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Monday, 29 January 2018


There was silence in the house that threatened her peace. It was so great that she wanted to cry. She thought she was doing what was right. But no, it turned out she was working according to the wishes of her enemies. Helena had purposely not stolen the evidence because she knew it would implicate them. And Katie had foolishly succumbed to their wishes. She couldn't look at the faces of both Fred and Tony now that they were all seated in the parlour of Fred's big palace. The case had been adjourned and they needed this time to talk. "How could this even be on me? Tony started the argument about sexual assault and the idea came to me that I had a big evidence against them at least in this case." Katie tried to break the silence but none of them responded. She felt the ground would swallow her. "Someone should say something please." She pleaded. Fred came to meet her and hugged her tight. "Its okay Katie, its not your fault, you did what you thought was right." He consoled. "Turned out it was the wrong step ever. I should have told you. I made a big mistake." Katie protested. "There must be something to do about this, there must be a solution of some sort that can save us out of this situation." Fred faced Tony anxiously. But he just shook his head. "The proof that made Wayne guilty of the charge already made Katie appear as truly mentally disturbed and the properties would for sure go to Georgina." Tony stated already sullen about the situation. "Wait a minute, Georgina said she would give Katie back her properties when in her right mind, is there any chance that she can make it hers forever?" Fred asked again. "No, not at all. Except the owner of the property dies, she would be the next of kin and everything would be officially hers." Tony explained. "Meaning Katie's life is in danger then." Fred sounded alarmed. Katie was too broken to think about her own life right now, but something occurred to her. "But she could have killed me and have the properties since right? Since she is the next of kin." She asked Tony who was just sitting there with a blank face. He was obviously worried about his sister, her life was in real danger now and if she died, Katie would never forgive herself. "Oh no, you think the police wouldn't investigate your death? I'm very sure Georgina doesn't wanna get involved with the police." Tony said. "Well, they would do the same now if I am being killed." Katie countered again. "Yes. Maybe Georgina doesn't plan on killing you but making you permanently crazy. Its all I can think of right now.
     Katie went to sit beside him and held his hands. "All is going to be fine Tony, its all gonna end soon, I promise." Katie tried to console. "You don't even know if its going to be. Jenny, if I don't take her home, mom will be shattered forever. Katie she has suffered a lot, only Jenny can bring back her joy. I'm helpless Katie." Tears dropped in his eyes, Katie couldn't stop hers too. She ran out to the balcony and cried her eyes out. She caused all of this, her worst fear was finally going to jail but she was far from being happy. Tony had even said the chances of Wayne gong to jail were slim. If he were to be left free, then she would have lost everything. Everything! "Is there something going on that I should know?" Katie wiped her eyes to see Fred standing behind her. He took a seat and sat beside her. She hadn't told him, well she had nothing to hide. She started explaining everything about Tony to him, about his kid brother, Jenny and his mother. "And now, I screwed everything up." She said when she was done. "What made you think about the evidence at the moment?" Fred asked. "Tony was talking about sexual harassment, then it occurred to me that I had an evidence, I quickly went to get it." Katie explained. "No, Tony manipulated the situation, and the judge was about giving the verdict in our favour. She was emotionally taken already when you just came and showed the evidence. If only you had waited a little bit, we would have gotten the properties first, then sent Wayne to jail later." Fred told her. Goodness, so this was it? She thought she was going to help Tony with the evidence not knowing Tony had it all under control. Now she felt worse. "I don't know what I was thinking." Katie scattered her hair out of frustration, she wanted to disappear if she could. "Don't worry Katie, its all going to be fine." Oh no it wasn't, they both knew it. He patted her and went inside, he came back few minutes later with two cups of coffee and handed her one.
