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Thursday, 11 January 2018



      She couldn't believe she was doing it, but she was. Katie drove into the park of the compound of Tony Lorrel's apartment finding it hard to get off her car. But she had to, she had to speak with Tony and know about everything and what Georgina did to him that made him her puppet. She couldn't ignore the fact that he was hurt and suffering, she couldn't ignore those eyes she saw on the night of their date filled with hurt and misery. It was obvious he didn't like the work he was doing and maybe, just maybe he might open up to her. She finally summoned up courage to get down and walked to his apartment. The house was just one story and it was obviously a rented apartment but looked big and spacious enough. She knocked and waited. It was getting late already and she should have come the next morning but the interview with Georgina was still going on and in less than a month, she would show her face to the public and would officially be a rival to Fred. She needed to be fast with her investigations so she wouldn't make the mistake of bringing an evil woman to the public. Or maybe, she was doing this because of Fred, the man she loved, so he wouldn't have any problems with his business. Hell she was going crazy in love.
     "Who is it?" Katie's heart jumped as the thick bass voice came out from within. It took some seconds before she could reply. "Katie Laurens." Then the door opened and showed Tony with just a towel wrapped around his waist, obviously just coming out of the shower. "Please come in." He said, making way for her. She entered inside the beautiful apartment. Even this was better than where he was living in the city, meaning he was living a luxurious life now. "Are you perhaps going somewhere?" She asked as she sat down gently in the parlour. "Oh no." Tony said walking to a small bar situated at a corner in the big parlour. "You know I will postpone any business for your sake my darling." He brought two drinks to Katie and sat beside her. "So what brought the Queen here? Missing me already after the date?" He asked, smiling handsomely. "Oh no Tony, you think I would? After you almost threw up on me?" She smiled teasing him. "Oh sweetheart, don't mind me, I don't know what came over me that night, I hope I didn't say any gibberish talks." Tony smiled pretending to be ashamed teasingly. "Oh you didn't, except you said something about your family and how Georgina took you away from them." Katie said. His facial expression changed just as she expected. "I did? Hell no, how could I be just drunk and say such a thing, besides, I don't even remember how I drank so much when I took just a glass of wine." He said, clearly frustrated. He stood up and raked his fingers through his hair. Katie stood up to meet him. "Well that's because baby, I drugged you." Katie could feel his shock. "What the hell, you did? Why on earth would you do that? And on our date? How could you?" He asked loudly. "Wait a minute, that was why you agreed to go out with me, wasn't it?" Katie smiled. "Tony at first it was for my selfish reasons, I wanted to get information about Georgina from you. But then when I looked at your eyes and saw the hurt and pain you felt when including your personal story. My mission totally changed and I couldn't help coming back to hear more when you became sober." She went closer and held his hands. "You have concealed your feelings for so long, not even letting anyone in. You have endured the pains and threats for so long, Tony when we were dating you never let me in, please, I need you to trust me for once." Katie tried to convince him. "Oh no I can't, Katie I can't, she will kill her. No she will. Please don't force me." Tony had started to shed tears now. Her heart burned. For those days that they dated when he had been really selfish and inconsiderate, she had never seen him cry so much, nor be in so much pain. She went closer to him and kissed him softly, she didn't stop until he kissed back. "I know it's difficult, but this pain will never go if you continue to keep to yourself and become a puppet used by someone forever. Share with me and we can find a solution together. What did Georgina do to you?" She asked him gently.
