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Monday, 15 January 2018


      He had to see her, hell yeah, he had to see her. He couldn't stay away from her any longer. After that night when he had told her he loved her and they had sex, oh yeah, they didn't make love to him, he had been disturbed and had kept himself busy so he wouldn't think about her but she kept crawling her way back to his thoughts. He had been busy searching for evidence and more information about Georgina and Helena and hadnt seen her since that night. He had lied, he didn't love her and he regretted saying it. He shouldnt have at all and look what that got him into. Would this ever end? Things were getting complicated more and more and he wondered if they would ever get separated but no, it was a deal, and he would walk out of it willingly, nothing would stop him. He had found a lot about Georgina and Helena and he intended on telling her. He dressed up and was about going out when he heard a knock on the door. He went to open it and behold, it was Katie, the lady he was going out to meet. "Going somewhere? Uh.... I wanted to see you for... Um something important." Katie said. Something was wrong, he could feel it. She was looking pale and scared and he wondered what happened. He hoped they hadn't done anything to her or he wouldn't spare them. "Katie, actually I was going to see you, didn't know you were coming here too." He said and he gave way for her to come in. She wore a faded fashioned Jean trousers with a turtle-necked white top that covered every part of her upper body apart from her palms. She was looking scared. "Oh really, sometimes I wonder why we have cell phones." She faked a smile and went to sit. He wondered how she found out about where he was living but oh yes, his address was everywhere, complimentary card, email, net and all. "Guess I'm not just used to phone stuffs. Now Katie, calm down and tell me what happened." He told her and the next twenty minutes was used for the explanation. She told him everything that happened. About her properties, about Tony and all and what Georgina and Helena really wanted. She also said she saw Wayne in Tony's compound and they deliberated everything. "So Helena and Georgina are after you too? Hell and for your properties just like what they did to my father. Oh lawd, they are impossible." Fred said after sometime. "We need to stop them, we will get a lawyer for you so you can take charge of your own properties." But Katie just shook her head. "I already thought of that before coming here, no lawyer wants to help me on this case. I have been to five lawyers now and they are all telling me the same thing." She said. "What?" He was eager to know. "That Georgina would strip anyone that helps me off the bar." Oh hell. This woman stooped too low, how will they get a lawyer to help her in this case now. Lord helped them.
     "You said you wanted to see me too for something, did you also find out anything?" She asked. He wanted to inform her about his own before he realized she was also involved in this. Could their lives be any more connected? "Oh yes, I have been working on our lead and I found out something interesting after contacting some people I realized it was true." Oh yes he did. He researched a lot on this and though it all didn't make sense, they might put heads together and get something out of it. "Tell me already." Katie prompted. "I went back to when my mother was still working for the Police and she was transferred for business out of the city to Starlands before she was kidnapped for two years and came back as Georgina said. Her colleagues said she didn't report to work but she got to Starlands, i checked the flight records, meaning she wasn't kidnapped in Danpa. I thought maybe she was kidnapped in Starlands but no, she booked a flight back to Danpa two days after and I wondered why, until I found out she wasn't alone while coming back, she was with someone." He explained pausing for a moment. "Georgina Huckings." Katie helped to complete. "Yes, two flights were booked, one in my mother's name, Vanessa Stiles and the other with the name, Veronica Diamonds. Yes, it could be anybody, any other person like her colleague but I had a change of mind when I saw their passports." He showed Katie on his laptop. "Oh my God, it's Georgina. And....Fred they both look alike, so much alike and that's the reason you couldn't differentiate between them when Georgina claimed to be your mother." Katie exclaimed. "Oh yeah, but there is one more interesting thing Katie. Diamonds, is my mother's maiden name." He declared. Katie gasped. He was shocked too when he saw it, he was surprised. "They are sisters then? Oh my world. Georgina is like your aunt. Lawd, if Georgina is really Helena's mother then she is your cousin, and Wayne too." Katie exclaimed. "That's the least of our problems Katie. If she is really my mother's sister, then why would she kidnap her own sister and steal everything from her then ruin her sister's family? It doesn't make sense at all." Fred said and they deliberated on that for a while. Everything was confusing. Why would his aunt pretend to be his mother and why would she wanna be a rival to him? It was insane. "The question here is, where exactly is my mother."
     "She is dead" A voice said coming from the entrance door. Fred and Katie both shifted their gazes to the door and there stood an elder woman. Fuck, he hadn't locked his door. "How did you know, who are you and how did you get here?" He asked, standing up to meet the woman. "Ma.... Aunt it's you." He watched Katie as she ran to meet the woman. He was confused, who was she to Katie?. "Yes baby its me. You remember me as your aunt but I am not. Georgina is your real aunt as you said. She is Helena's real mother and not me." The woman said as Katie brought her into the house. He asked who she was with his eyes and she explained. "Remember I told you a woman came to meet me when my parents died claiming she was my aunt and that she had three children, two guys and a girl which was Helena making me think she was my aunt that I went to live with, this is her." Ooh, Fred knew now. Maybe this woman could shed some light as she was involved too. "How did you know this place and where the hell have you been all this while." Katie asked her as they all settled down. "I have been with Frank, he tracked the both you and found out you were here, I needed to see you." The woman said. "Where is Frank now?" Katie asked. "He left already" Who the hell was Frank? He wanted to know too. And as if Katie read his thoughts, "Frank is Helena and Wayne's brother, the second son, I never really talked about him because he was always away in school so I didn't really know him." She explained. "Guess you have found out about Georgina, you must be wondering how she can be your aunt and at the same time his." The woman said looking at him. "Yes because she and both your mothers are sisters." The hell, sisters? "Yeah. I was just a nanny to the children of Veronica whom you know as Georgina and she used me for her evil deeds. She said I would pretend to be your aunt and would take care of the four of you." She continued.
   "But why?" Katie asked. "Because she was busy kidnapping his own mother, Fred right? Yes, she was kidnapping Fred's mother and was planning for those two years to imitate her and all. I heard she killed her after that though, so no one would know she was Veronica and not Venessa." Tears dropped from Fred's eyes. This woman killed his mother. He knew it, like hell he felt it was not his mother that came back. Something told him she was gone but he just had no proof. This said it all. Georgina killed his mother and he wouldnt spare her. "Why would she kill her own sister." Katie asked, he couldn't talk. "Because of some fortune of some sort, I don't know anything about that." She replied. "She is after my fortune now, do you think she asked you to take me in because of my fortune? Is it the same fortune?" Katie asked while the woman nodded. Fred tried hard to cover the truth but he couldn't. Katie was his cousin and he had slept with his own cousin and had made a deal on her. Could things become more worse? Katie was his freaking cousin.
    "There is one more thing you should know Katie, the main reason I am here." The woman started after some time. "What's that?" Katie asked. "Those assassins that killed your parents, they were sent by Georgina. She killed the both of them."


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