    "So how did you take the information that we are cousins?" Fred suddenly asked. Katie looked at his gorgeous eyes, his thick black well-cut hair and the pink lips she had kissed deeply. She remembered how she had felt lying with him, how he made her feel and she wished she could feel that way again. But it wasn't possible. "You mean knowing that I have had sex with my cousin and I......I love him?" Katie broke down. She couldn't handle this, it was too much, hell, this was too much for her. Her problems were over weighing her and she just wished this would go back to normal, properties or not. "Oh Katie, we both didn't know. Like hell, I never knew our mothers were sisters." Fred said. Her life was getting ruined and she was even likely to die. She had forgotten how to live normal or what normal felt like. She was meant to be working on her report and completing her house, but right now, she had even forgotten how to eat. "I just hope its not true, I wish something would happen and it will turn out we aren't cousins anymore. Maybe Aunt was wrong and our mothers aren't sisters and we can be together, finally." Katie said, allowing herself to hope a little bit. She felt an hesitation with Fred, he didn't seem to wish the same thing. "It can't be possible Katie, I don't want you to get disappointed later on." He said. "What are you saying? You love me, don't you?" She asked, her heart beating fast now. He had told her when he had been in her, when they were one, that he loved her, so what the hell was going on with him? He didn't reply but just patted her and left. She was losing everything, even her love?
    She didn't know what got into her or what made her do it but she just found herself in the car, on the way to Georgina's office. She had been too weak, extremely weak. Now she shouldn't be, she was going to be strong to face anything. She had nothing to lose, they did. She got to Georgina's office and got out, didn't even pretend like there was a receptionist there but went straight to the elevator, thankfully, it was clear. "Excuse me ma'am, you can't just enter... Excuse me...." The receptionist tried to stop her but she was gone already. She remembered quite clearly, the way to her office and without knocking, bagged in. She met both Georgina and Helena there. "Wow, wow, look who is here." They both stood up as she approached them. Katie tried to cover up her anger as much as she could. Her life was getting ruined and they were busy having fun? Her so called cousin and Aunt. She thought, judging by the glasses of wine on their table. "I'm very sorry ma'am, she just slipped through the reception, I couldn't..." The receptionist was saying she got there, but Georgina just raised up her hand. "Its okay, leave us." And the lady left. "The last time I was here, was to interview Georgina here and frame her like a good person who would appear in the public in few days time." Katie started, going to the table to pour herself a drink. "Well, right now, why are you here? To lament and cry and prove how weak you are?" Helena said. "Shhhhhhh, I am still talking. For someone who doesn't have a background, whose mother left her with someone else for years and who is barely important to her own mother, who is just a tool in achieving doom, I must say, you have no manners." Katie retorted. "Oh you bitch....." Helena was coming at her but Georgina held her back. Katie took a sip and sat down on the couch with her legs crossed. "As I was saying, right now, I am here to challenge you. Oh forget about that because there will be no challenge going on here, I will be the one winning." She said. "Oh sweetheart, how is that even possible when you have fallen right to our trap, you have lost here darling, you have nothing else." Georgina disputed. Katie laughed out loud to their surprise. "Like mother like daughter, even the so called mother by name doesn't know a thing about values, which brings me to the question, are you a mother or a whore?" Katie asked. "Don't you dare talk to my mother that way." Helena threatened. "Don't baby, she is just trying to manipulate us, just calm down." Georgina said but Katie just laughed.
     "Well, I am a reporter after all, I could paint you to be a bad person in my reports, got some influence. I guess the public would want to find out why the saviour, Georgina has been changing names and why she arrived at Danpa with her sister and since then, she has not been found." Katie challenged. She could feel the shock on their faces even without looking at them, they were wondering how she knew. "Oh forget it, that's little. When you lose your business Georgina, you will lose your son, and then, your second son. Remember Frank? Oh no you wouldn't." Katie laughed. "I will take everything you ever cared about from you, I will make you suffer and yearn for mercy, I will turn earth to hell for you, you will look for tears, and will never find. I swear on my parents' lives." Katie smiled, took a last sip from her glass and walked out of the office.


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