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Saturday, 13 January 2018



     "Let me get you a glass of water baby." Katie couldn't look up to see Helena walk away to the kitchen. She was glad she was back home. She was glad Wayne didn't hurt her. He wasn't dead, but she wasn't sure of it. It sure wasn't an hallucination just like it was interpreted during Helena's time. She was right then and she was right now. She had seen him. He was in black all through, just like a shadow. He was in Danpa now? Hell, it had been long she saw him. But his face, it was still there, nothing changed apart from the beards which she couldn't see clearly before he disappeared into the thin air. What was happening? Why was her past hunting her now? Why has her life suddenly changed with new sets of problems. "Take Kate. Now calm down and relax, then tell me what happened." Helena said handing her a cup of water. "I....I saw.....Wayne. I swear I did." She said getting more terrified by the fact that he might be back for her. "Hell, it can't be. He isn't in Danpa at all, he travelled overseas years ago." Helena said. "Lena how did you know?" Katie became curious. "Did my research, do you think I will go out recklessly and allow you to if I knew he was out there?? You must have been hallucinating again." Katie stood up throwing the glass cup on the solid floor and making it shatter into pieces. "I am damn tired of the word- hallucinate. Why doesn't anyone believe me? I don't hallucinate, I didn't imagine it. I saw it for real. Don't you even dare tell me any shit now okay?? She screamed. The hell, she was damn tired of it. "Kate you couldn't have possibly seen him, I told you he isn't here anymore." Helena said. "You know about his leaving? Then how would you know if he came back? You are the one talking trash Lena. It was Wayne and I am very sure."
   Then that was when she looked at her sister closely, very deeply and for long. Knowledge came to her. Meeting Georgina at the first day, she knew she resembled someone, she thought it was Fred but now she knew. It was Helena. Hell it was her. She had never really looked at her well nor had Helena ever been just natural without her usual make-up, with Katie. Now she saw it. The striking resemblance. Helena was really Georgina's daughter, Tony was right. Katie didn't know what to do, should she talk about it with Helena? But if she was really working for Georgina, she wouldn't just tell Katie the whole truth. Hell she needed to talk to Fred badly. "You are impossible." Helena sighed just as there was a knock on the door. "Now who the hell is that?" She went to open the door and came back with the last person she expected. Georgina Huckings. Katie stood up immediately.
     She was about to ask whatever she was doing there until Helena hugged her. "Welcome home mum, I've been expecting. This is Katie. My sister, the one I told you about. Katie, this is my foster mom." Katie was speechless. Foster? What kind of an adoptive mom looks so much like the daughter she adopted. They were lying to her. "Oh my God, I didn't know you were the sister or cousin my daughter had been talking about all long. Would have treated you better." Georgina came to Peck Katie. "Wait, so you guys have met?" Helena asked while they both nodded and Georgina explained to her what their business was together. Hell yes, that was it, Katie thought. The reason she received a special treatment from Georgina as a reporter which no other reporter got was because Georgina knew all long that she was Helena's cousin. So if this really was Helena's mother then she would be her aunt. They wouldn't fool her this way, like hell they would. She would find out about their secrets and she would expose them. She should call Fred. She would and won't wait a moment longer. She was among two dangerous women and she was damn scared they would do something bad to her. She was scared of her sister, whom she loved and adored and could even die for. She really hoped it was an impostor. She hoped because she preferred her sister dead than to be like this. "Oh come take a sit mom, you aren't back right? Cos you said you would be staying at the hotel for now." Helena asked when Georgina was done. "Oh yeah. I came to see Katie here." She replied " You knew I was gonna be here?" Queried Katie. ", I didn't. I searched for you and I learnt you were staying in my house. Thought you could be my daughter's friend. Didn't know you were my daughter too." She smiled holding her chin. Katie knew she was lying, it was all planned.
     "What have you come to see me for?" Katie asked ignoring her motherly gesture. "You know sweetheart, I was told your parents left you a great deal of wealth, it might be a great shock for you since you have not been told but Katie dear, it's true. They left you fortunes." Georgina said softly. Like the fuck, she had an inheritance? Katie couldn't believe her ears or was it another plan of theirs? "If this is true then, where is it?" Katie asked. "It is in the hands of the government and it was meant to be given to you when you clocked twenty-five." Replied Georgina. "Well, I am two more years older now, why haven't I seen anything?" She asked. "Well, it was meant to be in my care so I would manage everything for you till when you are capable to handle it. That's why I am here, I want you to keep it in my charge and I will give you your rightful fortune when you are ready." Hell no, if this was true at all, Georgina would be the last person she would give it to. Her parents never told her anything about wealth and all before they died though she was very young then. "I don't understand, you ain't related to me, so why will it be in your charge?" Katie asked "Since I adopted Helena, gives me the full right as I am your aunt right now." Georgina said. "No you're not, you ain't related to me at all. You are only related to Helena so you don't have the right to the fucking property and that's if there is one." Katie said standing up. "Don't talk to my mum like that Kate." Helena stood up too. "Then let her respect herself and mind her business. Never knew you before now and you just come one day and you are discussing this? Do you want to take charge or you want to steal it." Katie queried. "Katie....." Helena tried to complain but Georgina held her hand. "It's okay, she doesn't want to give it peacefully then we'll do it the other way." Georgina said. "Wait a minute woman, I am capable and I can control my properties. I am of age and I will meet the authorities to give me what is rightly mine." She defended. "No you won't, you will have to give it. Besides you aren't in the right state of mind due to your mental instability." Georgina replied. "I am not insane, watch it." But she just smiled. "Do you think the authorities would give someone who hallucinates and almost committed suicide once that much a fortune to handle?" She challenged. Everything became clear to Katie. They were after her fortune and they were going to do anything and go to any length to get it. They planned everything with Tony so it would seem like she was mentally disabled and wasn't able to take care of her properties. She was disappointed at her sister. Why didn't she know about this all long? Why did it take so long? "Yes they will, because it is mine. And I will fight for what is rightly mine." She said. "How you gonna stand against us in this? How exactly?" Helena asked. Katie was hurt but she wouldn't let that weaken her. "I will and not only that. I will expose the two of you and your motives." She said and left.


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