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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


The pressure of both her hands, her mouth, the sU-Cking pressure, the motion movement everything culminated to the effect and pleasure she arose and in no time. Chido had a blissful expression playing on his face as he prepare to climate.
He still held onto reality, trying hard to delay the eventful.
But didn't allow him. She sU-Cked harder, licked harder, bit him a little and started resU-Cking…..
Then the inevitable ,…….. he spewed!!!!!!!!!!!!
As he came, he came hard. His whole pubic muscle contracting in a painful spams of spuk and Pour.
He came into Grace’s waiting mouth as he sU-Cked him whole and swallowed all his Pour.
Then she licked his JT clean and even gave it an affectionate kiss after licking him dry.
Chdio lay spent on the bed while Grace had a big smile on her face as he said “I haven't seen so much Pour in a long time. U really are a gem. Its now my turn so get up and Pour sU-Ck my Kittykat. I want to Pour too u know”.
She pushed a tried Chido off the bed as she lay were he had haid, opened her laps to reveal very clean shaven pubic region. Her mound was clean and smiled of body spray, sweat and cunt.
The smell emanating 4rm her Kittykat was ,……….. one in a million, wonderful. Its was intoxicating, smelled of strong S£x or aphrodisiac …….. it was possessing, obsessive. Chido felt he could drown from the strong smell of her S£x organ.
As his face slowly drew near her Kittykat, it twitched in anticipation of a feast and spuked cunt juices even b4 he had gotten there.
She was obviously ready 4 a marathon run cos she was fountain wet and getting wetter but that didn't hinder Chido as his mouth found its mark.
She gasped deep in her throat as both their lips connected as she spewed cunt juiced into Chido’s mouth. His mouth was full in seconds and he almost gagged from the amount but didn't have time to react cos Grace pushed his face back onto her Kittykat.
Chido had no other choice 2 swallow all her juices. The smell may have been that of strong wine but the taste he found was like salty sweet coconut juice.
Chido then grabbed at her thighs, while he now buried his face on her Kittykat. This brought a louder m0an and whimper from Grace.
He sU-Cked her now hard as she moved her Kittykat up and down on his mouth, m0an!ng louder and louder as she did.
By now the twitching of her Kittykat was erratic and as he had kept fingering her while sU-Cking her, he now realised that her Kittykat had been slowly ballooning up filling with fluid and as he came to this realisation, she spuked…….

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