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Thursday, 18 January 2018




It was freezing as hell outside, I regretted turning Luke's offer to drop me off at Quinn's place. Probably because of winter I guess.
I stood at the bus station for twenty minutes, getting impatient as time flew. I bet by now the ice cream must've melted away.
I looked at my watch 7:41pm.
Oh come the fuck on! The last thing I would want is to be out late at night. I shoved my cold hands in the back pocket of my jeans. My hair was all over the place as the wind grew stronger.
Fuck this.
I searched in my bag for rubber bands and put my hair in a messy pony tail. Problem solved. For the mean time actually.
Finally, the bus arrived. I got in to see that there was no place to sit.
Just great.
I got into the bus finding a spot to squeeze myself in, it was not much of a snug but hell, it's better than nothing.
"Hey, pretty. You hot. Want me to put my weenie in you all night long?" A croaky voice spoke right behind me.
I turn to see a man probably in his late 40's smiling broadly at me. He was creepy as hell. His bald head so shiny, it looked like it had just been waxed. The sides of his teeth looked black with what I cared not to know. His face, a little wrinkled and he had a large mole beside his nose that seemed like a bee hive.
What fresh hell is tonight turning into?
"Keep your shit to yourself Sir" I slurred and took a few steps forward.
I prayed in my heart that he'd get off the bus before me and luckily he did in no time. Immediately, I took his seat. But before I sat, I placed my handkerchief on it. You can't determine where an ass like his has been.
Few minutes after the creepy guy got off, we arrived at a stop at Quinn's. I paid the driver with my crumpled dollar.
"I'm sorry I arrived late. It's been a crappy day believe me." I breathe out as Quinn opened the door looking like a pissed fur ball.
"Understandable" she rolled her eyes giving way for me to get in.
"But, hey. I got you guys something" I smiled awkwardly as I lifted the ice cream pack.
She grabbed the pack from me with a smirk which turned into a frown immediately she opened the bowl "you mean, liquid vanilla cream".
" On the bright side, you've got a refrigerator " I chuckled stretching my legs on the couch.
"How're you feeling?" She switched the TV off, ready for a deep conversation but hell no. I'm fucking tired.
"Tired and sleepy. Where are the boys?" I asked trying to wave off her curiosity.
"I sold them. They were too loud and couldn't be quiet. Not even for five goddamn minutes" she snapped.
I smirked "Oh wow, where's the money? Don't tell me you spent it on contraceptives".
" Crazy bitch" she marvelled.
"They're finally asleep. After I bought 'em a whole bowl of pop corn!"
"Holy shit! No kidding." I laughed.
"The craziest thing was, they wasted it all!" Her blue eyes widened as she ranted.
"I feel your pain" I shook my head.
"How's Edwin?"
She tilted her head to the side and gave a loud grunt.
"What?" I shrugged.
"Nothing. Ever since we had sex last, I don't know. We haven't talked. Not even on calls. I mean it's so freaking unlike him! I don't wanna call or text first because I don't wanna look like the one who wants him more" she sulked.
"What?" I laugh.
"You seriously didn't understand a single word I just said? Really?" She looked at me sarcastically.
I laughed harder " I'm sorry hun. But that's crazy. If you haven't heard from him that long then you need to call him like right now. He might be hurt or something. Even worse, dead." I added.
She scoffed" he can't be dead. At least not now"
"Oh what are you? Like God?" I smiled at my weak joke.
"Listen, call him. Find what's wrong. Then you can conclude. But for now, don't get all negative." I stood and walked over to the room.
Two sleeping kids. How perfect.
I shook them to wake up. There's no way on earth I'm carrying two boys on my shoulders. Absolutely fucking not.
"Maybe you're right! I mean, there's no big deal." Quinn yelled from the living room.
"You do just that" I replied.
"Urgh..come on babies. We need to get home" I begged.
"No! No!" Alberto began to cry in his half sleep.
George on the other hand wasn't a deep sleeper, he woke immediately I shook them endlessly.
Quinn came running into the room as she heard Alberto cry.
"They could just stay. I guess it wouldn't hurt to have them with me till you're back early tomorrow" she suggested.
"But they don't have their clothes here and I don't want them to bother you when you're asleep" I stated.
"Classical nonsense. What are best friends for?" She pat Alberto till he stopped crying and gradually fell fast asleep.
George watching how everything was, calmly went back to bed.
"See? They're already tired. And so are you. You can sleep over tonight. Clothes are not a problem young lady" she pointed out.
I sighed, thinking back at that creep in the bus. She's right. I need to spend the night here. I wouldn't wanna encounter another sexual harassment.
"What in God's name would I have done without you?" I remarked.
"Easy! nothing." She giggled.
We spent the rest of the night calling Edwin. She bluntly refused to call, unless I stayed up late listening to what she had to say, judging if it's right or wrong.
I spoke with Luke on the phone before going to bed.
So far, so good. It was a complicated day.


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