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Thursday, 11 January 2018



image results crushed

Luke left extraordinarily early to his place so he could get dressed for work and grab some files at home.
I explained to him I'd be a little late today because I had to drop my brothers off at Quinn's. I guess I didn't think of who'd stay at home with them when I'm at work till I can put them in school.
After making waffles and hot chocolate for them as breakfast, I put extra clothes in their bags just in case they soil their present clothes up with dirt. We had to take the bus because my silly car refused to start up.
I basically looked like a single mom. People I knew on the streets kept asking whose children are these, are they your brothers? But how? They don't look like you..
I had to be patient enough to answer their unnecessary questions. I mean, can't people mind their business? Must they talk about every and anything they see? This world is messed up.
While we were in the bus, I couldn't stop thinking about my parents. I guess I was a bit harsh on them. No matter what they do or how they do it, I'm not supposed to yell back at them.
What examples am I setting for these ones? If as a lady, I yell at my parents then what do I expect of my brothers when they're pissed off? No. It's their fault. They caused whatever they feel now.
"Omg... I thought you were joking about bringing them over!" She explained hugging Alberto and George.
I smiled.
Though I feel a little gloomy this morning but I have to try eliminating it. It's only Monday and I need to stay positive.
"Oh come in, come in" she exclaimed.
The kids jogged inside like it was their own home, giggling and playing about.
"You okay? You didn't tell me you were bringing them to your place. Is anything wrong?" Her brows furrowed hard.
"I had a fight with my parents.." I lowered my eyes. I felt a big lump in my throat.
"Oh my...why? What happened?" She enquired.
"Well, You know I've been with Luke this weekend right?"
She nodded.
"Okay, so I decided to pick my brothers to spend the holidays with me. Luke and I arrived, everything was peaceful as heaven, we had dinner and as we were having our wonderful came my father." I scoffed and continued.
"He was extremely drunk! He began yelling about crap I couldn't understand. I begged Luke to take the little ones to the car, you him from my drama. I had to tell him Quinn, I had to tell him what a horrible father he has been! A disgrace to parenthood." I turned my face away to hold back the tears that tried to escape my eyes.
"Hey hey..." She stood to console me.
"I'm okay, it's just that. I don't want them to grow up in a broken home. It'll destroy them believe me" I sniffed.
"I know, and they won't okay? It'll be alright. Now they're here, everything will be fine. Give your parents a little time to sort things out themselves then call them. Apologise if possible to bring back the peace. Okay?" She gave me a soft smile and a hug.
"Now... About Luke" she pouted.
"No sex yet?"
"You're crazy!" I laughed.
She was a great mood changer.
"What? Don't tell me you're xenophobic.." She crossed her hands.
"Jesus.. No, I'm not! I just's not the time for that yet. I'm not you" I jolted off the chair. I knew I just caused trouble.
"Omg you're so dead!!" She chased me.
After like few minutes of killing me, she got tired.
I kissed my brothers goodbye and explained for like twice why i had to work. They refused to let me go until I made them a promise of getting them ice cream on my way back.
Here goes the money.
I finally arrived at work. The look on everyone faces when they saw me was thrilling. I couldn't believe this much people have missed me. How the hell?
"Rosie!!" I exclaimed hugging her.
"Aww I've missed you love. Welcome back." She smiled.
" thank you, I'm late. Gotta change up and get working. " with that, I rushed into the changing room.
Boy have I missed my locker and I guess the spiders missed me too cause they knitted out a weird looking figure with their web.
There was really nothing much to do. They employed new staffs which have been diligent. I need to enrol in a skill. Cleaning won't take me anywhere.
I decided to stop by Luke's office to check on him.
"Hiii" I sang as I opened his door.
"My Queen" he smiled broadly.
"Okay, that sounds weird. Babe's fine." I grinned. "Anything for you love. How're your brothers?" He asked clearing up his table.
"They're good. At Quinn's right now" I sighed.
"Okay. You're quite naughty you know that?" He smirked, still busy clearing up his table.
"Sorry?" I said pretending not to have heard him the first time.
"What was last night's teasing for?" He looked at me interrogatively.
I laughed "ohhh you're still thinking about it. This is good."
He stood, calmly walked to me. Massaging my shoulders he said " I couldn't stop thinking about it "
No Luke.. No smooching at work. No dirty talks either. Stop it.
"Oh, well..okay?" I muttered.
We were thankfully interrupted by a knock on the door.
"Sir, someone with the name Anne Buxton is here to see you" said a disembodied voice.
The reaction on his face was quite questioning.
"Is something wrong?" I asked.
"No, no...
Let her in" he commanded.
"Want me to leave?" I asked flatly.
"Of course not. I need you here. And I need to talk to you about something later on." He held my hands.
Soon, another knock on the door came up and a lady came in.
Her hair was light blonde, her skin glowing natural beige. She wore a blue bateau chiffon top and a white draped skirt. Even from my sit, I could see her Caribbean blue eyes. She was drop dead gorgeous like a freaking real life Barbie toy.
"Oh pardon me, I wasn't told he had a guest already" she politely noted.
Her voice was the sweetest I've ever heard. Although I don't get why I feel a little lost here.
"Anne." Luke finally spoke.
"Luke, hi" she smiled in her perfect dimples.
Omg..I felt hideous.
"I'm sorry I came unannounced. But I thought your sisters were gonna tell you I was coming" she offered herself a seat.
"No, they didn't." He answered coldly.
This is so unlike him. Who is this chic?
"I'm sorry uhm..I'd leave you two to catch up." I stood to leave.
"You could stay, it's nothing serious" he called.
"Luke, she can go..I need to talk with you privately though. I'm sorry..." She gestured for my name.
"Gabrielle." I nodded.
"Gabrielle. You're so pretty." She smiled.
Is that supposed to be sarcasm or what cause I'm confused as hell now.
"Thank you" I laughed.
"Okay well, I'll see you guys later." I exited.
What the hell just happened?


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