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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


That night was living hell 4 all those involved and after they spent a week in the jungle. They were brought back to school and a big bash which was held to welcome the new inmates.
It was at the party that Chido met Bimbo a.k.a Sugar luv They were informed Bimbo was the gangster strumpet that was to welcome them properly into the fold as all freshmen have to pass through her.
Chido looked at the twins and they smiled at him and walked over to Bimbo. From the corner of his eyes he saw them walk out of the bash with Bimbo in tow and he didn't see them again till towards the morning.
Many people were introduced to Chido of which he knew he wont even remember their names talk less of their family names but then he was getting drunk by the minute and didn't really cares much anymore.
By early hours of the morning, he had been dancing butt0ckz to JT with one dark beauty which he found attractive when a hand slipped into his shirt and as he turned around he saw Bimbo.
The dark beauty complained but Bimbo gave her just one hard look and she scrambled away immediately.
Bimbo then smiled at him and told him, “its ur turn. I saved the best 4 u”. Chido was too drunk to understand what she meant but followed her still as she let him into an inner room upstairs.
She started undressing and was Unclad in front of chido in seconds, she was plump in a curvy sort of way.
Her Kittykat looked swollen, as if she had been having S£x the whole day. Chido tried to complain as she undressed him too and in seconds he was lying Unclad on the bed.
The she mounted him and started kissing him.
Their lips met ova and ova again and Chido m0aned into her hot mouth as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. She manhandled his JT rolling it this way and that way as she prepared to swallow it whole. She broke the kiss, looking down at his JT in her hands, her dark eyes lighting up, color suffusing her delicate cheeks.
With a hungry m0an, she engulfed his JT in her mouth and m0aned “good” as Chidos JT pulsed and pulsed and started increasing in size.
“You’re so beautiful,” She groaned.
She smiled around his JT. She pulled her mouth off, and licked delicately at his tip, looking both cute and so Sekxy at the same time.
He groaned, caressing her cheek. She bobbed her head, slow at first, then picking up speed.
One hand cupped his balls, the other pumped his shaft.
Her perfume—a sweet, lily aroma—filled the air, making his heart beat faster. That delicious scent permeated his body all the way to his balls.
He erupted into her hungry mouth. For a moment, her perfume overwhelmed him, bathing his senses. Then it faded as the last few drops of his Pour were sU-Cked into her mouth.
She sighed, shuddering. She hungered for Pour thats where she got her nickname sugarluv. His Pour, another guys Pour it didnt matter.
She gave his rooster a few licks, cleaning the last traces of spunk, then put him away and rose up.
A few strands blue-black had escaped her tight braid, plastered to her pale face. He gently pushed them away, then kissed him softly on the lips by then he too was turned on.

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