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Thursday, 25 January 2018



       Katie sat down patiently and anxiously in the court room, things were getting more complicated and difficult for them. Helena and co already stole their evidence and right now, they had nothing to use prove their point. Fred came to sit gently beside her. Heaven knew what he had been doing since. She hoped he wasn't getting info about Georgina that might eventually get him into trouble. They needed to save Jenny right now, they didn't need another problem. "Did you get the evidence?" Fred asked. Just a look at her face, he knew the answer already. "What happened to it?" He asked. "They broke into his apartment." She explained. "There is CCTV right? They can check those who entered." He suggested. "Yes, but there is nothing there, it has been wiped off." She said. "Oh hell." That evidence could have saved them, but it was stolen, now there would be no proof that Tony was there that night and they were actually playing which in fact wasn't true. She had been deceived and lied to that Helena died and she was seeing her ghost not knowing it was the real Helena playing pranks on her. "So what are we going to do now?" Fred asked but she just shrugged. "I told Tony the remaining part of my story, the sexual assault and all, I don't know if it might be of little help in this case." She said. "Maybe it might even send Wayne to jail, he deserves it." Fred said indignantly. He was obviously going to be satisfied if that happened and so would she.
    Just then, the judge arrived and the whole court stood up to welcome her with the jury. "Mr Lorrel, you requested for an hour and you were given two, I hope you are with your evidence now." The judge said after she was seated, everywhere was quiet. Tony stood up and walked to the centre with a sad face. She couldn't help but think he was putting his sister's life at stake for this and if they lost, God knew what would happen. "Your honour, I plead for forgiveness for wasting the time of this honourable court but when I got to my apartment, the evidence wasn't there, it had been stolen." Tony said. The whole court was filled with the laughter of Mr Godwin or whatever he was called. "Your honour I told you, he doesn't have evidence to prove his point. This evidence proves everything that Miss Laurens is not mentally okay and Mr Lorrel here made up stories to manipulate the law." He said with a big smile on his face which made Katie's stomach boil. "I didn't know it was going to be stolen. Guess they were faster than I am." Tony tried to defend. "Mr Lorrel, you don't even have any proof that there is evidence, what if you are just making this up? You brought the issue of the evidence not long ago in the court which I guess no one knew about before this day, so how come it was stolen?" Godwin asked. "Actually someone knew about it. Georgina Huckings, and I was working for her before now. She in fact was the one that asked me to edit myself away from the video, I never knew she was going to use it for something like this." Tony explained. Things were getting really complicated. "Oh wow Mr Lorrel, now you are accusing my client? Your honour, what more evidence do we need on this case? Mr Lorrel here  been all talk no proof, listening to him is just a waste of time and to prevent anymore waste of stress and time, Miss Laurens should sign the documents." Godwin said boldly and went to sit. Tony was obviously speechless. But then Katie saw the light in him, his face turned red, he was angry. She feared he was going to say something that would end up implicating them.
     "Yes it's true, there is no evidence. Oh yes, whether stolen or not, right or wrong. Is this even meant to be a case at all? In this civilized world that we are, is this meant to be fought over?" Tony was shouting now. "Has anyone in this court ever thought why Katie is fighting with her aunt on this case? Isn't there meant to be a special bond being her family member? If she felt her properties would be safe in her Aunt's hands, she would have willingly signed the documents but Miss Laurens here felt a sense of insecurity and that's the reason the case was brought to court. This is a family matter and yet, Katie doesn't trust her Aunt to take care of her properties. Why exactly is Georgina also fighting for what is not hers if not greed? Her niece says no, if she really loves her and wants the best for her, she would respect her decision." The whole court was silent now that even if a pin dropped, the noise would sound like a thunder. "Can I ask when Georgina met with Katie? Is there a close relationship between them? Have they even known each other for long? How will anyone here feel if someone they never knew claimed to be related to them and started fighting for their properties? How exactly would you feel? Knowing someone for a few days and the person suddenly claiming he or she is your Aunt or Uncle and is right to take charge of your own property, would you willingly give in?" Tony asked in a tone that made everyone murmur in affirmation. "So Your Honour, evidence or not, sane or not, Miss Laurens doesn't feel its safe to put her properties in the hands of this unknown Aunt of hers and right now,  everyone will agree with me that she is in her right state of mind, or has she bitten anyone here?" The whole court chorused "NO" while order was called for. "If so then, as a mother and a woman yourself, you should know the right decision to make." Tony concluded and went to sit down.
