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Saturday, 20 January 2018



"I swear to say the truth and nothing but the truth." Wayne swore as he got to the witness box. He didn't know him but as Godwin said, he was Wayne Jefferson and should be related to Helena according to his research. She was Helena Jefferson and Georgina was a Jefferson before she changed her name for the third time. Tony waited patiently for what Wayne had to say. He was prepared for anything and he was fully ready to defend Katie's case till his last breath. He was putting the life of his sister at stake, he knew but if he didn't stand up now, he will be used till ruins. Katie gave him an opportunity and he intended on using it. "So Mr Wayne, introduce yourself to the court." Godwin said. The man stood no chance against him and he was confident he would win the case. "I am Wayne Jefferson, Georgina's son and a cousin to Katie." Wayne said. "Tell me if this is true or not. Miss Laurens came to stay with you for a while during her teens, right?" Godwin asked. "Yes." Wayne replied. "During those times she was staying with you, did you notice any kind of strange action from her?" Tony had been a lawyer for a long while now, he knew how to detect a lie and he knew this man was going to lie. It was a planned work and he was going to use it to his advantage. Every error made by Georgina would be to his advantage. He was totally up for this. "Yes. She was usually behaving somehow. At first we all thought it was because of her parents that left her but no, it became worse and more critical. It was something else entirely, she behaved strangely and was always acting weird." Wayne explained. "Can we say she was mentally unstable?" Godwin asked. "Yes she was." And that was all. Godwin gave way for Tony to ask his questions. "The witness is yours Mr Lorrel." He said and went to have his seat.

Tony took a deep breath and stood up to meet him. He smiled. "Mr Wayne, you know when I was a kid, there was this popular movie we watched then, it is called Psycho pants. You watched it too right? When those crazy men bit and all, they blew off buildings and screamed." Tony started, getting his attention. "Oh yeah, it was very popular and interesting. They were really crazy and weren't able to be controlled. They went really wild." Wayne replied smiling a bit. The film was truly funny but Tony knew what he had in mind. "That's it Mr Wayne, they weren't able to control them, they were mentally insane, they couldn't do anything right for themselves. So tell me, was it the same case with Katie?" Tony threw the bomb. Wayne was speechless, he went to look at Godwin for help but the poor man didn't even know what to say to defend his witness. "Answer me Mr Wayne." Tony pressed and Wayne shook his head. "Did she cause damage of loss for you and your family?" Tony asked. "No." Wayne replied. "Was it to the extent that she was too much for you to handle and you couldn't control her?" Wayne shook his head again. "Did her classmates or friends or neighbours complain of this weird behaviour?" Wayne again shook his head and that was all he needed. "You see my Lord, there is no case here. How is it possible that someone who isn't mentally stable only does that in the house? Is there some kind of charm there?" He asked while the court laughed. "Objection my Lord, we aren't saying anything about being insane here and Mr Lorrel is clearly misinterpreting my client, only the family could understand, only them could notice and her actions around the house proved that all wasn't well." Godwin cut in. "Mr Godwin, I know you know that's not true. Face the real fact here. How can they be housing someone who is mentally unstable without reporting to the police nor going to the hospital for check up if this is really true. My Lord, this is just a lie they made up with no evidence to back it up, it's not a point and if there is no evidence, it is null." Tony said and went to sit while Wayne went back to his seat. He had a point now and he would continue to have. Lord helped him.

Godwin stood up. "Your honour, please permit me to call another witness out. Miss Helena Jefferson." The court nodded and Helena was called upon, she stood in the box and swore. "Miss Jefferson, please introduce yourself to the court." Godwin started. "I am Helena, Georgina's daughter and a cousin to Katie here." Helena said. Tony felt the anger boil in him. This lady was also part of the people who tormented his life and killed his kid brother. He wasn't going to spare any of them. "So tell us Miss Helena, you stayed with Miss Katie here during your teens. Did you notice any strange action or so?" Godwin asked. "Yes, as my brother said she was behaving strangely. We didn't understand her, sometime she would be normal and the other time, she would be a different person totally. She hallucinated and said things that weren't real. They were scary and we were all scared." Helena said. Still the same testimony. Godwin asked some other questions before it was his turn. Tony stood up abruptly. "My Lord, it's still the same testimony and if I said it was already planned, I wouldn't be wrong at all. I don't see any difference between what the previous witness said and this. They should provide evidence of her hallucinations and misbehaviour before these testimonies would be tagged relevant. That's all My Lord." Tony said and went back to his seat. "There is evidence my Lord." Godwin suddenly said. Evidence! What evidence? Tony thought. Godwin walked gently to the centre. "I have a video clip here with me showing where Miss Laurens was hallucinating about ghosts and where she was about to commit suicide, this proves that she isn't in her right mind at all to control anything." Godwin said. "Present the evidence to the court." The Judge said. Godwin brought a video cassette to the clerk. There was a projector already and the cassette was played. It was the same video he had recorded for Georgina at the night he and Katie had broke up when she was about to commit suicide. He had made sure his face didn't show and he had done it only for Georgina. He didn't know they were going to use it for this. Hell he didn't know. He ruined this already. That one evidence proved everything. It showed everything. How Katie had been shouting 'Helena' and had wanted to jump off the window. He was speechless. "Can you see my Lord that all that has been said were true. This proves that Miss Katie Laurens actually isn't in her right mind. Even if she acts like this occasionally, she might decide to waste or do harm to her properties. So I request that to prevent that, let her properties be given to my client and when she is finally okay, it will be given to her. That's all my Lord." Godwin concluded and went to sit down, the whole court was quiet.

