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Sunday, 7 January 2018



     Katie drove back home in a hurry. She was happy to be free from that monster at last. She couldn't wait to shower and relax before working on the information she got from the bastard. Enduring two hours with him was terrible. She had to listen to all his lies over again. How she wished she could shout on top of her voice and tell him she was never going back to him. Well, at least it was worth it. She got some information about Georgina. She couldn't wait to call Fred and tell him everything. Fred, she was already growing fond of him and was always thinking about him though she tried her best not to, she couldn't help it. She drove into the compound, the lights were off and it was just 8pm meaning Helena was not at home as usual,only God knew where she always went at night,she still never showed Katie where those parents that adopted her were,she said they travelled. Well,that was not her concern now,she needed to focus on business. She entered the house,switched on the lights and went straight to her bedroom to have a shower. She undressed and went into the bath tub thinking about Fred, how would he react when he realized his own mother was against him and what would he do when he found out about who his mother really was. He would have talked to her by now because he promised to.
      Suddenly,she heard some noise. Maybe Helena was back,well good for her,they had become so distant from each other unlike when they were kids and she couldn't help but notice the changes in her. They were not as close anymore,she guessed because they had been distant for long. She got out of the bathroom when she was done and searched for her towel, hell, she forgot to bring it from the laundry. As she walked out to get it, she saw a hand stretch out her towel to her. Helena never did that. "Who are you?" She asked becoming scared. "I get you were about searching for this, right?" Katie heard the familiar voice before she saw the face and her body hair stood on edge, not because of the voice but because of the state she was at his front. It was Fred and she was stark naked before him, for the second time. "How the hell did you get in?" She asked taking the towel from him to cover what remained of her dignity. He was staring at her body all through. "Isn't the word 'break in' common in the city?" He asked just as she went straight to her cupboard for clothes. "I could sue you, you know." She said while putting on her nightwear. "But you won't" He told her. "What are you doing in my house and my room Fred?" Her voice trembled as he came to her and helped her with her gown,with his touch seeming like cold ice was being poured on her body. "Don't you need me here,darling?" He came to her front after she was dressed and dragged her to him, using his hands to carress her breasts slowly. Her vagina was presses to his erection and he could feel him growing hard as he bent low to remove her breasts from her gown to suck one after the other. "Why dress me up when you would still naked me?" She asked as she too started getting turned on. She moaned softly as her hands made way to his chest toying with his nipples. "I just couldn't resist you baby, the sight of you naked there made me speechless and horny, you are so gorgeous and sexy Katie." He murmured as he started to undressed her back, gently pushing her to the wall as his lips captured hers in a deep romantic and unending kiss while still smooching her boobs roughly.
     "Thought you were here for business Mr Stiles." She teased when he finally diverted his lips to her neck then her nipple which was followed by a moan of pleasure. "So I Thought, pleasure now, business later." With that,he carried her off her heels to the bed and removed his clothes slowly, they were both naked now. He laid on top of her as he started to kiss her again, this time rougher and deeper just as his hands went to the tip of her pussy and carressed her clits gently making her to moan under his lips. Her hand found its way to his cock and she also romanced the tip of his dick gently. She became so engrossed in it that she laid him down just to hold it well and knelt on top of him. She held his erection with her two hands and brought her mouth down to it. She started with licking the whole body first before finally sucking his cap, taking it all into her mouth, she went deep down and sucked the hell out of his cock going forth and back, slowly at first then she sucked faster and faster and harder this time. She took it deep down in her throat and sucked it. She heard him moan in pleasure just as his hands reached for her breasts and held one, rubbing the nipple gently. She continued sucking till he came and she swallowed it while still sucking roughly.
    Now it was his turn, he sat her down and raised her two legs up widening them, he bent low to her pussy and his mouth savoured the taste of her clits. She was damn wet and she couldn't hold her self as he started sucking her and licking her deep down. His tongue pierced through her and went deep down. She had never felt this kind of pleasure and for the first time she wasn't scared of sex nor of pleasure. She never thought about Wayne and her past experience with him, all she wanted was for this man to be inside her. He raised his mouth from her pussy and lied her down, his fingers took the place of his mouth and entered her clits. He fingered her rough and hard with his middle and then he made the fingers two while kissing her and using his other hands to carress her breasts. His fingers went deep down into her vagina as he started to suck her breasts again. She moaned and shouted his name out, wanting his dick to replace his fingers. He smiled indirectly saying 'not so soon' until finally her juice came out slowly and his mouth took possession of her pussy again, licking her clear and clean with the force that made her moan loudly. Then he turned her back to him and found an oil by the table, rubbed it on her ass as he pressed his erection to it and fucked her from the back. She stood up so she could bend her ass to feel his dick more. Her boobs were dancing as he fucked her real hard, he held in them and squeezed roughly still fucking and fucking and fucking hard, and deeper.
    Then he finally turned her face to him and kissed her forehead looking at her naked and wet body under him. "Any condom available? Guess I never planned for this." He asked. She couldn't talk, she only nodded to the drawer and he went to get it. He smiled, "Guess you knew this was gonna happen someday." He smiled as he put it on and lied on her. "Katie sweetheart, I love you so much it hurts, you make me go crazy and I wanna be with you forever." With that, he widened her legs and pressed through her, he waited for some seconds just for her to gain herself because he knew he stunned her, then she held on to him like magnet as he forced his way repeatedly into her. He fucked her slowly and gently at first, smooching her boobs and kissing her roughly. He fucked her harder then, going fast and fast, he fucked deeper and deeper. Katie didn't know where the tears came from but what she knew was that it wasn't that of pain or fear, it was of pleasure and joy. She was having sex with the man she loved and whether it was true or not, he said he loved her too. It was funny because they haven't met for long and she already fell deeply for him, but love doesnt require time nor occasion, you don't consider anything in true love, you just fall with no conditions nor thoughts. That was what she did with the man right inside her, giving her the pleasure she had never experienced, fucking her to tears and sticking to her like gum. There and then, she knew she couldn't live without him.
    He was rubbing oil on her pussy now so as to gain easy entrance, then she started getting to her climax and he could feel he was too, because he held her ass and raised her up to meet her deep thrusts, very fast, and fast, and fast his dick entered her. She screamed with each rhythm as he held on to her for one last thrust before finally lying down on her helplessly. She smiled as she hugged him tightly and wiped her tears. She whispered into his ears "don't ever leave my side." He nodded and rolled off her to take her in his arms. "That was the best sex I have had Katie." He told her as he rubbed her back gently with his hand. She carressed his chest as she could hear the sound of his heartbeat with her head right on it. "You were just so lovely and beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off you baby, you are still yet to ride my dick." He smiled as he brought her face to his and kissed her lips softly. "Next time." She smiled as she tried to free herself from his arms to dress up, she couldn't wait for the 'next time'. He dragged her back. "Why don't we have our next time now." Katie kissed him and escaped from the bed to dress up. "Because we've got business to do." She washed herself then came back to wear her gown. She could feel Fred behind her when she was done, he held her waist from behind as he asked the most annoying question she had ever heard. "Who is more better in bed between me and Tony?"


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