    The court meditated for some minutes before Godwin stood up. "Let the court not be deceived by this emotional drama, we work on evidence and facts Your Honour, not emotions and it clearly states here that Katie isn't in her right mind to be in charge of her properties, when she comes of age, she would be given her properties." Godwin said and went to sit. Katie could see the fire still boiling in Tony's eyes and dreaded what he might do. "Oh yes, that is it. Katie is mentally unstable, Katie can't handle her properties, oh yes she hallucinates, do you all know why? Has anyone ever even thought of the reason they are claiming she can't handle her properties? Because this same Katie was sexually assaulted and bullied when she was still living with the Jeffersons by Wayne Jefferson, the son of Georgina who claimed that Katie was always behaving strangely. When he is actually the sole cause of everything." Tony started again but was interrupted by Godwin. "Baseless accusations again. Accusations without proof. Before it was Georgina that stole the evidence, now it is her son that is the cause of Miss Laurens' predicament. Oh common."
   Katie's head geared into action. Evidence, she had one, like for real she had one. When she and Helena had planned against Wayne and she had taken pictures of Wayne trying to force Helena and even a video clip. Helena's face didn't show so they can assume it was Katie. They thought only they could manipulate the law, now it was their turn. Katie stood up immediately while the argument was still going on and went out of the court. "Katie, where are you going?" She heard behind her on her way to her car, it was Fred. "I will be back Fred, I'm going to explain everything to you when I'm back please." She said and rushed to her car and straight to Fred's house to search her belongings, she remembered stuffing it into her bags and she hoped Helena hadn't stolen it when she was staying with her. Soon, she was in his house and used her key to enter. She went to her room straight and started ransacking thoroughly. She searched everywhere, breathing fast. This was her time to fight for justice and finally send Wayne to jail. She had been running away from him all her life, had always been terrified of him and the thought of him always made her ill. Now was the time to fight back. She needed to get the evidence fast. Oh gosh, where was it? No where to be found. It was over, hell. Georgina already won. She was going to collect her properties and would go free and even Wayne too would go unpunished. She prayed then, she needed help now, it was her chance to get justice, she needed God to interfere for her. Some minutes later she gave up and started going when her dress hooked a drawer. She drew it out with force and the drawer opened, releasing her dress. She saw in the drawer some pictures and a cassette. Katie screamed out for joy. She forgot she had stuffed them there for safety. She danced and took her only hope out of the drawer then raced to her car and off to the court with a big smile on her face.
    When she got there, Tony and Godwin were both seated and the whole court was silent as if waiting for the court's verdict. She looked at Tony and could see the sweats of perspiration clouded by anger. The judge spoke then. "Mr Lorrel, since you don't have any evidence to back up your allegations, the court renders it null and...." Katie rushed fast to the court. "Your honour, there is evidence to prove it. I have evidence." Katie felt the boldness in her now, all the terrors of her past that made her weak were now the source of her strength and she was willing to use it in the right way. She looked at Tony's confused eyes and smiled. "Which evidence Miss Laurens?" Godwin asked. Katie turned to face him smiling scornfully. "The evidence that proves that Mr Wayne sexually assaulted me and forced me to have sex with him often when I was just a little girl." The whole court mumbled and there was a loud noise before it was checked. Katie passed the pictures and video so it could be seen and played. Everyone saw the pictures and video and Wayne's face was clearly visible. It was all the proof they needed. "Mr Godwin, do you have anything to say about this?" The judge asked him but when he shook his head, she went on to call Wayne out, he was asked to defend himself and when he had nothing to say, he was arrested for further investigation and he will be put in custody. Katie smiled and went to her seat. She was shocked to see the look of terror on Tony's face. "Tony what's wrong? We are finally getting justice here and we are winning." She smiled widely. "Oh Katie what have you done, you should have asked me first." Tony said obviously terrified. "What do you mean? Wayne is finally going to jail." Katie said, getting scared already. "No, you just sold us out. This will prove that you are actually not in your right state of mind due to what Wayne did to you and the properties would be given to Georgina. Wayne would be facing justice but he can actually bail himself out. We will lose both the properties and justice." Oh lawd, what the hell has she done?


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