Tony looked at Katie and he knew she had something to say about this. She wanted to say something. It was obvious she was shocked and he hated himself for it. He caused this to her, he was at fault. If he hadn't let himself be foolishly used by Georgina, it wouldn't cost Katie her properties. His heart poured out for her, he loved her. He did all through the period he spent with her but his mission prevented him from expressing it fully. He had made sure she was safe throughout the time after their break up. She had been through a lot. Wait a minute, a lot. Something occurred to him about what Katie told him when they were dating. That her cousin had raped her brutally for years and had sexually assaulted her. Oh yes, he remembered. He would use that against them, if only he could get evidence, it was the time to avenge her past. But right now, he needed to get them out of this trouble, this evidence was against them. "Mr Lorrel, do you have anything in your defence?" The judge asked. Tony coughed and reluctantly stood up. He needed to do this. He had been smart to have a back up plan against Georgina. "Yes my Lord." Tony looked at Godwin, he had a smile on his face which irritated him. "It was just an act. This doesn't prove anything, it was just a normal act." He paused. "What do you mean Mr Lorrel? This proves everything we need." Godwin interrupted. "My Lord, you shouldn't only base facts on evidence, it can be created or formed, but we have to reason before believing anything we see." Tony said. "Objection My Lord." Godwin stood up but the judge just held up her hand. "What do you mean Mr Lorrel?" She asked. "Do you actually think Katie would video herself when she wants to commit suicide or how can someone who is hallucinating make a video of herself?. It can only happen if someone else took the video and wanted to use it to implicate her. It was planned. Besides, this video was taken in the city by the time whereby neither Georgina, Wayne nor Helena was there. So tell me Mr Godwin, how did you get the video and where did you get it from? I'm very sure Katie wouldn't give them." The whole court was silent. "What are you driving at Mr Lorrel?" The judge asked. "How did you even know they weren't in the city then?" Godwin asked too. "Because I was the one who took the video." Tony declared and the whole court became noisy all of a sudden. "Katie was just acting and we were just joking then. Do you really think I will take a video like this and still come to the court to defend her? I and Katie dated for a while and she was normal totally, nothing was strange about her and we were just kidding then when I took the video." Tony explained and he hoped they would buy the story. "Oh common Mr Lorrel, you are just making this up. She almost killed herself here and you are telling me it was just a play? If you zoom carefully my Lord, you would see that the clock there states the time was three in the midnight, what couple plays that way that late at night?" Godwin asked. "I am serious My Lord and I have a video to prove it. My face was edited in this by them because of their selfish reasons. I have the full video because I had recorded it so we could watch and laugh later, it was all for fun." Tony said and he could see the uneasiness on Godwin's face as he looked at Georgina. "Show us Mr Lorrel." The judge said. "I don't have it here my Lord, can you give me an hour to get it and then the proceedings would continue. He requested. "Oh common Mr Lorrel, you are just wasting our time here." Godwin interrupted. "Yes but this evidence is very vital to this case, permit me my Lord." Tony defended and waited for the judge. "Granted. The court would go on a break for two hours." The judge said and all was dismissed.

Tony went with Katie to his apartment, she didn't say anything, maybe she was keeping to herself till all this was over, he would apologise properly then. He searched for it everywhere but was surprised that he couldn't find the cassette, where the hell was it?. He was scared now, he searched everywhere again and even Katie helped. "Oh gosh, Tony where is the disk?" Katie asked. "Are you perhaps looking for something vital?" A voice said behind them, hell it was Helena. His house had been broken into. Helena laughed loudly. "Oh goodness, don't forget you are fighting against the Jefferson, losers." She laughed and went away.


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