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Monday, 8 January 2018


……………… when the attack came, it came completely unexpected ……………..
Ibinabo the feared hitman suddenly vanished, no one knew where he was.
No one could tell. By now exams was very fast approaching and Chdio was reading intensively now. Sometime partnering with Augusta now and then so they could learn 2gether.
He knew she was hoping 4 something more but he didnt want to hurt her as he saw her as a very nice sweet girl. He didnt have any Sekxual feeling toward her and didnt want to tell her cos he know it would hurt her so he kept his cool.
She came now and then to spend the night in his room and they would read all night and discuss topics and generally learn together.
By now Grace had returned from her long trip and surprised Chido one day by appearing suddenly and uninvited at his door when Chido was seeing Augusta off.
They were at the busstop gisting waiting for a bus that Augusta would have to join to the school gate when a Black 2014 jeep crawled past. Chido didnt have enof time to recognise the driver cos he hadnt seem Grace in a long time but he noticed the car stopped at the gate of his and the twins apartment.
After Augusta got her Buss and they drove off.
Chido leisurely strolled back to the apartment and as he came abreast the black jeep the door opened and a smiling Grace stepped out to Chido’s shock.
She was in his arms in seconds and laughed as they hugged. She chided him for not calling her to which he replied he had sent her series of sms but got no reply and she answered him “I wasnt in the country. I had to travel out urgently thats why”.
They continued talking as they went into his room.
As they continued discussing she asked him who the person he had escorted outside was and he replied
“my coursemate”.
Grace said “she is very beautiful. Are u sure she is not ur girlfriend?
To this Chido replied [B] ” thats a very innocent good girl. I will reck her life if I date her. She is one of the brainboxes in my class thats why I befriended her but there nothing more than that”.
Grace continued “but I heard from Venessa that she sleeps at ur place sometimes and Chido replied “Yes cos she is my discussion partner”.
By the way Grace why all these questions? We are not dating and so why? Or are u jealous?
CHido asked and Grace replied “I dont share my men and I wont share u”.
To which Chido replied, Isnt that supposed to be my decision? Grace replied “True, but then if I allow u. U may make the wrong decision.
Chido replied to that “I will be the one to decide whatever I do with any person. If u dont accept that, then I believe its best u go”.
Grace replied him “lets not spoil a good reunion. U know I want u and am gono get u. I dont care how many girls u have been sleeping with b4 now. Once I come into the picture u wont have time 4 another chick”. Also where I draw the line is my friends. I know u have been 4king Venessa and Tonye and I want u to stop”.
If u want to be 4king other girls dont ever allow me find out cos any girl I see near u that girl is finished in this school”
Chido looked at her and saw she was serious then he asked her. whats this? Is this a proposition from u for me to date u.

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