienvenidos!!" Momma Opened the door in glee with her arms wide open.
I gave her a warm smile, hugging and kissing her cheeks.
"Graciás mammi"
Alberto and George ran inside to play. Our mother taught us well indeed. When the seniors outnumber the juniors, get in your rooms.
"Hello Mrs Salvador. It's really wonderful to see you again" Luke said in his deep accent.
"Oh thank you. Very nice to see you here again." She gave me a wink.
Wtf mom seriously?
"Come, let's get in" she ushered us into the house.
Everything was perfectly arranged and...strange. The curtains were changed. The boys toys that always litter around are no where to be found. Even the chairs were changed.
"This is for you ma'am" Luke gave mom a package he got for her on our way.
"Oh my! Thank you so much" she gave him a hug.
"Go go Gabrielle. Make us something to eat before you all get going." She pushed me towards the kitchen.
"Make yourself comfortable, okay? I need to help the boys pack up" she said to Luke.
He nodded in agreement.
I have no idea what to make. My mother can be a little too selective for my liking. She was an excellent cook but she had her choices. I don't wanna make something and at the end, get criticised.
Okay. I think I know what to prepare.
I diced the onions, carrots and other vegetables. Got the chicken out the freezer to steam.
"Hey hottie" I turned to see Luke leaning on the door frame of the kitchen.
"Hey" I smile turning away to the stock.
"You okay? Need any help?" He said reedy.
"Oh no, It's fine really. I just get anxious when cooking for mom" I pushed my hair behind my ears.
He walked towards me, with his large arms around my waist and his huge feature closely behind me. He whispered in my ear.
"You're so perfect at everything. Don't you worry your pretty mind love, it'll be fine" he kissed my ear.
The warmth of his tongue seemed to cool me off in a way that I could not understand.
I turned to give him a kiss on his soft plumpy lips. There, I found myself wanting more of him. More of his warmth and his touch. I got totally lost.


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