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Friday, 5 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…
” Make sure you behave yourselves, now,” Tina’s mom sings as I walk up the stairs, and can feel my face turn red. “Mom!” Tina protests, before turning to me and whispering, “Sorry about that. She thinks I invited you over for more than just tutoring.” “It’s okay,” I tell her, flipping a switch as I speak, and turning it back off when I stop. “I know how parents can be.” Inwardly I smile, knowing that her crotch gets wetter every time I speak. “She’s been kinda funny since dad left,” Tina tells me as she opens her bedroom door, and waves me in. “But you don’t want to hear about that.” Oh, but I do, I think. If Nancy is single, I could possibly have some fun with her, but I shake the thought off. Tonight is about working with Tina. I notice that she leaves her door open, before she sits at her desk, and brings up her computer screen. “So what did you want to go over tonight?” I ask, flipping, and un-flipping the switch as I speak. I notice that physical reactions to my switches are a lot easier than emotional ones. “The chapter we went over last week still has me confused, and I still haven’t turned in our assignment from then either.” She pauses to look at me for a moment before continuing, “I have a favour to ask.” Here it comes, I think. She’s going to ask me to do the work for her. I’m actually a little surprised. Usually they take a little longer before asking, preferring to flirt a little more first. I just nod, expecting the inevitable.
“Do you mind not telling Richard about this? He tends to get a little jealous, and I’d rather he not know you were over here.” For a second I am stunned, but I recover quickly. That wasn’t what I’d expected her to ask. “Sure. Odd about what happened to him today,” I say, wanting to speak as much as possible. I notice her cheeks flush slightly every time I talk, and checking her ‘horny’ switch, I notice that it has moved a little on its own. “Yeah, I wonder if he is feeling alright.” Her ‘horny’ switch drops a little, and I kick myself mentally for bringing him up. “I tried calling him, but he won’t return my calls.” “I’m sure a big guy like Richard can take care of himself,” I reassure her, and then immediately go into the lesson, wanting to change the subject. The more I talk, the wetter I know she is getting, and eventually I notice that her ‘hard Tip’ switch is stuck to on, and her ‘horny’ switch steadily moves as well. I lean over her shoulder, as I point out a small correction to her work, and notice her fidgeting in her seat. “Oh, I’ll never get this!” She moans in frustration after about twenty minutes. “It’s just too hard.” She looks at me for a second, and I don’t have to read her mind to know what is coming next. “I just can’t seem to concentrate tonight, and this was due last week.” She acts like she is hesitating, and then continues, “I hate to ask this, but do you think you could do it for me? I promise to make it up to you…” She trails off as she gives me a shy smile. She is good! For a moment I had almost forgotten, but her words bring it all back to me. I decide to play along though, just to see how far she is willing to go. “Make it up to me?” I press hard on her ‘horny’ switch, feeling it move gradually under my pressure. “How?” Sitting in her chair, she puts her hands on her knees, arms stiff, and somehow manages to shrug and squeeze her ample bosom together at the same time, giving me a great shot of her cleavage. Despite myself, I feel my dicck harden even more than it already was from all my previous thoughts about tonight. “I dunno… Did you know my mom actually said you were cute?” Did she now…? I wonder. Appealing to my ego, and flaunting her body; Tina really was good at this game. “If I do your work for you, how will you learn?” I ask, trying to act innocent, but glancing at her cleavage at the same time. I know it is expected of me. Tina brings her right hand up to her chest, and lightly runs her fingers across her own cleavage as she speaks. I can easily make out her hardened Tips though her shirt and bra. “You’ll continue to tutor me, of course.” And you’ll continue to want me to do the work for you, of course, I think but don’t say. I notice her left hand is now lightly rubbing her thighs. “I wouldn’t ask, but with work, and everything else, I just don’t think I will be able to get it done, and it is already late. I can’t
 afford to fail any classes, and you’re so smart…” I’m still leaning over her, and our faces are pretty close. I lick my lips, and mash hard on her ‘horny’ switch. The switch violently moves, and for a moment I think I broke the switch.
To Be Continued…

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