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Wednesday, 17 January 2018



     Katie walked to the court with Fred by her side looking pale and sad. Everything was going wrong and she had nothing to do about it. Oh hell. She still couldn't find a lawyer at all. All lawyers turned their backs on her in order to save their jobs and she couldn't blame them. How exactly would she secure her properties now that there was no one to defend her?. If Georgina gets her properties, then that was the beginning of failure and ruins. She needed to do something but there was nothing to do. Georgina had come to meet her in Fred's house, where she was staying now, with a lawyer requiring her presence in court for the hearing. Fred was her cousin, oh hell, that was bad enough. She had sex with her cousin and she was in love with him. And the news that her parents were murdered just because of these properties made her anger grow more. This woman was ruthless and would do anything to get what she wanted, even by killing all the people standing in her way or making their lives hell. She was already winning as an hour later, the properties would be hers and Katie would be left with nothing, absolutely nothing. What her parents died for would be a waste. Katie was helpless and hopeless.
    "Are you ready to lose Katie?" Katie and Fred paused in their tracks to face the owner of the voice which turned out to be Helena with Georgina by her side. They walked up to meet Katie and Fred. "Since no one wants to defend your case now, how exactly would you win? You stand no chance against us Katie." Helena continued. Her own sister was going against her. That was what wrecked her the most. "Why are you doing this to me? What exactly have I done to deserve your cruelty?" Katie asked feeling too hurt. "Now you know how it feels to be left alone with nothing when you and your family took everything I had away from me. This is just the beginning, I will strip you of everything you have and you will just be a living lifeless corpse, even if it's the last thing I do." Helena bluffed and walked away with Georgina into the court. Tears dropped from Katie's eyes. What had her family done to Helena? She wasn't even involved and she was being punished. It was really unfair. "Katie don't be shaken by her words. I am always with you and will be even if it's the last thing I do too. You are my cousin and I will do everything to keep you safe, everything." Fred said and hugged her. He was her rock now, he was her strength and she appreciated the fact.
    It was their hearing next and the clerk stated it clearly. Georgina came out with her lawyer and when Katie was called, it was only her that came out at the verge of tears. "Miss Katie Laurens, the court requests that you present your lawyer before the proceedings begin." The judge said. Katie trembled. "Your honour...... I don't have any." Katie forced herself to say. "My Lord, there is no case here then. I request that you ask Miss Laurens here to sign the papers since she is obviously not in defence or opposition of the fact that the great wealth and fortune should be in the charge of Miss Georgina Huckings." Georgina's lawyer stated. "I disagree, it shouldn't be in her care, I am old enough to take charge of my properties." Katie cried out. "I'm sorry Miss Laurens, you know nothing about the court and anything you say is invalid except you bring a lawyer, so I ask, where is your lawyer?" The judge was obviously getting impatient now, how she wished she could defend herself. "Right here your honour." A loud voice stated from the entrance of the court. All eyes went to him and it turned out to be Tony. Oh bless Tony, she remembered him saying he was a lawyer before Georgina started using him. He appeared when she needed him the most. He walked gracefully to the centre of the court. "State your mission here Mr." The judge said. "I am Barrister Tony Lorrel, the defence attorney for Miss Laurens concerning the hearing of her case versus Miss Georgina Huckings." Tony said boldly. Katie could see the shock on Helena's face and also her mother and she smiled. Their plan was unsuccessful thanks to Tony. "Good. Since the defence attorney is here, let the proceedings begin." The judge announced while they all settled down. Tony went forward. "Your honour. The said properties that are under the care of the authorities given by Mr and Mrs Laurens before they died so it could be given to their only heir Miss Laurens here at twenty five should be given to her now that she is two years above the age. It is rightfully hers as she is the heir my Lord." Tony stated and paused just as the judge jot some things down. "Mr Godwin, do you have any objections?" She asked when done. Georgina's lawyer stood up abruptly and walked to stay eight in front of the judge. "Your honour, I totally disagree to what he said. It is very true that the properties belong to Miss Laurens and it's meant to be given to her at twenty-five but right now she is facing a lot of problems and she isn't in the right state of mind to take care of her properties....." Mr Godwin was cut short. "Objection my Lord. I wonder if he is trying to insult my client by calling her insane because she is right here and doesn't seem like she is wearing rags or eating her slippers right now." Tony said and the whole court laughed before the clerk finally called for decorum. "Oh no Your honour, I never said anything of the sort and not being in a state of mind to do something doesn't necessarily mean the person is insane. The proceedings have just begun and I request for no further interruption till I am done with defending my client." Mr Godwin said. "Objection overruled." The judge stated and Godwin continued. "Thank you My Lord. As I was saying, Miss Laurens is technically not in the right state of mind to handle this and according to Mr and Mrs Laurens which is clearly stated in their will, the closest relative to her should be in charge till she is finally ready. Miss Huckings being the closest relative to her, should be given charge of the fortune till she is mentally stable." Mr Godwin said. "Any objection Mr Lorrel?" Tony stood up quietly but confidently. "Your honour, this money is great. This money is big, this money is open to greedy fellows. Everyone wants to make money, everyone wants to have a high status through every possible means. We have heard stories of brothers killing each other because of money. Money can make someone do anything. It's just an excuse to take away what rightfully belongs to my client. If she isn't in her right state of mind as Mr Godwin said here, she wouldn't even know about her properties talk more of fighting for it, but she is here fighting for her right, does a mad woman go about claiming her properties to the extent of hiring a lawyer?" Tony asked which kept the whole court silent for a minute meditating on the truth of what he said. Katie smiled, this was getting interesting and she was loving it. They were never going to win this. After sometime Mr Godwin walked up to the front and paused for a moment. "I put it to you in this court this moment that Miss Laurens is not mentally fit to take care of her properties and I have witnesses to prove that fact. It's not about her being mentally unstable but some particular actions of hers prove that she can misuse her property......" Mr Godwin was cut short by Tony as he walked up to meet him. "Objection my Lord. I want to tell Mr Godwin that he shouldn't forget that this said properties are hers and she can do anything she wants with it, there is no where it is written that she should manage it." Tony said. The judge looked at Mr Godwin for any other objection but since he looked down she said. "Objection sustained. Mr Godwin that's not an excuse because it is hers and whether in her right state of mind or not, she can do anything with it." Katie could see the smile on Tony's face but many things were going on in her mind. What Tony was doing was very risky and it might end up leading to the death of Jenny who was still in Georgina's custody. He was doing it for her and she appreciated but was at the same time scared for him. Very scared. "Okay agreed. But we shouldn't ignore the fact that Miss Laurens have been hallucinating and has tried to commit suicide couple of times before. She doesn't know the worth of what she is asking for and might take it for granted. If you may permit me my Lord, I will like to call to the witness box a prominent witness to clear this fact." Godwin said. Who the hell wanted to testify against her if not for Helena and Georgina herself. "Permission granted." The judge said. "I hereby invite Wayne Jefferson to the witness box." Katie almost fainted.


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