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Sunday, 7 January 2018


A Story by Queenliz…
I woke up with a start, my heart beat
thumping in my chest as if its trying to get out, and heavy sweat
dripping from my brow, and i
looked around my room. Just a
dream. It was just another stupid, scary nightmare, I kept telling myself.
Images of strange pink creatures
burning, dying, and the sounds
of screams still echoed in my
throbbing head.
Looking to the clock, I groaned.
There was still a half-hour till my
alarm was set to go off. The
thought of trying to get more
sleep and possibly continuing
that dream were enough to get
me out of bed.
I reached for the light switch
with my mind, and as soon as I
felt it, tried to flip it. Sharp,
lancing pain drove into my mind.
It felt like a spike was slowly
being pounded between my
eyes, and I stopped trying to
move the switch. The pain
lessened markedly, but the echo
of it could still be felt, as I realized
that I’d fallen to the floor.
“Are you alright in there, man?”
Dennis said a few moments later,
knocking on my door. “I heard
you yell.”
I got up on my knees, and held
my head in my hands as I
answered back, “Yeah, just a bad
dream. Sorry I woke you.”
As Dennis walked away, I
wondered what had happened?
I could still feel the switch with
my mind, but I didn’t dare try
and flip it again. I could still feel
the pain between my eyes,
though it was only a pale
shadow of what it had been. Had
I overused my new ability
yesterday, or did I somehow
break it?
Deciding that I needed to rest my
mind for a bit, I brought up my
laptop. The latest episode of Big
Bang Theory had downloaded
last night, and it usually put me in
a much better mood.
“Exterminate! Exterminate!” The
sound of my alarm going off
scared me all over again, which
ruined the final scene of the
episode I’d been watching, and
turned my mood sour all over
again. I quickly grabbed my
Android phone, and turned it off.
Considering the dreams I’d had
last night, I decided that I really
should follow Dennis’s advice
and change the alarm sound. I
choose Jackson’s HEAL THE WORLD Theme , as that was a
soothing song, and hoped that it
would be better to wake up to.
I changed out of my Batman
pajamas, rubbing my eyes, and
wishing I had slept better.
“Hey,” Dennis said around a
mouthful of cereal as I walked
out of my room, “I’ve done some
more checking online, and found
even more people who claim to
have gotten special abilities.”
I froze as I heard him say that,
trying to recall if I had told him
what I could do now. Or rather,
what I had been able to do
yesterday. Then I remembered
the conversation he’d had with
me yesterday morning about the
news reports he’d seen on T.V.
“Don’t give me that look. I
thought you were into this kind
of weird stuff.”
“What did you find now?” I
asked, trying to act uninterested,
but after the events of yesterday,
he had my full attention.
“Some guy down in Brazil can
make himself change colors like a
chameleon. It almost makes him
invisible.” As he talked, bits of
cereal spewed from his mouth,
but he just kept talking excitedly.
“Man, if I could do that, I’d hide
out in the cheerleader’s locker
room. Can you imagine what
goes on in there?”
I could only shake my head at his
behavior, but wondered if what
he was telling me was real. If I
had received new abilities, it was
completely likely that others
might have too. The only thing I
couldn’t figure out was: what
had the catalyst been?
“I forgot to ask you,” my
roommate said, finally
swallowing his mouthful, “How
did your date go with Tina?”
“It wasn’t a date,” I answered
immediately. “It was a tutoring
session.” I couldn’t hide my smile
though, and knew I’d been
somewhat busted.
“Tutoring… Right… Somehow I
think she did more teaching than
you did, from that smile of
He said.
To Be Continued…

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