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Wednesday, 3 January 2018


When he came to he found it was morning and he was in the University clinic lying in one of the beds in the ward.
He looked around and found his clothes on a heap on the side. The he realised he was still Unclad but though covered with bed sheet.
He got his clothes, got dressed, found his phone and called his pals to come get him.
As he got dressed he tried to stand up to leave the room but toppled to the floor and as he fell he took with him the chair that was close to the bed. The sound caused a nurse to rush into the room to see what was wrong and was glad to see he was awake so she helped him back to the bed and got the doctor.
The doctor then explained to him that he was brought him to the hospital late that night after they talk he wasn't breathing any after having S£x. As he was speaking to the doctor his friends came into the consultation room where the doctor was.
A quick discussion with the doctor and some tests concluded the doctors visit and he was left to his friends. As they drove him to their crib they fed him in on what happened at the party while he was away. They told him the party ended in a guy from a rival group being beaten to a pulp cos he came onto the babe of another guy.
As they arrived their crib a 4 bed room flat, the house was full. Guys playing video games and girls half dresses slandering here and there with not know ambition.
He opened his door to see two girls lying in bed sleeping Unclad. Chido wondered what had chanced in his life cos 4 weeks ago he couldn't even talk to chick but now 4 weeks later after that crazy initiation they was puszies everywhere.
Daniel one of the twins noticed his hesitation so he looked over chido’s shoulder and saw the Unclad girls and he whispered into his ear “what are u waiting 4? Those ones are family girls, they belong to no one?His AC was blasting at 18 degrees when he walked into his room and closed the door.
He reached for the finer of the two just cos she lay face up and her saw her pink Kittykat looking inviting at him with her strong thick butt0ckz and thigh open in yawning hallelujah and her full b0s0m crowned with very dark areolar pointing upwards in silent praise to the gods of lust.
As his hands traced up her thighs she wimpered and squirmed. Chido didnt know if it was from cold or from the s£nsat!on he arose. He slipped his finger into her Kittykat slowly and she tighten her thighs around his hands. He slowly fingered her in and out slowly building her up and in no time her whole 4 fingers were sliding all the way in and out and she was no more whimpering but crying out loud and loud till her friend sleepily elbowed her awake in the ribs mouthing “U this gurl eh! U have started fingering yourself again and u don’t want me to sleep. Ashawo!!!!! let me sleep jooor. U too like S£x”.
She sat up from the sudden elbow her friend gave her and while her friend was falling back to sleep. She was rubbing her eyes blinking repeatedly in the unlit room trying to make out the shape of the guy stooping down Unclad in front of her with his hands on his nodding JT.

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