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Wednesday, 3 January 2018



  "Sorry where did she pack to?" Fred asked looking very uneasy and disappointed. Was he too late? He hoped he wasn't because he would go any where and any mile to see Katie again. "I'm very sorry, that's confidential." Fred drew his attention back to the lady that came to answer the door to Katie's apartment supposedly Katie's friend, the owner of the apartment whom Katie had told him about. He had come dis early in the morning to see Katie so they could talk, about everything. He hadn't forgotten about his deal with Tony, though he had been stalking her to know that Tony also hadn't visited, he wasn't taking any chances. He was gonna win the challenge, prove to Tony that he could get anyone he wanted and every fucking thing would be over. He would try to forget everything they have shared and ignore the fact that she was the only lady that knew about his past. He was also going to forget his attraction for her and he would try his best to relinquish his desire to interfere with her past and to make sure no one made her suffer again. He was going to walk out because he wasn't in for shits like that, his father mattered more. But he had to prove to himself that she was not different from other girls and she couldn't affect him. Else, she would hunt his thoughts for long.
   "I really need to see her, its very important and trust me, I ain't one who pleads to see someone." Fred said, becoming impatient. "Who the hell are you?" She asked clearly pissed by his reply. "Frederick Stiles, the owner of Stilins Incorporated, are we clear now?" Fred wasn't used to bragging but the situation needed it and he was sure this Lady, in one way or another, must have heard about him. Well he was right, because she grasped for breath. "Are you for real, Mr Stiles, oh my gosh, yes its really you, I was so silly to not notice. Dammit, i'm so sorry for keeping you outside, please come in." She exclaimed and dragged him inside, well he wasn't in a hurry, he could spare some time. He sat down as she went to get a cup of coffee. "You seem to know me." Fred said. "Oh why won't I know the benefactor of the charity company I work for? You are our highest donator every year, even at the orphanage, you sponsor most of our programmes. I'm so privileged to meet you." She said. "I'm Tess Jacobs." Yes, Fred sponsored a lot of programmes and funded a lot of charity companies, funny he didn't remember perfectly but she looked familiar. He shouldn't deviate from what brought him here. "Nice meeting you Miss Jacobs. So do you know where Katie packed to?" He asked nicely. "Oops, I forgot. Yes i know, she went to her sister's place." Her sister's place? Fred wondered what sister. She never told him about any other sister apart from Helena, the one who stood by her through difficulties. He never even asked what later happened to them. "Oooh, I see." He stood up after Tess had written the address for him. "Thanks." She walked him to the door. "Excuse me, strange you are asking for her address, are you by chance........." She gasped. "Fred, the Fred she was talking about. The one she went on a date with, gosh, and she never told me it was you." She stopped when she remembered. "I don't think she ever knew." And with that, he thanked her once again and went straight to the address she had written him.
     The house was big, not an apartment, a four storied building that was modern and beautiful, it was obviously owned by someone rich because from the outside, expensive things were used. He parked at the gate and got down to press the alarm button. The security man came outside and he just said his name only to be given free entrance which made him wonder if he was expected. Five minutes later, he was sitting in the parlour of the gorgeous house. Katie came some minutes later. She looked magnificent, she was glowing, she was obviously happy. He didn't see those sad lines that used to fill her face before, he was sure they have all been wiped away by happiness. "Knew you'd come." She said as she handed him a glass of wine. "Oh really, what do you need me for?" He asked. "We have an unfinished conversation I think, the last time we saw, I'm sure I left questions in your mind, I also have my questions. And according to my research, the most successful business man in Danpa doesn't leave important businesses unfinished." Katie said as she sat down right beside him. She had changed. He always knew her to be strong but this was different, she was different and he didn't know how, which bothered him. She still affected him. "So are you ready to talk?" He asked. "Sure, your mom, do you know what she changed her name to? Can you remember?" She pressed him to. He tried, but he couldn't. Though he read every fashion magazine, hoping to get a glance of his mother, he never saw her. Maybe she never even became the supermodel she wanted to be before she died. "I don't remember." He said after sometime. "Okay, do you think that she might still be alive and maybe survived the accident?" Katie asked again. Hell no, he didn't want her to be, he didn't even care whether she was alive or not but he didn't want any situation where she would come back to hunt them, so he preferred her dead. "Katie I don't even care, I just heard that she had an accident and when they looked into her past family, they informed us, that's how I knew." He told her just as her eyes lit up. "But you didn't actually see her body nor attend her burial, exactly." She said and stood up to bring her tab. She did some things on it as she continued. "You know I'm working on a report on one Mrs Georgina Huckings, you know her right? Because she has done a lot in Danpa. And so have you." She smiled as she worked up to him and turned the tab to his face. He looked at the tab and he saw a woman. Not just any woman, his mother. The one he detested with all his life, the same woman that went as a saint and came back as a demon. "Do you recognise her?" He looked up at Katie. "Yes, she.......she looks just like my mother. Who is she?" Katie just smiled. "Georgina Huckings, I managed to take a picture of her during the first meeting because we ain't meant to invade her online privacy yet. Decided to show you for confirmation." She said.
     How was that possible, she was dead, she was gone, never to come back. How had she returned, to be his rival in business? Did she wanna ruin him again?  Well she couldn't, because he was strong enough to defeat her now, no matter what. He wasn't the same little boy anymore. "You think that's her? That maybe she never died? How is that even possible, she doesn't deserve to be alive." He said. "Don't look at things the way you want them to happen but look at facts, she is the one and she is here for you. She said she is into the business because of her son which I think its you, whether bad or good, you should know, see her, pay her a visit. And as i'm looking at it, its for bad. Judging by what she did to you, i'm scared she might do something worse this time around." She said, looking so cute. She was worried about him, nice step ahead of Tony. But he was worried about her too and he wanted to know the last part of her story. He smiled as she held his hands. He went closer. "Shhhh, you don't have to worry baby, she can't harm me anymore, I am stronger now, much more stronger, besides, you are with me now." Fred thought he saw her blush but it went away fast. He smiled as he drew her closer and kissed her deeply. Her lips were warm and sweet and he savoured every taste of her. He drew back later. "Well, you should go and see her, after that, come and tell me the outcome, then we will work on the rest." Katie said after she gathered herself. "I will, so its your turn, tell me about your sister or cousin, heard she came back, you didn't tell me everything about it you know, please sweetheart, I wanna know." He pleaded for her to open up to him. She was hesitant at first but she did, she told him everything. How Helena had died and all, how she had ran away and how she had met Tess. "Strange how everyone is resurrecting these days, right?" Fred couldn't help but say, how was it even possible? Where had they been the past years, something was fishy and he was going to find out. "Yes, I know. Something is wrong Fred, and though I hate to say this of my sister, I'm gonna find out everything." Katie said. "We will" He concluded and kissed her again.


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