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Saturday, 6 January 2018


He had been trying to read for some time but wasn't concentrating so he took some break and came back to settle down an read.
He hadn't been there for more than 2 hours when there was a knock on the door. As he opened the door there where 4 people outside wanting to preach the word to him. In order not to be rude her let them in but told em categorically that he was too busy so they promised they wont be long.
They introduced themselves as Timothy, Peter, John and Susan. Then they stated praying and as they were doing this Chido noticed that Susan had her eyed fixed on him. He smiled at her and she smiled back but her gaze was unnerving so Chido in a bead to make her self conscious or force her to look away her purposefully started sizing her up, looking at her appraisingly and sexually to which she replied his gaze 4 gaze.
Chido’s brain was like “what!! WTF is this?”
As prayers came to an end, they started preaching but Chido wasn't even listening again to whatever was being said. He was bored but kept his peace. When they had finished speaking to him, Chido offered them refreshments as they were leaving Susan enquired if it was ok for them to come back another time to share the word and he replied “Yes anytime”.
As she turned around Chido checked out her butt0ckz and was shocked when he saw her turn and on catching him staring at her butt0ckz, she smiled again at him and gave him a playful wink. Chido looked up furtively to see if the other guys noticed but the were busy discussing amongst themselves and didn't notice so he relaxed.
As they left, Chido looked at the time and as it not yet even noon he went back to his books and reading. That night Venessa came visiting. Chido must have slept off while reading cos he head a loud knock on his door so he got up and opened the door and there was standing looking like she was carved from glass. She hugged him and stepped in and the started talking.
As they were discussing he got to know that Grace has been away from school for 5 weeks already but she would be returning before exams. As they spoke Chido couldn't take his eyes off her thighs and she noticed and smiled but said “down Boy, am not here 4 u. I came to see Python upstairs but he is not yet back. Python was the number 2 Hit man of their family, a very bad guy in his 5th year Architecture. It was in his squad that Chido and they twin had being recruited into that was why the were staying within reach of him.
Chido swallowed his disappointment and told her[B] “anyway, if u finish with him and have time could u come down and keep me company”. She replied him
“Eh! Keep u company? U want Grace to cut my throat?” Chido replied “I don't know what u mean”.
She said “really”, enjoying Chido’s discomfort and then after a time she said “I would have come to see u since but Grace categorically told me she wanted me to stay away from u”. Chido asked “but why?” and she replied “I think she likes u and she doesn't want competition”. She replied “I will ask her” but Venessa replied “Pls don't tell her I told u. Grace may be my best friend but she can be mean when it has to do with something she wants and she seem to want u”.

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