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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…
In this position, it really felt like I was going deeper into her Va*gina, but that was only because I was now also sliding in and out between her thighs. With her back pressed against my front side, I brought my hands around to her front. I found Steph’s clit with my right hand, and slid my left up under her shirt. Upwards it travelled, till I felt the bottom of her right bra-cup, only to slip under it, and get my first feel of her firm bre*asts. They seemed to be about the same size as Tina’s tits, but when my fingers found her areola, Stephanie went crazy. Bucking hard against me, her moans grew in volume,
muffled against my own teeth and gums. Her juicy hole clamped down tight on me, and quivered as she came, sending her hot liquids dripping off my scrotum. It felt too good to hold back anymore, and I let loose inside her without thinking. My fingers pinched her clit and nip*ple hard as my whole body locked up, except for my spewing cocckk. All I could do was stand there, as shot after shot of my jism filled up this hot little brunette. When the waves of pleasure had finally stopped crashing over me, I finally came to my senses.
“Oh, Shtt! I’m so sorry! I meant to pull out!” Steph laughed her beautiful laugh, as she pulled away from me. When my cocckk left her, there was an unmistakable sucking and then a ‘pop’ sound. I felt her hand on my cheek a split second before her lips brushed against mine. “Relax,” she told me, “I’m on the pill, though I definitely didn’t expect to be doing this tonight!” She laughed again, and just then the lights came on, as the power was restored. I got my first good look at her, her blue eyes were sparkling, and her chest was still heaving, but between her legs was her hairless crotch, and as I watched, some of my Pour dripped out of her, and fell into her panties, which were still up around her
thighs. I looked back to her blue eyes, and noticed that they had gone large, as she looked at my crotch.
Even softened as it was, it was still impressive. “I got all of that in me?” She asked in wonder, but I couldn’t lie to her. “No, only to about here,” I indicated a spot a bit more than halfway. “We’d better get dressed and out of here.” I reminded her, and was rewarded with her blushing as we both got dressed. She gave another yelp when my cold Pour in her panties touched her nether-lips, but otherwise dressed in silence. I poked my head out of the freezer door, and took a breath of warm air, checking to see that the coast was clear. We both stepped out quickly, and not a moment too soon, as Mikel came around the corner a split second after the freezer closed. “What are you two doing here?” He demanded. “I sent everybody home a while ago.” “We got locked in the freezer,” Stephanie exclaimed, and I worried that Mikel wasn’t going to accept it, as he looked at us suspiciously.
“Well, you aren’t going to get paid for the time you were in there. Only to the time I let everyone go for the night.” He finally told us, and we both decided it was time to get out of there. Outside the storm had drastically lessened, as I walked Stephanie to her car. “I’m glad I have tomorrow off. I don’t think I’ll be walking straight for awhile.” I could feel my cheeks burning as she told me this, and could only smile in response. “I definitely want to do that again, but next time let’s do it in a warmer place, and maybe I’ll be able to get all of you in me!” We kissed again, and then made sure we had each other’s number, before I watched her drive away, still in awe at what had taken place, and I’d never had to use my ability. The drive home was slow, but seemed to be over before I knew it, with my mind on the events of the last couple days. I still couldn’t believe that I had this new ability, or even that I had now screwed two very attractive women. In a daze, I walked up to my apartment, into my room, and exhausted fell into bed, still fully clothed. I slept fitfully, a simple question repeating itself in my head: “Are you the one?”. Sometime past midnight, blue lights woke me up

To Be Continued…

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