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Monday, 8 January 2018



      "Answer me Katie, has he ever fucked you like this before?" Fred asked again. Katie was disappointed. How could he ask such a question, was that what he was concerned about? He made it look like there was a competition going on between them which disappointed her so much. "For your information Mr Stiles, he has never fucked me, is that enough? Now dress up, i will be waiting in my study room, the next room." She described and left not even looking at him for once. She went to her computer and opened Georgina's files, then started searching for the information she got as proof. Ten minutes later she heard the door open. "Didn't mean to get you pissed but going on a date with two friends, hanging out with the two of them, isn't it deceiving?" Fred questioned. So that was what this was all about. He was actually jealous. "It wasn't any romantic date if you wanna know, I did it for business and even for you. So stop being jealous." She told him as he came to sit beside her bringing his laptop out. "I knew you wouldn't agree to go out with him, I knew there was an explanation. And Katie, I am not jealous, why will I be?" He said. Katie just smiled. "No you are not." She operated on her computer for a while in silence before Fred finally broke it. "So did you get anything from Tony?" He asked. She nodded and started to show him. "There are truly a lot of mysterious things going on here. First and foremost, no one knows how Georgina got all her wealth and properties to start her business with because she never worked under any company or industry to achieve anything. And here it says that she never bought a ticket away from Danpa for the past five years, she has been here for long making us think she is a new businesswoman. Her last ticket was to the city and that was five years ago. So I assume she used your father's property that she stole to start her business." Katie explained to him. "No she didn't." Katie turned to look at him, puzzled. "What do you mean? You said it yourself that she used your father for his wealth." She asked but he just shook his head. "I talked to her already Katie and she explained everything to me, she said she gave all the money and properties to some kidnappers that kidnapped her making her do all she did to us, so according to her explanation, the money and all didn't go to her." He said. Now this was very confusing. How the hell did she get the money for her business then? "Oh gosh, so where did she get all the money from because I checked her bank account for the past two years which she said she started her business, no money was transferred into her account." Katie said. "It only means one thing, she is lying to hide something. Besides, she is not my mother." Fred declared leaving Katie confused. "What do you mean, she looks like your mother right? In the picture I showed you." But he just shook his head. "Yes, she does not only look like my mother, she said she is my mother. But I know she is not. I felt it. She is the same woman that came back after going missing for those two years, but what if my real mother never came back and this woman is just someone who looks like her?" Now that possibility was very true. "You mean like an impostor?" Katie asked. "Exactly. Because she changed totally and even if she was kidnapped the way she said, I would have felt it, at least she wouldn't be completely different, even her face changed from the one I knew in my early years when she came back. She is totally a different person Katie, I wasn't sure of it then, but I am now." Fred said confidently. "So why would Georgina be doing any of this. Wait a minute, She said something about coming for her son and going into the business industry for him. What if she came back for you?" Katie asked. "Maybe to ruin me again? Like to get everything I have again since she is now a rival to me?" Fred  tried to understand. Now he was getting it,  Katie thought. "Exactly." She said. "Why would she wanna do that to me? What does this woman want with my family?" Katie could sense his frustration now. "I got some things from Tony though. He said Georgina was using him and he was tired of it, that she was using him for her evil deeds. He said she has a plan to ruin you and is working for two other partners that want the same thing. What I don't understand is why you suddenly have so much enemies." Katie remembered how Tony had been lamenting and had been frustrated. How he said he was tired of his life and he was being threatened but didn't tell her what it was before he dozed off. "I don't know too, and one thing I don't understand is why they decided to come now, everything has been going smoothly till now." Fred said. "Quite suspicious." Katie tried to think but she couldn't come up with a possible explanation. "Wait a min, how did you get Tony to tell you all of this? Because I'm sure he wouldn't disclose a big thing if he doesn't wanna be dead." Fred said. "Well I drugged him, that was all I could think of and I'm sure he won't remember what happened." Katie explained. Yes she had and she wished she hadn't. If not she wouldn't have become so attached now. He said some things about his own life which she couldn't tell Fred now, she would have to talk to him about it later. They needed to solve this mystery first.
    "Woow, what a smart lady. That must have been hard for you." Oh yeah, it was. Katie thought. "Just a moment, I'm sorry to say sweetheart but I just can't help but think, Georgina showed herself here finally and not too long later, your sister showed up too, both resurrecting from the dead." Fred said. It was crazy. How could her sister be involved with Georgina Huckings, hell no. Her sister couldn't even hurt an ant. Besides, she's got nothing to do with Fred and his family. "Oh noo, what are you getting at? It's impossible. What does she want with you? Besides my sister is not that kind of person. Hell no." She refused to believe. "Katie I know, but you can't ignore the facts can you? I don't mean to make her seem like a bad person but the doubt will still be there. So to clear your doubts and mine, let's clear this shit and prove that they aren't doing anything together." Fred said. "How?" Katie asked. "By checking their tickets to Danpa and the time and place they were together." Fred replied. Hell she wouldn't do that, she wouldn't doubt her sister for anything. They were too close for that and she had helped her too much to be able to do something like this. "Do that yourself, I don't wanna get involved." She said and gave way for Fred to search for it himself.
   She was impatient. What if this was true? What if Helena was involved? She had been going out to somewhere Katie didn't know for a long time now since she had been staying there. They were distant so she couldn't ask. Oh lord, she desperately hoped Helena wasn't involved. "Katie" Fred called her. Her heart was beating fast now. "What is it?" She looked at his face and she got her answer already. "Helena has also been here for the past five years, she didn't just come. And the most confusing thing is..." Fred paused, obviously too scared to tell Katie. "I have faced worst things, tell me." She said. "They were on the same plane to Danpa and they arrived at the same time, the tickets were booked together."


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