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Tuesday, 16 January 2018



I stood still outside Luke's office silent and lost in my thoughts. I don't wanna tell myself I'm jealous that a lady as pretty as an angel is alone with him in his office.
I mean, I trust Luke. He wouldn't hurt me, but I'm not good at trusting strangers.
I meandered about the hall way, shaking my head and soliloquising like an insane woman.
Stop it, nothing is going on in there. It's his cousin maybe but, if so..he would be thrilled to see her. Oh! Maybe it's his aunt? Silly girl...she's too young to be his aunt..but what if she is? Stop it Gabrielle!!
After fifteen solid minutes of acting like a fool, I returned to work.
On my way from changing the toilet seat covers, I see Milton who was so busy fighting with the coffee machine.
"Must you always be so weird?" I laugh shaking my head as I approached him.
He looked ambrosial in his office wear and glasses. His hair was gelled, looking it's finest.
"Hey" he chuckled letting the poor machine go.
"No, I mustn't. And the machine is broken now I think" he looked back at it.
"Of course it is" I grinned.
He shook his head in gaiety.
"How're you? You're in perfect health now I bet?"
"Yeah, I am. It was a wonderful bed rest if you ask me" I winked.
"I'm glad you're back so the work kills you again" he smirked returning to the machine.
"Oh you're so horrible" I said dramatically.
"Oh my.. I know right" he sighed.
"Its fucking broken already, leave it be!" I yelled as I left him standing in frustration.
I got into my dressing room.
I stared at my imperfect self in the mirror and I remembered her. How could anyone be impeccable? I wonder where the hell I was when God created people like her.
I helplessly changed into my clothes while I gave Quinn a ring.
"Hey!" She breathy said.
I won't be surprised if she hasn't been chasing my brothers around or maybe cleaning her home for the fifth time today.
"You doing good?" I grinned.
"Absolutely, your brothers have been angels. Perfect." She laughed nervously.
"Quinn? You sure? I know those kids. And they're not angels. As a matter of fact, they're far from it" I heard someone call me from outside.
"Uh, Baby girl, I'll call you back. Okay? Feel free to spank them if they misbehave. Bye" I dropped the call, getting dressed quickly before I answered the door.
"Oh..hey" I gave Luke a warm smile but something didn't seem right.
He looked troubled.
"How're you?" he faked a smile.
Why do I feel like I'm getting dumped again. I won't be surprised though if that happened. Wtf am I saying?
"I guess. Come in. Are you okay?" I held his arm pulling him in.
We both sat on the little bench close to the dressers.
"Gabby...remember that lady who came into my office earlier?" He asked.
Of course boy, I would never forget her.
"Yeah, I do. What about her? Who is she?" I tried not to sound worried.
"She's my ex" he sighed.
"Oh..your ex. Wow." I muttered beneath my breath.
"Yeah.. I know. And I wanna tell you everything about her. I don't know why she's here but, I just wanna assure you that I'll protect you. Just stay away from her, okay love?" He said strictly and kissed the back of my hands.
"I don't understand Luke. What's going on?" I laughed nervously. This is just what I've been avoiding all my life as a female. Drama.
"We were dating for like a year back then in college. Her parents and my parents were so fund of each other they wanted their kids to get married.
It worked for my sisters but along the way, we started having problems." He paused.
"Okay, what kinda problems?" I shrugged.
"Gabby..I didn't know she was an addict. She used to drink a lot and that, I didn't like. I mean, it's okay to drink but to get wasted daily..that's fucked up. I told her I was gonna leave her if she didn't stop drinking.
She stopped for a while and continued again when we went back home during the holidays.
I couldn't take it anymore. I didn't want my kids to have a mother who was an addict let alone, who was untrue to her words to me.
We had a terrible break up. She told her parents false stories about me, so many crazy things. I had to leave England just because she was all over me even after I left her. And now..." He sighed.
"She's...back here for you" I brittlely said.
"She came all the way from England to tell me she's changed and she just wants to be friends but.. I don't believe her. She's a sneaky snake!" He fused up.
"Hey...I understand how you feel, but what if she has changed? Hmm? Just forgive her. Your family is in peace with you right?" I looked into his blue eyes as he nodded.
"That's all that matters. Your loved ones are happy with you. To move on, you have to forgive and let it go. I love you and will stick with you." I smiled causing him to smile back too.
"You're my world. I wouldn't forgive myself if anything happened to you." He cupped my cheeks.
"And nothing will happen to me or us. We'll be fine" I brushed my lips on his palm.
"Anne, is not to be trusted, okay?" His brows raised in hope for an answer.
"I understand" yes, I do understand. Like I said, I don't trust strangers.
I bent closer and gave him a kiss on his lips to ease him, take away his past probably, make him feel at peace. That was the least I could offer.
"You done with work here?" I asked, our lips still in full contact with each other and his hands on my hips.
"Mmh hmm.."he kissed my nose.
His actions had a way of instigating me. I never let any man gain control over my emotions but he has won that trophy.
"I wanna get ice cream for my brothers and pick them up at Quinn's" I stood to collect my bag from my dresser.
"Oh, I'd love to drop you off" he stood and wrapped his large arms around me from behind.
I turned to face him" I'll be fine babe and you need to rest. Remember I don't like you....."
"Driving late at night. Yeah I got it" he snuggled himself into my hair, tickling me.
"Stop it!" I giggled pushing him away.
"Jesus, Luke.."
Why was he playing with me so much today? It's weird and cute as hell. I love it!
"Alright. Let's go"He grabbed my hand and we set out of the dressing room.


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