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Tuesday, 9 January 2018



"Whether you approve or not, they're coming with me. And I might even decide to put them in school there. Momma can live with us too and you get this house all to yourself. Since all you care about is getting bloody drunk! Wasting hard earned money that you don't ever replace. If you'd both excuse me, I have to get going"

I grabbed my purse off the table and walked towards the door. Mom was still crying her eyes out but there was nothing I could do anymore. Somebody had to tell him the truth about himself.

"Gabrielle.." He called as I walked away.

If he thinks playing sorry would solve the problems here then he needs to try another shit.

I angrily got into the car. The boys had fallen fast asleep. Everything had gone from being perfect to annoying.

"Hey hey hey...what's wrong" Luke said cupping my cheeks.

"I can't...I just couldn't handle it.." I let my heart out. Crying silently in his arms.

" Look at me" he cleaned my eyes.

"We're gonna get passed this okay? Trust me, it'll all be fine. Please just stop crying. Please" he kissed my forehead.

I turned back at the house to see pappa out the door in the saddest form ever.

"Okay, let's... Let's just go" I whimpered.


After all the crying and shouting I felt a little tired. I can't remember the last time I had a fight with my parents. I was always mad at pappa but never had the guts to let it all out, until now.

And to be honest, it feels really good. After all, it's better to let out negative energies.

We got the boys out the car to my room. My bed isn't large enough for three people talk more of like four people, so I grabbed extra sheets and a duvet for us to sleep in the living room with.

Luke was so supportive, I didn't actually think he would spend the night with us but then again this guy seems to do things that sweep me off my feet.

"You okay?" he asked in his velvety voice while helping me set everything for us to sleep.

"Absolutely" I gave him a warm smile.

"I just feel so happy that you're here with me, to support me and comfort me. Thank you so much" I stretched my hands out for a hug but instead he pulled me close to him in a very awkward way.

His blue eyes getting lost in mine, his hair slightly falling touching the tip of my nose.

What on earth was he trying to do now? Does he realise my little brothers are in this house too? I don't think.

He brushed his hair back in place with his fingers, he looked up at the clock 10:20pm and then back at me in the most seductive way. I felt my heart trying to run away from my body and my pants felt really hot I needed ice in them for a while.

He bent to kiss my lips, my breasts pressed against his chest. I could feel his heart beat on me as he continued kissing me, deepening the kiss and laying on me slightly.

Soon we were on the floor, the thought of my brothers in the next room didn't matter anymore. If they see us making out, good. If they don't, better.

He pulled away slowly. I looked at him, his lips a little swollen from so much kissing but he looked like a fallen angel. Damn..

"You're welcome" he whispered kissing my ear.

He kept kissing my ear in the softest and easing way with his tongue making circles. I felt that tongue game move to my neck.

Oh no..

Slowly my hands roamed about his back and my legs began to open up for him.

Oh God, I want him! I want him so bad!

I need to fucking control myself or I'll regret this tomorrow.

I gave a short moan which I think made him stop.

"What?" I asked inaudibly.

He chuckled "You're getting lost in it"

What...the hell?

"I'm sorry.." I said turning away a little mad at the sentence. What was he expecting?

"And I like it" he whispered.


I pulled his hair motioning his lips to mine, this time..I would be in control.

We swapped position so I was literally on top of him.

I removed my T-shirt, hell I'm surely gonna regret this.

His eyes were focused on my boobs.

Yup, I know.

I removed his shirt slowly and he allowed. His muscle became more visible on a closer view. I ran my hands over them then I moved to his breasts with my lips, biting and sucking them.

His hands were all over my ass and waist. His eyes dark with lust.

Who's lost in it now huh?

My lips met with his, interlocking with each other, moving in the same rhythm.

"Gabby...what are you trying to do?" His voice faint and his brows furrowed.

"Tease you" I smirked.

"Gabrielle?" I heard a childish voice call from my room, followed by footsteps.


Luke's eyes went agape "oh no!"

"I know" I mouthed.

We quickly got dressed and put everything back in place pretending to be asleep already.

"Gabrielle, wake up! I need to pee" George shook me.

Boy, I'm awake..quit it.

"I'm awake now.." I sluggishly stood up, leading him to the bathroom.

I had to wait for him to finish up his man business so I'd tuck him in.

I got back to bed with Luke, he turned to face me with a smirk.

"What's wrong?" I smiled.

"Wanna go on?" He raised his brows.

"No, you got lost in it" I laughed.

"Oh, I see" he chuckled.

"And we both have work tomorrow." I added giving him a peck on his arm.

With his hands wrapping me up, we fell asleep.


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