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Monday, 22 January 2018



She looked fucking stunning in her black illusion gown. Her hair was perfectly brushed to one side and her legs crossed as she read the morning papers.
I tried to walk past her pretending not to have noticed her presence but of course someone had to ruin my escape plan.
"Late again Gabby?" Rosie announced.
"I think your watch is broken" I replied Rosie, mad at the fact that she was such a loud person.
"Ha ha ha...Joke of the year" she sarcastically sang and I smiled at her with the hope of getting past barbie but, I guess I was only fooling myself.
"Hey, you! Uhm...what's your name again? Anne killed my spirit with her perfect smile as she stood from her seat and walked towards me.
This was not how I wanted my morning to go..why the fuck..why the fuck? Why the actual fuck?!!
" Hi, it's Gabrielle" I faked a smile at her. I bet I look like a troll trying to be friends with an angel.
"Such a pretty name. You look so beautiful. Omg I love your jumpsuit. Where'd you get it?" She exclaimed.
"Uh..thanks? I uhm got it from..Posh..Posh boutique" I lied. I don't shop in boutiques. They're expensive as fuck and what's the need of getting clothes in a boutique if you can get in a mini-store?
"Oh..that place is superb" she kept examining the jumpsuit.
I held my breathe so hard, preventing myself from asking a stupid question.
Oh no.. It's not working, I'm suffocating. No, no, noooo!
"So, what're you doing here?" I finally breathed.
"Nothing just waiting for someone" she turned to have a seat.
No..mouth I command you, stop!
"Who?" I laughed nervously.
Very good. Young and dumb. You just opened yourself up to your boyfriend's ex Gabby, well done!
She looked at me suspiciously.
"No, I don't mean to pry. Uhm, I'm sorry. I uh..I should get going. See you around." I turned to leave in shame.
"Wait" she laughed.
"It's no big deal. I mean, we could get along. I'm waiting for Milton" she sighed opening up the newspaper.
Hold the fuck on, we could get along? Does she know I'm Luke's girlfriend? And how the hell did she know Milton? Okay that's it, I'm done asking silly questions. I'm gonna ask the horse himself.
"Oh okay." I laughed.
"Cool. See you around then"
With that, I hurried out the reception into the dressing room. Maybe she's not a bad person. Perhaps, she has really changed. I mean, no signs of addiction whatsoever. She looks perfect in health. Her teeth are white and flossed. I bet she uses one of those expensive bite guards.
"God!! I feel like a beast" I cried to myself.
I opened the door knob and boom! bumped into Luke.
"Christ!!" I held my chest in fright.
"What's with you?" He smirked.
I don't know, you tell me. I thought it was your ex tryna freak up on me.
"Nothing, just had my mind on something else." I lied for the second time today.
"Which was?" He rubbed the sides of my arms to ease me.
"A new job" I moaned tilting my head backwards and my eyes closed.
"What?" He shrilled.
I opened my eyes again to see his face hardened and his hands, still on my arms.
"I was coming to tell you about it right now. Not like I decided without telling you first. No. I...I came to inform you" I lied. Shit. Again.
He stood still.
"Please don't get mad at me. Okay. I did find a job and kinda get the job. As a waitress. I know, I know. But, my work here is really stressful. Having to clean and wait till it's dirty so you can clean again. I needed something easier." I explained but still, he said nothing.
"Luke! Don't be all quiet. It's a beautiful café and the owner is really nice. She said I could start next tomorrow. Maybe after work, you can meet me up there and I'll make you relax in any way you want me to..Massage your shoulders (which I am terrible at), dance for you or probably kiss the stress out of you." I whispered hugging him.
Pfff..girls, we had our way with men.
I felt his chest vibrate as he laughed.
"I'm not that mad. But I am mad. I know it's stressful here and that's why I employed more people to work for you. At least, you wouldn't feel stressed out. But it's okay if you don't wanna work here anymore" he wrapped his arms around me.
"No, not like that honey." I looked up at him.
"I know" he brushed my hair off my face with his hands and gave me a kiss on my forehead.
Ayyi pappi..
"And you look sexy this morning." He complimented.
"I know" I winked at him.
"Don't tell me you're trying to seduce me.." He smirked.
"What? Me? Hell no." I chuckled.
"Why am I not convinced? And you started talking dirty right now too" he poked my nose.
"I'm not seducing you. I don't know how to do that shit" I dug my head into his chest as I did whenever I was shy around him, but carefully so my lipstick wouldn't stain his suit.
"Sure? Red is my favorite color and it's been worn right now by one of my favorite persons in the world" He whispered and kissed my ear before walking away.
The ear game again in the office!
I covered my reddened face with my palms. This guy makes me feel like a little child.
I paused to think of his words one of my favorite persons in the world.. Who are the others? I hope, not Anne? Jesus.. Why am I jealous!! I need to stop feeling this way.. She's in the past. I know he doesn't love her and neither does she. Wait, does she?
I walked out of the hall way, lost in my thoughts. Everything around me grew invisible.
Fuck this shit. I'm not troubling my mind about it. Someone once told me, if you think about something too much, it's gonna happen. And by someone, I mean my drunk self.
After working my ass off and saying goodbye to my locker, uniform, spiders and of course my colleagues, I wandered outside the parking lot waiting for Luke to come drop me up as he promised later on today.
I will miss it here.
Ever since I started working here till today I quit, no one had ever looked down on me. Okay, maybe they have but they've never had the courage to insult me or mock me as a janitor and that, I respect about them.
Few people here mind their business, some are just here for the fun of 'working in a business organization', while others just like to talk about shit while they work.
But I'm glad we all had great memories.
"Having your last moment with this environment" Luke interrupted my thoughts.
"Yeah and you ruined it" I turned around to see him grinning.
"Your mom called" he said.
"Wait, what? When?" I struggled to open my bag up searching for my phone.
"Shit, seven good missed calls" I hissed.
"Yeah, she said you weren't picking up so she had to call me. She wants you to come home with me" he explained.
"How did she get your number?" I asked as we got into the car.
"Well, remember when Alberto was sick? I had to drop you off at your house and your mom took me outside to talk with me?" He asked.
"Oh, yeah I do remember." I looked out the window.
"So, what were you guys talking about then?" I asked softly.
"Hmm" he hummed.
"Hmm what?" I dictated turning slightly to face him.
"It's a mother and son secret" he blurted.
Mother and son secret? Wtf is that? I am her daughter..I deserve to know.
"Okay" I stated. If it's their thing then, I better not force it out of him.
I called Quinn and explained to her that we might arrive a little late. She didn't seem bothered at all fortunately.

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