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Sunday, 7 January 2018



"Mmh what's that smell?" He bemoaned.
"Hmm?" I said trying to get back to earth.
"Shit!!" I rushed to get the burnt pot off the gas cooker. Thank goodness nothing valuable was in it.
"Oh my God babe.." I felt my eyes getting watery.
Now why the hell am I acting like a complete child?
"No no It's gonna be fine. Let's just..." He said gently rubbing the sides of my arms, calming me down.
"Let's get rid of the pot, then the smell" he looked right at me and then we both burst into laughter.
"Pot.. Smell.." I laughed harder stamping my feet on the ground.
"I know, we sound like two college students getting high in secret" he grinned.
We managed to get rid of the pot and smell literally. But when the black stain refused to leave the pot, I decided it had to go to the waste.
Yeah mom would definitely find out one of her pots are missing but on the bright side, I won't be here by then.
It was 5:38pm and we were done with cooking. Special thanks to Luke who served the plates on the table, called out to mom like a butler and happened to lead the opening prayer for the meal.
"Wow, this looks wonderful! I see what you two doing" she smirked.
I almost chocked on my chew "I'm sorry, what?"
Luke who was seating besides me bent over to whisper "I'm guessing she knows about us"
Mom nodded sipping her wine. Now this was getting uncomfortable. Mom has never met any of my boyfriends before, I hardly talked about boys to her.
Our perfect meal was interrupted by noises coming from outside. Probably Puerto Ricans fighting over one thing or the other.
To hell with you putrá
I'll kill you if I ever see you in my shop!
"Oh lord" mamma dug her face into her hands.
"Mamma? What's wrong?" I reached for her hand.
"Tu Pappa" she shook her head.
"Really? Outside? Now?" I scoff.
"Baby?" I called Luke who seemed rather lost at what was happening.
Poor Alberto and George were still eating unaware of anything that was going on too.
"Is something wrong love?" He furrowed his brows.
"I guess. Please can you take my brothers to the car? I'll be with you in no minute." I mellifluously said.
"Sure" he stood up, taking the boys outside and in came the father of the year.. Yayy!
"What's going on here Maria? Who is that lady?" He said nonchalantly.
He sure looked drunk as hell.
I hated whenever he called my mother by her maiden name. Seriously who the hell is this guy? He doesn't even remember his own daughter!
I need to stay and remain calm. I wouldn't want to leave here in tears.
"It's me dad. I just came to take Alberto and George with me for the holidays" I took a look at him real good.
So raw! So tattered and unkempt like a homeless person. The worst part of it all is the way he treats his family.
"Without my consent?!! You think you can come in here anytime you want? I want you to get the hell out! And get my boys back in here!" He scowled.
"Mi Amór, please just let the kids stay together. Please my love" she begged.
Was this some sorta drama?
I stood up my chair. I had reached a certain level of anger right now. I can't be quiet anymore. I've bloody had enough.
"Mamma Stop begging him. Stop it. What on earth does he think he will do if I decide to stay here? Or take my brothers with me? Tell me dad, what?" I took a step forward with my chin up in the air.
He just stood there motionless.
"Gabrielle. Don't talk back at your father" She pointed at me.
"Shut up woman! You raised this. You gave birth to this thing here." He cursed.
"Did she get herself pregnant pappa?" I laughed.
"If I were you, I would cherish what I have while it's still here. Look at you! You're drinking and wasting your life outside! You're just a terrible father!!" I slurred, my eyes felt like they were heating up.
He picked up a vase and threw it at me but luckily I dodged.
"Oh yes pappa! You are terrible! So terrible I wish you died a long time ago!!" The words came out before I knew it.
"Gabrielle!!" Mamma fell to the floor weeping and praying in Spanish.
I couldn't help but cry too.
"I hate you!" I screamed at him running towards the door.
He said nothing but stand there looking at his broken home. I'm guessing I hit his realisation button.


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