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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


She came hard, screaming at the top of her lungs. Spewing Kittykat juices everywhere. On his face, his neck, his mouth, partially blinding him with her cuntjuice.
She kept cuming for long minutes. Cuming as her hips spasmed up and down. Her Kittykat wide open as it spewed its contents.
As her ogasmic eruption ended she la!d spent on the bed ……….
A surprised Chido drenched 4rm top to chest with her Kittykat juices said “that must have been a hard ogasm to which she just replied with a tired smile. He cleaned up and joined her in the cuntjuice drenched bed saying as he lay down “we better change the bedspread b4 going to sleep.
They did just that, spooning themselves on the bed after they had changed the bedspread.
30 Min's later Grace asked. Why didn't u have S£x with me?
U know u could have if u wanted but Chido replied
“am not yet ready to do that”.
Grace asked. why?
Chido replied “for one, I have been a solo guy 4 long. Doing my things alone. Apart 4rm the twins, I have done nothing else with anyone.
Have had girlfriends but nothing steady. What u are asking 4 is not new to me but I am someone who prefers my own control. So if I start anything with u. It will be on my own terms not yours.
That's why i didn't 4k u now cos I wanted to establish that to u. I will stay away from your friends but it will be on my terms.
Then Augusta[B] …………”
Grave cut in “what about the Augusta?”
Chido replied “I want u to stay away from her. She is my reading partner and I intend to retain her as a friend. I don't want u spoiling things with her”.
Grace cut in “If u think I will sit down and watch u both grow feeling 4 each other or u start dating her. I will not take it, I will…………………..”
Chido cut in b4 she could finish “Grace those are my terms. If u don't like it then u better start going home. U will stay away from her and leave her alone. She has done nothing to u. I want to retain her as a friend cos she is my reading partner and I intend to retain her friendship. Have u heard? U stay away from her. If i see u a mile close to her. Me and u are done”.
Grace replied ” Ok, ok,…….ok, I have heard. If she is that important to u, then i will stay away from her”.
Chido started kissing her again then. As they both were lost in the s£nsat!on of both their Unclad adventure.

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