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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


There were running steps all over the place. The night was pitch black too dark for any sane living being to even venture out that cold evening. They had been running for hours since their captors released them. They were just told be vamoos or else, when they didnt moved one among their captors pulled out a fierce looking gun and the other a koboko. If the sight of those deadly materials were not enough to jostle an idiot out of his slumber then the sound of koboko on bare skin would.
Chido had scrambled out of the position he was on his butt0ckz as the whip met his skin bringing tears to his eyes. He hadn't waited anymore to find out what direction he should run but had followed the other boys in this deadly sprint.
Among the boys running with him were his two best bodies the twin, Daniel and David. These boys had been his life since he met them in elementary school.
As chido ran he remembered how he was being bullied everyday when he initially joined elementary School.
The name of the bully then was Sukanmi. Sukanmi used to wait 4 Chido whenever chido got to school and immediately he saw him he would demand
“where is it?”.
If Chido answers “where is what?” like he did the first day the bully started oppressing him. It would earn him a blow to the stomach, a kick to the rib that would make Chido fall to his face but that would still not save his lunch from Sukanmi.
Sukanmi was without saying the biggest boy in their class then, he was also the oldest.
This had continued for days till chido couldnt take it again so one faithfulday he had stood up to the bully. Sukanmi had seen him and had asked 4 chidos lunch but chido refused.
Sukanmi had smiled happily and was on the process of dishing out his usual blows when chido told him
“Sukanmi aunty is calling u” as the little bully looked away.
Chido had given him one 4 measures in the groin and as Sukanmi doubled over. He got another one in the rib.
Chido had then run away to hide in the toilet for the rest of the day. It was here he had met the twins who as at then happened to be among the most notorious stubborn boys in their elementary school.
These two boy were legends and as young as they were had already completed legendary feats like throwing chalks at a female teachers butt0ckz when she was not looking, or pouring soap water in the school’s Wednesday lunch of beans porridge cos they disliked how it tasted.
The twins had helped chido get rid of his problems, they had beaten the hell out of sukanmi and had emptied the whole toilet waste water on him. After that incident, chido was never ever bullied again in elementary school.
“Booooooooooooooom” and chido was jostled back to reality by the noise and as he looked to check what had caused it he fell facedown on the guy he had bumped into.
They must have all been running in close files cos that guy fell onto the next and the next fell on the next and about 5 boys tumbled all into the pool of muddy water in front of them.
By the time Chido became aware again of his surroundings, he realised that as they had fallen, they had all fallen ina tangled mass of sweaty fleshes. The boys all stood up and started arguing on whose fault it was and who had pushed who.
The boy that was infront of Chido pushed him back and chido fell over the next boy who was still attempting to get to his feet.
B4 anyone could say jack Robinson, the twins were on the boys case. They attacked the boy that pushed Chido and it became a free 4 all in seconds.
As they were fighting they didn't notice some other people this time masked had creep ed up on them and at the sound of a gunshot. The boys stopped to look up at their captors who all were heavily armed.
The leader of the masked men, then spoke up. My name is mamba, my friends call me Blackmamba. I want to welcome u rats to the training ground. From here on there is no turning back.
…………… that was how Chido and his pals joined the system as freshmen in their university days…………

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