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Saturday, 6 January 2018



     He was getting uneasy already, he wanted to meet her, to see her face to face. He wanted to be sure, he wanted to solve the puzzle. He wanted to ask questions, yes, he wanted to know everything. And he wouldn't achieve everything while sitting idly in the reception of Georgina Huckings early Monday morning. He stood up to meet the receptionist for the fifth time. "Maybe you don't know that this meeting is very important. Tell her I wanna see her right now." He shouted. His patience was being tested. He had been sitting for over two hours now and he had work to do also. "Excuse me Sir, you don't have an appointment and Mrs Huckings is very busy at the moment." The lady with the cream skin colour and the deep black hair who was the receptionist said. "This business doesn't require the use of two hours without a break at least. I know the schedule of a shareholder shouldn't be up to two hours interval without a little time to spare." He said back. "If you know too much about the business then, you should be in your own company instead of seeking for job under favouritism." She said and just as he was about to reply her with his status being insulted, a voice was heard. "You can repeat that again and never get a job even as a cleaner in any industry in Danpa." Fred turned to look at the direction the voice came from and saw a gorgeous woman walking out of the elevator which was close to where they were. He recognised her that instant. He didn't know if he should call her his mother or Georgina. "Sorry ma." The receptionist stood up immediately. "For a man this high a status, I wouldn't believe he would let this insult pass by, or will you, Mr Fred Stiles?" The receptionist gasped as she walked to him and folded her palms before him. "I'm so sorry Sir, I didn't know it was you, I never would have said that if I knew." She pleaded. His eyes were on Georgina until he lazily brought them to the lady standing at his front. "And if it weren't me? You know I'm not someone who cares about stuffs like this malady but if I wasn't an important person, that's how I would've been insulted and spat on in front of these people." Fred smiled as the other staff members turned their eyes away to their different businesses leaving the lady to her fate. "Well, Mr stiles might be too merciful but I'm not. If this is how you treat someone regardless of his status, how do you expect my clients to come back to receive the same treatment? You are fired." Georgina said it in a sweet way that one who didn't hear the exact words would think she was complimenting the lady. "Come with me Mr stiles." She walked back to the elevator leaving Fred stunned at the way she handled things. It was obvious she never gave second chances and was merciless which of course, made her the successful business woman she was. He knew that was the trick but to some extent. Either business or not, being merciful wasn't in her blood which couldn't be said of the mother she was before she left for two years.
     Fifteen minutes later, they were both sited in her office with a glass of wine each in their palms. She was still the woman that took everything away from them and ruined their lives. She was living big now but it didn't change her face, neither did it clear her memory. She was the one. She was his mother. The silence between them was broken by her. "Before coming out in public to be known as a full successful business woman, I get that the present most successful businessman in Danpa would be the last person to see me. So what brought you here Mr Stiles?" She smiled at him. He gathered himself. He had already prepared for every possible thing that might happen and he was strong to face any emotional breakdown he might experience with this evil woman. "You are right, this meeting is quite more personal than business. Any problem with that, Mrs Huckings, or should I say Mrs Stiles?" He challenged. That caught her off guard but she didn't let it show. "Not at all." Fred smiled. "Well, I can call you mother then?" It was obvious it wasn't the reaction she expected of him. Maybe she expected him to be angry and abusive or violent or lamenting, he didn't know but he was sure she didn't expect him to be cool and accepting. "Baby you remember mom?" She asked. Fred looked at her straight in the eye and knew she was acting. "Of course, can any human being forget the person that ruined his entire life?" Fred sighted her discomfort. He chuckled. "Don't mind me mom, I'm just being silly. I missed you, where have you been?" He asked. She smiled and came to sit beside him holding his hand. "Its a long story baby." She said. "Well, I have every time in the world for my mother." He smiled back at her.
    "I was blackmailed. I know its hard to believe my son but I was blackmailed. Throughout those years when I came back from when I went missing. I was under blackmail." Georgina stood up as she continued. "I was meant to go for business trip as I said but I was kidnapped for a long time. I don't even know them but all they wanted was your father's money and they were gonna use me to get that. They used those years to plan and structure everything and trained me to be cruel and wicked before finally sending me back to my home. I couldn't tell any of you anything or they had promised to harm you and your father if I did. That's why I changed so as to make your father hate me and not miss me when I was gone." She had started crying. So soon, that was unlike his mother. Both the one that left and the one that came back. Something told him she was forging those tears but he had no reason to believe that. "Gone to where?" He asked. "After I got the money and properties for them, they planned on breaking our marriage or they threatened to kill you, they said I should leave your father forever. They hated your dad and I don't know the reason why, I don't know son." She cried harder as she came back to sit beside him. Fred held her hands and drew her close to him. "I made it seem I was the bad one so I could leave in peace without hurting any of you, I left to start a new life and work hard to attain all of what I have now, I had to go baby, to protect the both of you." And that was the end of the story. Fred helped her wipe her tears. "Thought you had died." He asked her. "No I didn't, it was also their plan baby, so you and your father could forget about me, they faked everything, they did it." She replied in tears. "Sorry mom, I forgive you, I know its not your fault now, I forgive you." He said though he didn't mean it. Things were just getting more complicated. And why would she decide to come back now? Even her story was too lame. "I just wanted to see my mother and ask why she did all of that to us, now I know." He tried for a fake smile as he stood up to leave after Georgina already washed her face and arranged herself. "I'm so sorry baby. I will explain everything to your father and everything will be okay. Everything." She smiled. "Well, you would find him in the hospital anytime you want." He said as they walked out of the office. She stopped in her tracks. "What!!" She asked. "He had an accident that left him handicapped while in search of you." Fred explained. "Oh my, what have I done?" She looked sad but something told him she knew that all long. "Its okay, we can sort all of that out later, I'm so glad you are back." With that, she smiled and they got to the reception to see Tony Lorrel there. And here they meet again. "Oh Tony I'm sure you have met Fred right?" Georgina asked him. "I knew you were the one that sent him to me for help." Fred said. "Oh yes, I wanted to gain your attention and that was the least I could do." She smiled. "We will see again Fred." She added and left but not before Fred nodded.
    "So how is Katie." Tony asked him. He hadn't forgotten the challenge and he was going to use this puzzle of Georgina to get closer to Katie. She would choose him over Tony then and he would win. "No need to answer Fred, I will find out myself this evening, during our date." He winked and left him standing there. Katie agreed to go on a date with Tony? Very strange, he needed to know why and he would, this night.


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