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Friday, 19 January 2018



I don't know about other people, but I am definitely not a morning person. I hate the sound of the alarm clock in the morning, hate the chirpy sounds birds make, hate the morning sun.
Nights are so much better. More calm and cool.
I rolled off the couch still half asleep but ended up butt hurt.
I groaned as I stretched my hand on the table, searching for my phone.
Where? Are you??!
My hand reached a rectangular object which I identified as my cellphone. I pressed the home button.
Fucking 5:16am.
Instead of getting myself up from my epic fail like any other normal human would, I stayed there for another minute.
My eyes felt heavy as fuck and my joints hurt like a bitch. I guess I'm not used to sleeping on a couch.
"Okay...time to get up" I muttered to myself managing to get up.
The walk to the bathroom was slow and steady. The cold water ran down my skin helping to awaken my spirit, soul and body. My love for water is irreplaceable.
"Morning" Quinn opened the bathroom door walking over to the sink to wash her mouth.
"Morning. Uh clothes aren't a problem right?" I asked getting off the shower.
"Huh?" She seemed lost in space staring at her refection.
"Last night, you said clothes weren't a..."
"Oh heck! Yeah. Just...make your choice... in my closet" she cut me off digging her face in the sink to wash it.
"Yay" I whisper yelled waving my hand in the air.
I know she's not really awake but I'm gonna take advantage of it before it's too late.
I smiled mischievously as I raided her wardrobe.
Noticing a jean jumpsuit on a purple hanger and a chunky black leathered heel shoe directly below it. On the next hanger, was a red strapless top with white stirrup trousers and a red stiletto below too. After playing the game of eenie meenie minie moe
between both outfits, I ended up wearing the jumpsuit.
I oiled my dark hair and straightened them with hair straighteners.
Fuck, I can't remember the last time I took proper care of my hair.
Thank goodness Quinn had make up in her drawers. She hardly wore make up except on special occasions.
I put on a little eyeliner and a brick red lipstick. No need to fill in my perfectly carved brows. That, I'm grateful God blessed me with.
"I just got that like three weeks ago!" She cried loud with a mouthful of cereal.
"Aww thanks. I love them too" I laughed.
"I'm coming to your house for shopping this weekend" she threw herself on the bed, nibbling on her cereal.
"No problems baby girl, tell the boys I'll be back early and Quinn...thank you so much" I hugged her and stole a spoon of cereal from her before leaving.
"I love you! Stay safe! Tell Luke I said fuck him!" She yelled from the room.
On my way, I stopped by a signpost that vividly typed out in bold Black highlights.
Waitress needed.
I stared at the post for five minutes, before looking at the building itself.
Madea's Café was beautifully designed at the top of the canopy.
I pondered if I should go in now or maybe wait till I get back from work.
No, I have to go in now so I don't end up arriving late at Quinn's.
I opened the door knob. It was such a beautiful café. You could tell they made the finest coffee by the aroma that filled the room.
I scanned the place to see if I could find the owner or maybe someone who knew the owner but no one seemed to be there.
"Hello?" I call out.
No response.
"Hello! Is anyone here?" I called out louder again.
A black old lady came from the back of the café.
"Oh, sorry love. I thought them ears were playn' tricks on me again" she laughed.
"I'm Madea Lawrence. Welcome to my humble café" she stretched her hand for a handshake.
"I'm Gabrielle. Gabrielle Salvador. Nice to meet you ma'am" I shook her hand with a polite smile.
"Nuh uh honey. You got it wrong. Its Madea not ma'am. Madea. Say it with me" she instructed.
What is this? A fucking circus?
"Madea" we chorused.
Damn her accent was quite hard to understand especially when she used slang's and she seems like a strict woman but I bet she'd be fun to work with.
"Want some coffee? How you like it? Sweetened or unsweetened? With cream or without cream?" She talked so fast waving her hands off in the air.
"Uhm...No, but thanks." I grinned.
"So watchu want here then?" She put her hands on her hips.
"Oh, I saw the sign outside and I wanted to uhm.. apply for a job" I said proudly.
She stared at me like I had lost my mind"You want a job"
"Yeah" I nodded.
"Here?" She asked unsurely.
"Absolutely" I nodded again finding this a little too weird.
She stood there for a few minutes examining my outfit and wondering why the hell a person like me needed a job in a café.
"Okay, you hired. When you wanna start? Today? Tomorrow? Next tomorrow? Next week?" She grinned.
Wow, that was fucking fast.
"Anytime you want me to" I said cheerfully.
"Okay then, Next tomorrow? No credentials needed just make sure you don't have a police report" she stated.
"Hell, I don't." I shook my head.
"That good. Yeah. Don't be like me. I got lots of police reports. For being a stripper, prostitute or whatever the hell it is they call it these days. Dudes be bangn' the life outta me. Mmh hmm. Even Abraham Lincoln. He was my favourite customer. Yes, for being a mother fucking drug dealer too. I still sell some out back" she laughed hitting her hands on her saggy breasts.
Holy....I have never met anyone who talked this much! Not only was she gonna be fun to work with, she was gonna be a good story teller too. Rosie out. Madea, in.
"Fuck" I laughed with my hands covering my mouth.
"I know. I know. Once a nigger, always a nigger" she quoted.
"Well, Madea...It's a pleasure meeting you and thank you for the job" I try to end the discussion so I could hurry up to work.
"Yeahrr no problem. See you next tomorrow" she walked me off to the door before we finally left each other.
That was thrilling.
I'm actually looking forward to working with her. I don't usually anticipate over jobs because I was only there for the money. The boss who was before the boss who was before Luke at the office, was a goofy weird looking fella. Yeah, he was nice but I hated that guy. He deducts my salary whenever I arrive late or fail to greet him every morning. He would call me into his office, smoke and smile like a maniac throughout the scolding and tell me, I've been paid only for me to go to the bank and realise my salary has been deducted by 5%.
Thank God he was transferred to another branch. Nothing sucks more than a shitty boss and a weak payment. Trust me.
I got into the reception to see..oh wait. Barbie herself.
What in hell's existence is she doing here again?


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