    "I have a family Katie, a mother, a kid sister and I had a baby brother too. We were so happy and joyful, everything was sweet and clean. Until one day, I was at work when Georgina came to visit me in my office. I am a lawyer Katie, that's what you don't know about me, I know nothing about business. But I saw her. I thought she was a client but she wasn't, she started talking to me about my family, saying all sorts of things about their present places and actions. She also said she had my two siblings with her. I didn't believe until my mother called right then complaining about them not coming back from school yet. I was broken. I asked her what she wanted. She said I should work for her and she needed me, she came with one other lady, they looked alike as if she was her daughter." Daughter? Now that rang a bell. Katie thought. Georgina had a daughter? Another proof that she wasn't really Fred's mother. He was right about it. "As a lawyer I tried to fight, yeah I did. I tried many tricks but she was smarter and she...... Katie she......she killed my kid brother and sent me his corpse one early morning." Holy fuck. Katie, despite herself cried hard. Georgina was this wicked? Dammit. Fred must be really careful with her. Katie went to hug him tightly. "I was shattered. Katie you must have seen how my mother felt, gosh. I just couldn't bear her pain. Since she lost her husband, she had sought to find happiness with her children but Georgina just killed the poor child heartlessly. He was just a small baby Katie. So small, my actions got him killed and I will never forgive myself for that. I killed him." He said crying. "No baby, it wasn't your fault, all you did was protect him." But he just ignored it and continued.
    "She said she would kill Jenny if I didn't co-operate with them. I had no option. They turned me into what I am today. They made me cruel and I hate myself more than anything. My mother is in the mental asylum now, she hasn't come out from the shock of not having any of her children with her. All of this eat me up. I only get to see Jenny's picture to know she is fine, I can't even touch my sister at all. Only when I bring her back and go back with her will mum be okay. What can I do? Tell me Katie, when will all of this end?" He cried hard. Katie hugged him again, tightly this time. She could feel his pain too and felt sorry for him. No wonder he had been so cruel to her. He had been under the influence of Georgina.
     After sometime, when he had washed up already. They both settled down to discuss again. "We need to do something about this, we need to find more proof against her. What work have you been doing for her since you joined her." Katie asked. "Sorry are you related to Georgina at all? Or have either you or your family members offended her and her crew before?" Tony asked. It came as a shock to her because she didn't even know her, never known her. "No baby, why do you ask?" She became curious. "Because she seems to have a desire to ruin you totally apart from ruining Fred." What!!! Ruin her? What the hell had she done to this woman? What did she do to anger this woman? Even Fred didn't know what he did to her and why she was pretending to be his mother. "Why do you say so?" She asked. "I'm sorry to say this sweetheart but she was the one that planned the two of us, getting together to date and me leaving you due to the pretence that you were always hallucinating. She told me to date you and her daughter would be appearing to you as if you were seeing a ghost so it would be like you were going crazy. She wanted to make you seem crazy but I don't seem to know why. That was why I did everything I did." Now everything became clear. Georgina's daughter was Helena and she had been taunting her for a long time making it seem like it was a ghost. No wonder the two arrived in Danpa together five years ago. But that was long before she and Tony started dating. It could only mean that maybe they left Danpa truly but not by plane. Yes, they had been with her in the city and Helena was lying. Gosh, her sister had been lying to her. Maybe it wasn't also her sister just like Georgina wasn't Fred's mother. Maybe Helena was an impostor too and her sister was really dead.
  If truly Helena was Georgina's daughter, what of Helena and Wayne's real mother that she stayed with? Her aunt. Only Helena could answer all of this. But if she was truly working for Georgina, then she must be dangerous too. They needed to solve this puzzle or Georgina will ruin them all without them knowing what they did. "Not only that, she is planning to take away Fred's business and properties from him and she is pretending to be his mother. She is using me too. Katie I don't wanna do all of this but I have no option. I need to save my sister at all cost. She must not know i told you all of this, she will kill her." Tony concluded and hugged her. She hugged back and felt sorry for him. Something must be done about all of this. Hell, this woman must be put to justice. She needed to tell Fred immediately. She stood up to go some minutes later.
   "Wait Katie, one more thing. I fell in love with you in the process. I did, believe me but I couldn't prove myself to you cos of all this. My love is really sincere." He said. She looked at him and with pains in her heart said. "I'm sorry Tony, but I love Fred already." She said and walked out to her car not being able to bear the look on his face when she said that. She waited in the car and cried a little before starting her car. It refused to start. Hell what was wrong. She got out to check the engine and there she saw it, she almost passed out. There she saw the shadow. Hell she saw the face before it left. It was..... It was Wayne.


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