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Friday, 5 January 2018


The silence in the room was captivating,……………………no one spoke 4 long moments till………….
The other girl finally caught her breathe and said
“Ashawo!!! Who is this succulent devil u have here? And she moved over to Chido and introduced herself “Hello, my names Grace” and Chido replied “Mines Chido, please to meet u” as he took the hand she extended to him, which by the way was the hand she had been using to finger herself.
That's how Chido met Grace Kolawole a.ka Mz Booty cos she was Miss Bootylicious Winner in their school back to back since her first year and she was now in her 3rd year.
Her smile at Chido showed plain white teeth and a good smile.
By now her friend had gotten herself and as she sat up she threw her arms around Chido as she said
“Bros, u be asset” and she took Chido’s slowly softening JT in her hands working it up and down as if to bring it back to life.
Grace looked at her hands as an angry expression passed her face briefly and she said “Ashawo, live the guy now. He has just completed hard labor let him rest a little na. This girl eh! U too like prick. No be every time na”. Chido just smiled at them both, removed her hands, got up and started putting on his trousers, commando style.
As he got dressed he asked “why does grace call u Ashawo?”. To which both ladies replied with laughter as she replied “dont mind that girl. She calls all her friends ashawo. Maybe its cos they grew up in warri”. To which Grace replied “I only call my best friends Ashawo”.
The girl Chido had 4k replied then “My names Venessa, Venessa Idimu. Grace here is my best friend and my course mate. We are both in 3rd year marketing. What about u? Chido replied I have already introduced myself but if u didn't hear me then my names Chido Remi am in architecture.
Chido smiled at them and told them he was hungry and was going to get something to eat, but the girls declined cos they had to go for lectures that morning.
He left them then and as he stepped outside his room the house was empty only for Daniel and David sitting around in the sitting room gisting. Daniel said as he saw him [B] “we were wondering when u would be coming out. But after all that noise we heard in there we didn't wonder again.
As they stepped out to buy bread, Akara and Agidi his friends pressed him 4 details and he feed them on all the sordid events. They laughed and laughed and started giving him information on the girls and how things run now that he was family.

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